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  1. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    Great information from all thank you
  2. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    I disagree. Also this does not help what my question is. Do you have an answer or not?
  3. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    It is not. I am converting it to one.
  4. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    Thank you. That looks like the badge. I actually am looking for the flat backer plate that mounts to the grill to attach the Z71 emblem.
  5. I am wanting to add a Z71 Badge to the grill of my 2018 LT. Does anyone know where I can get the 2-piece black plastic mounting plate that is behind the badge on the factory installed Z71 logo. I believe they call it the Front Plinth/Rear Plinth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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