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  1. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    They could if I wanted them too but I have them set just for steady burn. They do what I intended, it’s very bright, very wide but not super far. A good solid fog light. The ones in my grill give me the distance for driving.
  2. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Finally some more projects. Installed a dash cam, have to get some photos of that one. New fog lights. Went with Whelen par28c fog lights that are normally found on your everyday police car. They fit nice with the factory trim.
  3. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Brakes and rear shocks. Then probably new fog lights... I think
  4. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Initially on/ off, however I’m going to add a 3 ways switch in so they can be on/off or on with high beams.
  5. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Switches hidden away, the second switch turns on the backup lamps separate from the reverse trigger.
  6. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Finally time to add some more light to the front end. I had these as fog lights on my silverado and there was no way the dealer was getting them... so in the grill they go.
  7. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Well 50,000 miles on the clock and I decided to change the cabin air filter while I was doing the oil.... look what I found. Gross
  8. A/C Condenser

    It's in. Took about an hour and a half. Pulled a vacuum and it stayed for an hour so I charged it. Hopefully it'll stay that way. $300 in parts and some time is way better then the dealer quote. Granted I'm out of the bumper to bumper warranty otherwise it would've been on GM.
  9. A/C Condenser

  10. There was dirt, washed it the other day! They'll be more. The mud covers up the scratches!
  11. Motofab. They're 3" total blocks so it gives the truck 2" of lift when you replace the factory 1" block.
  12. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    Rear lift blocks, the rake is back now.
  13. Got the rear lift blocks on, looks like a truck should again with a rake. Had to keep the stock shocks, had an issue with the new ones. Those are to be added in a week or two now.
  14. Jflan's 2014 All-Terrain

    So after posting in a bunch of different threads I decided to make a build thread for my truck. Nothing fancy, just a clean simple build. So I bought the truck 1 owner off lease with 36k on the clock. 2014 Sierra 1500 All-Terrain. My 2010 Silverado and the new gmc. What an upgrade! So the usual wish list of mods, 2-3" lift, better rims/tires, lighting. To start. Kept the Fox 2.0 coilovers from my Silverado and wouldn't you know they fit just fine! I had the aluminum UCA's but opted for an upgrade. Ended up with just about 2.5" of lift up front. Kept the midnight edition set up that I had on the Silverado and yes, they made GMC center caps which I bought so it all matched. Kind of annoyed there isn't a way to match TPMS without using a tool but oh well. Dog bed/ organizer for the back seat.... have to keep the pups happy! Tailgate lock. Must have. After having the front windows tinted to match I discovered I couldn't see crap while backing up at night.... fixed that.

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