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  1. Not going to act like I know better. All I know was I paid only 40$ (open box) for it and if it is really all in my head, then whatever. Pseudo performance gain from the spacer was just a driver mod because I expected to feel a difference, thus putting more pressure on the pedal. I appreciate the constructive responses, and I, at the very least learned something from posting about it.
  2. Sounds good. I'll scratch a throttle response controller off my list. Still highly recommend a throttle body spacer though
  3. Hi, I just put a throttle body spacer on my 2019 LT TB (5.3L) with an S&B Cold Air Intake, and I figured I'd let you guys know what it did since it's a very easy and cheap mod. Haven't seen anyone else post about them. After installing, it feels like the throttle response is a lot better, and that RPMs climb much faster. Throttle response feels like what sport mode was before the spacer, and on sport it feels even better. I haven't noticed any sound change because the S&B is already pretty loud as is. Link : https://www.americantrucks.com/proven-ground-silverado1500-throttle-body-spacer-s115556.html That being said, has anyone here gotten a throttle response controller for their T1? I've seen mixed things about it being amazing and the truck feels better, but some say it's useless if your truck has sport mode. Been looking at this one https://www.americantrucks.com/speedform-silverado1500-throttle-controller-s122652.html#customer_q_and_a since the pedal commander is 170$ more for what seems to only be bluetooth functionality. I'd like to hear your guy's thoughts.
  4. I'm putting the extended travel coilovers with the DSC in soon, what compression setting do you run on the road/highway? What about dirt?
  5. I'd check Ebay, I recently ordered a full set of Icons for my trail boss from there and received them within a week. If I had ordered from anywhere else, they would've been on back order til March 2022
  6. How did you mount these? Got the exact same ones but the mounting brackets were practically useless, I did a bandaid fix with zip ties for now.
  7. Awesome. Will likely order the kit soon. Worst case I have to go over to autozone and get a 1/4" spacer.
  8. I'm trying to set up an 8 gang switch panel to control some offroad lights that I plan to add in the near future. My only issue right now is that I can't find anything online about an ignition powered fuse in the engine bay, the only one I have seen people here talk about is the heated steering wheel fuse in the passenger side fuse box. If anyone here knows of a ignition powered fuse in the engine bay that would be a huge help to me, as it will save me a lot of time installing this thing.
  9. Ok, thanks. I think I understand what you're saying. So the ReadyLift kit should be fine with my tires as long as I run a slight spacer to clear the new UCAs?
  10. Hi, brand new to the forum here. I got my 2019 Trail Boss earlier this month and have been absolutely loving it, been doing a bunch of mods to make it sort of my own. I put new tires (Falken Wildpeak At3w 295/70r18) and they rub a tiny bit but its not that big of a deal. At this point, the last thing on my list for this truck is to level it out, but I'm reading that the ReadyLift UCAs (their 1.75" kit) rub against 295/70r18 on stock wheels. I don't have the $ to buy new wheels with a more negative offset, so I was wondering if anyone here has had (and fixed) this issue. Theoretically if I just ran small spacers I should be able to clear the UCAs no problem right?
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