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You just gotta love white trucks!


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  2. Bruhhh. Those headlights are sick AF. They got any type of LED running light or any type of color changing LED (or halos)
  3. Just a new pic of the truck with a few more mods.
  4. Awesome looking truck! I have a Pearl 2020 Silverado 1500 RST and I'm pretty much going for the stormtrooper look myself. Down the line I'm gonna repaint it dark red and have it looking like the red troopers lol. By chance do you know the name of those black wheels you have on? I've got my truck tinted and just ordered some smoked head/tail lights. Also de-badged it and put black badges on. The wheels are the last step for now.
  5. 2022 Trail Boss BakFlip MX4 Chevrolet Silverado Side Steps Leather Steering Wheel High Country Cluster Tinted Windows

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