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  1. Thanks. ProCharger has the crank case breathers go to the end of the filter on the supercharger to keep the circulation with the system.
  2. Video going over all my mods and cost to take my truck from the stock 15.21 to running 12.4s in the 1/4 mile.
  3. All the bottom time slips were e85 tune only. Here is a video of my time slips with my mods over time.
  4. Thanks. His is a 15 5.7 8 speed with a D1 ProCharger, headers, and e85.
  5. Here is a video I made of the progress and time slips I have for each mod since I've had my truck. Also I'll post a couple of my latest track videos. ProCharged Silverado vs ProCharged Ram. Silverado vs a 18 GT350
  6. Good write up and great pictures. Nice filter mod you have there. Hope your liking the kit. I love mine!
  7. Very nice. Sounds like you could use a good custom tune as well
  8. Thank you. As well as my 5.3 runs with a ProCharger I could only imagine how well a 6.2 would run with one.
  9. I've always launched min in 4hi and switched to 2wd just before the 1-2 shift. I try not to do that many hard launched anymore running a ProCharger and I don't want to push it. Here is my launch video I made and my most current run. The top end run I waited till 2nd to which out due to traction issues in 4wd.
  10. Well after a cold winter here in Michigan zero issues or failures with the ProCharger this winter. That being said I did let my truck run/warm up at least 5 minutes before driving it if the temp was under 40 degrees to get some heat in the unit. ProCharger just recommends your vehicle is at full operating temp before taking it over 3,000 rpm.
  11. So sorry it took so long to reply. Being the way the surge system is on the ProCharger kit you don't build any boost till 3500rpm. However with the Klug Performance tune it still feel great and responds very well under those various throttles. In 3rd gear with medium throttle because of the load in that gear and less vacuum the valve does close and you do see some boost around 3psi and even that low of boost you can feel it when it goes in the motor via just being purged off.
  12. Been a while since I posted any updates. Truck now has a Corsa dB cat-back, recently did a launch video, and today did a driving in snow video. Also got some more love from ProCharger as well on their Facebook page so check it out! Enjoy!
  13. If your truck is flex fuel and it has the flex fuel sensor it's a two in one tune. The best way to do it is have it tuned for regular gas of your preferred octane and then get it as low as possible almost empty and fill it with e85. Then have your tune dialed in for e85. That way your trucks tune is optimized for both fuel types. Then you can switch back and forth as you please. Just a pain at first being the right way to do it is have it tuned with the two different fuel types at first. Now if you don't have the flex fuel sensor installed or it doesn't have one a regular gas tune is your only option.
  14. Black Rhino Mozambique wheels. https://www.blackrhinowheels.com/truck-wheels-truck-rims-mozambique.php
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