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  1. Just tell the dealer to put them on as part of the deal or no sale. I don’t know a single dealer that will refuse a $300 favor for a $65k truck
  2. Anyone play around with the idea of putting the bed side steps from the 2020 2500 on the 1500?
  3. Yup, kennel is going back into the back seat! He doesn’t puke while he’s in there!
  4. Well, the puppy threw up. So I learned how to dismantle the interior to clean it.....
  5. Love it so far! A couple annoyances but that’s always to be expected.
  6. I left them on the truck when I traded it in so I don’t have them anymore. But yes, they gave me about 2.5” at first and settled at about 2” over time.
  7. Yes it should, it does not work on my 2019 [emoji1304]
  8. AT4, 1800 miles. Only annoyed at how freakin bright the screen gets while the backup camera is on at night. My 2014 didn’t do that..... hint hint GM freakin fix it already
  9. Thanks! I traded it in for a 19 AT4! As for your questions, I like fox so figured it go for them. I did enjoy the ride, I though it handled bumps and potholes way better then stock. I did have the 2.0’s on my 2010 Silverado first and they also fit my 2014, I put a lot of miles on them. I went with Cognito UCA’s, the ball joint style. I did not have UCA’s on my 2010 and I had balls joint problems so when I transferred the 2.0’s to my 2014 I did the UCA’s. It kept the drive shaft angle way better. The rear was a 1” over stock block. This kept the rake but it wasn’t as aggressive as stock, and I got the fox 2.0 shocks for the back. My suggestion, save up and do it all at once, it’s like a whole different truck after. It’s not cheap, but definitely worth it.
  10. Love it so far. I came from a ‘14 with your regular run of the mill roll up. This was a big change, both the truck and the cover. I wanted something secure and lockable. And I went with the retrax because of this, which came in today.
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