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  1. Hopefully I'll see 12s at some point without any additional mods. That is the goal anyhow. Yeah high DAs suck
  2. Went to Milan Dragway today. It was warm 80 with a DA of 1994-1999 but I ended up running well. Got 3 passes in and all three it hooked fully stalled up. First pass was 13.31 @ 102.52(1/4), 8.48 @ 80.66(1/8) with a 1.86 60ft. That was left in 4wd for the whole pass. 80 degrees with a DA of 1999.Second pass was 13.22 @ 102.76(1/4), 8.41 @ 80.99(1/8) with a 1.83 60ft. That was with a 4wd launch and switching to 2wd after the launch. 80 degrees with a DA of 1994.Final pass was 13.15 @ 103.68(1/4), 8.40 @ 81.87(1/8) with a 1.87 60ft. 4wd launch then switched to 2wd after the launch. 77 degrees with a DA of 1818.After today I really think with some good air I can see 12's for sure. Video is of my second pass versus a GMC Typhoon that ran 13.30 @ 101. Not sure when my next trip will be to the track but I am very happy with how the truck is running.
  3. I hope so. Going to my buddies Tuesday night after work to change some things in the tune. He wants to see a 12 second time slip Wednesday.
  4. Yeah I use to do it all the time but I'm honestly hesitant being supercharged now. Just a little more power than before. Maybe just one pass to see if it really helps or not. No more doing it on a regular basis.
  5. Well I finally made it to the track. I only got two passes before it started raining again... Little back story first...…. Truck stock ran 15.21 @ 89.86(1/4) 9.70 @ 70.46(1/8) with a 2.13 60ft. with 93 4wd launch stalled up to 2500rpm and switched to 2wd after that launch. Best 93 time with a tune, K&N drop in filter, Airaid MIT, and custom cat-back was 14.40 @ 94.78(1/4) 9.22 @ 75.31(1/8) with a 2.07 60ft. same type of run stalled up 2500rpm, 4wd launch, and switched out to 2wd after the launch with 6100rpm shift points. Now to todays runs. First pass I screwed up and over powered the brakes and broke the beams but it gave me an idea what my mph would be 82.06mph in the 1/8 and 103.12mph in the 1/4 with launching it in 4wd stalled to 3200 rpm with it flashing to 3800 rpm and leaving it in 4wd the whole pass spun all 4 tires on the launch. Second pass and last pass due to weather was 13.22 @ 102.44(1/4) 8.42 @ 81.37(1/8) with a 1.87 60ft. That was launching it in 4wd stalled to 2500rpm flashing to 3800rpm and leaving it in 4wd for the whole pass 6200 rpm shift points and truck spun all 4 again but there were sprinkles between rounds and they did not dry and respray the track. Mods for that pass ProCharger P1(10psi at peak rpm), Circle D 278mm single disc 3200 stall, Klug Performance 93 tune, Black Widow 250 custom cat-back, stock manifolds and stock cats. It was 64 degrees with a DA of 1034 so not horrible air quality. Now why did I post my 93 times because my one 13.96 pass and consistent 14.10 passes were on e85 and being I am running 93 with the ProCharger I wanted to try and compare apples to apples. Another difference with todays times were I left it in 4wd just to be careful and keep traction. Now in the past I showed leaving it in 4wd versus switching out of 4wd after the launch was good for 1-2 tenths in the 1/4 before on my truck. I am going to Milan Dragway on Wednesday and I will test that out there to see the time difference. I honestly think with better traction, and switching out of 4wd I will see 12s with my current setup. As always the tune is far from done and will keep you posted on all my progress. I am very happy with the truck and think my times today were a very good start.
  6. Well guys just an update. Weather has not been good around here to go to the track. With my work schedule my next chance is to make a road trip to Milan Dragway for their Wednesday night test and tune. If that doesn't work it won't be till June to be able to make it to the track. Hopefully Wednesday night I'll have some time slips. I'll keep you guys posted.
  7. US 131 Martin, MI

    Well with the crappy weather this weekend and not being able to run I might make a road trip to Milan Wednesday.
  8. US 131 Martin, MI

    I heard Milan is a pretty nice track.
  9. US 131 Martin, MI

    I would like to try some other tracks this year. If I end up on the east side of the state I'll let you know.
  10. US 131 Martin, MI

    Have a group going to US 131 Dragway in Martin, MI for their Test and Tune this Friday the 18th. Goes from 6pm to 11pm and it will be my first passes with the new supercharger. Seeing if anyone else on here might be going.
  11. I hear the Carven systems are nice. The progressive system would be the one you want.
  12. Here is another 0-100 video with the boost gauge in the shot. 4wd launch and left it in 4wd for the pull.
  13. Thanks. I go to US 131 in Martin, MI or Osceola Dragway in Osceola, IN. As long as the weather holds out I will be going to US 131 Friday.
  14. Street tune. Via the HP Tuners logs its showing 605hp @ 6150 rpm and 560tq @ 4115 rpm at the crank so far. Next Friday as long as Mother Nature is kind I'll have some 1/4 time slips.

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