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  1. https://www.montmotorsports.com/dsx-flex-fuel-kit-2016-v3-cts-v/ https://www.montmotorsports.com/contact-us/ They don't have the kits on their website but call them and they sell the flex fuel kits for the 2014+ 6.2 trucks. They are 299.99.
  2. Could you use the same kit you got for your SS on your truck or is that only for the Camaro and not universal for the 6.2? I got the OEM 5.3 kit for my truck.
  3. I wanted to go with a 275/65 when I first got the Falkens but I was told they would rub with the stock suspension. Of course after I got the Falkens last fall I found a post on here where someone was running 275/65/18 with their stock Z71 suspension and not having any issues. Long story short the Coopers I got were on sale, along with my normal discount I get, and I got a trade in credit for the Falkens so for the low price of 300 dollars I got 4 brand new 275/65/18 Cooper Discoverer ATPs. I didn't need new tires but everything panned out to get a good deal and the Falkens were wearing down fast due to the recent trips to the track to get time slips for the mods I've done to the truck so not the tires fault lol.
  4. These are all my setups with a Black Widow 250 muffler I've done. I do have V4 disabled. With the flapper and resonator that might help the V4 drone. This is with just the flapper and resonator delete. This is a cold start video with the 3rd cat delete. How the truck is now with it exiting before the rear tire. The last video you have to follow the link but it is with the GoPro in front of the exhaust driving down the road. Now at 5:20 when I go WOT it gets super loud because my truck has a ProCharger. The regular driving tone is not effected by it though and will give you a good idea of the sound of the muffler still. https://youtu.be/qE18t1aH31o
  5. Switched out the Falken Wildpeak AT3 265/65/18R for Cooper Discoverer ATP 275/65/18. I like them better so far. Next test is how they launch. First pic is the Falkens and second is the Coopers.
  6. Not sure actually. Right now I am trapping at 106mph which should not be an issue. Once I get over 110mph I might look into upgrades.
  7. Thank you, You know I haven't I might have to test that out my next time at the track.
  8. That is why I have only gone over 110mph 3 times in my truck lol. Made sure I was recording for those 3 times as well. I've heard the 4wd trucks have a decreased risk of that issue but I don't want to really push it.
  9. NA e85 tune only for a comparison. Keep in mind the truck ran a 13.96 and consistent 14.10s with this tune.
  10. Been wanting to make a top end video of my truck with the ProCharger. Trying to fight that wall of air the truck is pushing is a constant battle. No vibrations or issues. They do a 1/2 mile race at one of the airports near me. If I can find a set of tires for it I might give it a try next year.
  11. Sounds and looks good man. Glad I could um help lol.
  12. Video from tonight. 0-120 in 17 seconds isn't to bad. Sorry about the video being so shakey.
  13. I'm using this AutoMeter boost gauge. https://www.jegs.com/i/Auto-Meter/105/3301/10002/-1?CAWELAID=1710764803&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=15769068431&CATCI=aud-224375369591:pla-208904619671&CATARGETID=230006180037474356&cadevice=m&jegspromo=thirdparty&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzrnekuSU3AIVHbjACh11CwzGEAQYASABEgJBMPD_BwE
  14. Thanks. I am a little concerned because I love the sound of the truck right now. Was thinking of doing a catted y-pipe to help tone it down some. I just know the headers will probably make the truck even faster and the price is not bad at all for the potential gains.

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