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  1. Well guys just an update. Weather has not been good around here to go to the track. With my work schedule my next chance is to make a road trip to Milan Dragway for their Wednesday night test and tune. If that doesn't work it won't be till June to be able to make it to the track. Hopefully Wednesday night I'll have some time slips. I'll keep you guys posted.
  2. US 131 Martin, MI

    Well with the crappy weather this weekend and not being able to run I might make a road trip to Milan Wednesday.
  3. US 131 Martin, MI

    I heard Milan is a pretty nice track.
  4. US 131 Martin, MI

    I would like to try some other tracks this year. If I end up on the east side of the state I'll let you know.
  5. US 131 Martin, MI

    Have a group going to US 131 Dragway in Martin, MI for their Test and Tune this Friday the 18th. Goes from 6pm to 11pm and it will be my first passes with the new supercharger. Seeing if anyone else on here might be going.
  6. I hear the Carven systems are nice. The progressive system would be the one you want.
  7. Here is another 0-100 video with the boost gauge in the shot. 4wd launch and left it in 4wd for the pull.
  8. Thanks. I go to US 131 in Martin, MI or Osceola Dragway in Osceola, IN. As long as the weather holds out I will be going to US 131 Friday.
  9. Street tune. Via the HP Tuners logs its showing 605hp @ 6150 rpm and 560tq @ 4115 rpm at the crank so far. Next Friday as long as Mother Nature is kind I'll have some 1/4 time slips.
  10. Yeah you sure don't expect it to leave that hard off the line for a big heavy truck. Not sure. I am pretty happy with how it is now so I might leave it alone for a while. Maybe headers, or a custom y-pipe.
  11. Finally have the boost in my life I was looking for.
  12. 195 was the highest my trans temp got with brake stalling it and running it to 100. It was 70 degrees out for this 0 to 100.
  13. All the fueling looked great for 93 and I was at 34% injector duty cycle. I don't think I will push it with any e85 and will stick with 93 for now. Don't want to work the fuel system any hard than I have to being my daily driver.
  14. Well got my tune at a good starting point. Here is a 0-100 video with my truck running the ProCharger P1 tuner kit at 9psi. 4wd launch, kept in 4wd with a passenger(Zak from Klug Performance) This run logged a 0 to 60 of 4.59, and 0 to 100 of 12.10. I will have time slips from the track very soon. Other mods are a Circle D 278mm 3200 stall, Klug Performance 93 tune, and a Black Widow custom cat-back exhaust. We will keep working on the tune and see how much more we can get out of the truck with this kit.

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