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  1. Sadly, as I sit looking at a 36 gal diesel tank, it’s not a simple replacement. The width between the straps are way way off. Still going to pull the 24 gallon tank and see if/what would be involved to do it…. Doesn’t look promising.
  2. Looking at a stage 3, anyone with any reviews? It would be on my AT4, only looking for 1-2” of additional lift but want way better performance. thanks!
  3. Where is that community you follow? I currently have a ‘19 AT4 with lane keep assist, if I can get open pilot to work with that and allow me to end up with ACC I would love it. Thanks
  4. I own the 6.2 with the 10 speed (at4), my father owns the diesel. I have towed with both, I prefer the 6.2. They both have pretty much the exact same torque, 6.2 has way more hp. You’re going to sacrifice fuel mileage, however gasoline is cheaper than diesel and if you don’t drive all that much it wouldn’t make a difference. The only time I wish I had the 3.0 is when I take trips from Connecticut up to Maine when I wish I got a little better mileage (still get 16-18 going 70 on the highway) not towing of course. My vote, 6.2.
  5. I have been looking as well, Any fitment issues after having it for a while? How much taller than can height is it? Thanks!
  6. So, I’ve been looking around but can’t find the answer. Does anyone know what the bed sides will support for weight? For instance if I had a flat platform resting on the three sides what would it hold? (A rating not what it would probably hold) Its the normal bed not the carbon pro. Thanks
  7. I have a 19 AT4 with the 6’5” bed, looking to change up my bed storage. Plenty of info out there I know, but I’m specifically looking for pictures and/ or reviews on a camper top/ truck cap that is higher than the cab. Thanks
  8. Are the camera connections regular coax video connectors?
  9. Mine aren’t clamped to the rails, the tonneau cover I got (retrax pro xr) have a T-slot. The Yakima racks have an adaptor kit that allows it to bolt right to the t-slot.
  10. It’s actually 3 smaller lights, I had them so that’s what I did. Two are spots and one is flood. They’re all Whelen pioneer slimline’s.
  11. Glad to see I’m not the only one who broke all the tabs. They are a pain in the butt to get off, I also wrapped them black, looks way better!
  12. I have a universal base and two arms from 67 designs. And a universal tough tray from ram for the iPad. The tray is a little thick but I have the iPad pro 12.9 so there’s not a whole lot out there that’ll hold it. Literally every other size iPad ever has better mounting trays.
  13. How do you like the icon kit? Did you gain any additional lift over the stock AT4? I’ve used fox in the past with my other trucks but keep seeing icon around with good reviews.
  14. Bigger maps are better maps [emoji1303] don’t worry, it’s for off road use only.
  15. I don’t have a night pic. I basically cut the plastic valence above the bumper in two pieces and put the lights in the middle. Two are spots the center is wide angle.
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