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  1. I went high with mine. I was able to bolt them right to the bumper. Also, once you cut that huge plastic trim piece into two pieces, it’s way easier to handle lol.
  2. Not really that flush but the steps are so big it didn’t matter. They’re whelen Pioneer NANO-6’s however any smaller LED would work. As for wiring, I tapped the reverse wire from the taillight to trip a relay. Power and ground I grabbed from the back side of the trailer plug. I fused it again since it’s better to be redundant, only needed 5 amps. I’ll look tonight if the screen gets better, I highly doubt it though. However seeing through the tint using the mirrors should be way better.
  3. Got sick of not being able to see while backing up at night (blinding screen and tinted windows)
  4. I had the lights in my garage, so I figured I’d use them lol. I wanted them as recessed as I could get so I cut the valence and put them in.
  5. They’re bolted right to the bumper actually. They’re made by Whelen, I build police cars on the side and I prefer their lighting.
  6. I looked at their website earlier they do have one for the new Sierra’s
  7. Finally got around to some lighting up front. Got the lights installed at least. I’ll wire them up tomorrow hopefully.
  8. See, I don’t mind the looks but AVS missed it on this one. It looks like there is plenty of room to add white lights in there as well. If they had that available as a lightbar of sorts plus the marker lights I would go for it.
  9. I have the multi-pro so no power up. I’ve had no issues with the remote release or closing.
  10. It’s the proXR. I do like the set up, I pushed the racks forward to get my sled in the back this time of year. Only things that are semi annoying is the drain holes that “snap” in the bottom of the canister(where the tonneau retracts into) pop out all the time. And the tail gate to cover seal isn’t the best, water does get in, not a ton but some. However being able to lock my tools inside and to still have my kayaks or whatever is awesome.
  11. Retrax XR and Yakima rack. Works well, only caveat is the canister that the cover retracts I to take up a little space in the bed near the cab. However I like it
  12. GM parts only has chrome and black chrome. Black chrome was $80 or something a piece vs chrome was $50 ish.
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