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  1. Being how ProCharger designed the surge system on these kits the truck produces no boost under normal driving so you maintain your regular mpg and it pretty much drives stock until you give it fully throttle. Even with the stall and e35 I've been getting 16 city and 19 hwy. On 93 I was seeing 18 city and as high as 21 hwy. As far as the intake it still has the stock throttle body and manifold. Only mods are the kit with a GreenFilter, Circle D stall, OEM flex fuel kit, Corsa cat-back, and a Klug Performance tune. Everything else on the truck is stock.
  2. Today I had my new Corsa dB cat-back installed. I had the chance to get this system at a very good price and wanted to try it out. Truck still has the stock manifolds and cats. I did do a 3rd cat delete. I think on the outside the Corsa is a little louder than my previous Black Widow setup but it is quieter on the inside with minimal drone. I think I choose wisely for my first cat-back system. First is a cold start and driving video of my old setup, and the same with the new setup. Black Widow 250 muffler. Corsa dB Catback
  3. Same with me. I went to the Dream Cruise once 15 years ago and told myself I'd go again... Well it has been 15 years lol.
  4. Might have to go to both next year!
  5. Just built ranger on the Ford site, 2.3 EcoBoost with a 10 speed, 310hp 350tq stock lol. I have not. That sounds fun!! I want to go to try and go to the Dream Cruise on Woodward next year.
  6. Another truck to keep an eye out for will be the Ranger. That will have an EcoBoost motor as well. I am sure you'll see those in the 12s as well.
  7. The Fusion Sport is awd and has the 2.7 EcoBoost in it. Seen a guy run a 12.3 in one of those. He use to have a SHO with the 3.5 and traded it in for the Fusion. This is what the race looked like against my truck lol.
  8. I really don't need a truck and always got one as a preference. I feel the same way about the new GM trucks, and that is honestly why I am thinking about a turbo car next. I have the boost bug now.... lol.
  9. 12.86 with just a tune out of the 2.7 trucks. GM needs to step their game up. http://www.dragtimes.com/Ford-F150-Timeslip-29362.html
  10. He got that truck when Ford had their truck month this past summer and paid 32k for that truck with the upgrade interior to have the center console so equal to a 2LT truck.
  11. Several weeks ago when I went to the track I met a guy with a 2018 F150 Extended Cab 4x4 3.5 EcoBoost with the 10 speed. I ran my two pass in the 12.4s. He told me his truck was running 12.4s as well and would like to run them sometime. Well yesterday he was there with his truck. His trucks mods are a tune, downpipes, cat-back, and running e50 for a total of 1500 dollars in mods. My truck has 6500 dollars in mods. We got to race once and of course I spun all four and ran a 12.76 at 108.36 and he ran a 12.26 at 111.66. My best time that day was a 12.55 at 108.71. His best time that day was a 12.21 at 112. To me that is very impressive out of that little 3.5 with very little done. GM needs a boosted motor in the trucks lol. Here is the time slip from our race together.
  12. That is actually what he wants to get next. Honestly my next vehicle after the truck might be the new Regal Sportback AWD with the 2.0 turbo. Tune only with an ethanol blend I could see mid 12s out of that Regal. Hell the new F150 is mean I raced one for my first pass. His F150 is a 2018 10 speed extended cab 4x4 3.5 EcoBoost, tune, downpipes, cat-back, and e50. He ran a 12.26 @ 111.66. I spun my ass off and ran a 12.76 lol. That is just 1,500 dollars in mods and he went 12.2s. It cost me 6500 dollars in mods to run mid 12s in my 5.3. I have a video of the pass but well his truck was never in view so it looks like me making a solo pass and that is why I didn't even upload it. :/
  13. Exatly! My buddy Zak from Klug Performance his daily is a 2012 Chevy Cruise and with just a tune that little 1.4 turbo is 200hp and 250tq. He ran a 14.8 this past weekend in it and gets 38mpg. Which is old muscle car times. Scroll to the bottom and some of those cars ran low 15s high 14s. https://www.0-60specs.com/chevrolet-chevelle-0-60-times/ https://www.0-60specs.com/chevrolet-camaro-0-60-times/ https://www.0-60specs.com/pontiac-firebird-0-60-times/ https://www.0-60specs.com/pontiac-gto-0-60-times/
  14. I'm just glad the muscle car has survived. People thought they would disappear due to gas prices and emissions. Look at what Chevy, Ford, and especially Dodge have done. You don't bat an eye unless it's over 500hp now lol. Hell look at my truck 600hp+, even the tuned EcoBoost trucks are over 600hp+ now. Even regular cars trucks and SUVs are coming standard 300hp+ which use to be a lot of hp. My old 2001 Camaro SS was 345hp and that was considered a lot went it was new. It's a good time to be a car guy!
  15. Yeah I had a few people tell me I was wasting my time with a 5.3 truck. I am glad to say I have opened their eyes lol.

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