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  1. Upgraded to Yakima HD Bar. Working on finally design for the new rear rack with removable center.
  2. New sneakers and a diablo finally! Diablew tune in the future I think!
  3. Took a week, but built two racks to hold the toys for vacation. Also modified a mount for some Thule square bars I bought used for $25.
  4. Well the front and back racks are done! Just in time for vacation.
  5. Now I have to work. Hopefully finished tomorrow, then off to Line-X. Then wire it with lights.
  6. Well, I wanted a headache rack. But I didn’t like the $$ of what’s commercially available so... make my own. Out of wood to check the angles and my general idea. Then start the metal work.
  7. Did any of these end up for sale? I’d like the rear shocks if so. I’m in Connecticut
  8. They could if I wanted them too but I have them set just for steady burn. They do what I intended, it’s very bright, very wide but not super far. A good solid fog light. The ones in my grill give me the distance for driving.
  9. Finally some more projects. Installed a dash cam, have to get some photos of that one. New fog lights. Went with Whelen par28c fog lights that are normally found on your everyday police car. They fit nice with the factory trim.
  10. Brakes and rear shocks. Then probably new fog lights... I think
  11. Initially on/ off, however I’m going to add a 3 ways switch in so they can be on/off or on with high beams.
  12. Switches hidden away, the second switch turns on the backup lamps separate from the reverse trigger.
  13. Finally time to add some more light to the front end. I had these as fog lights on my silverado and there was no way the dealer was getting them... so in the grill they go.
  14. Well 50,000 miles on the clock and I decided to change the cabin air filter while I was doing the oil.... look what I found. Gross
  15. It's in. Took about an hour and a half. Pulled a vacuum and it stayed for an hour so I charged it. Hopefully it'll stay that way. $300 in parts and some time is way better then the dealer quote. Granted I'm out of the bumper to bumper warranty otherwise it would've been on GM.
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