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  1. Thanks guys. I was so surprised how this race went. I will say this with a good driver that car would beat my truck no problem. It doesn't matter how much horsepower you have if you don't know how to use it. See it all the time at the track with cars like this. I am very glad I got it on video lol.
  2. Took my 2017 Silverado Z71 5.3 to the track tonight. I got pair up against a Shelby GT500. My mods ProCharger P1SC, Circle D 278mm 3200 stall, Klug Performance tune, and a Black Widow 250 custom cat-back. Launched the truck at 1500rpm in 4wd and ran a 12.74 @ 106.51 with a 1.81 60ft. The GT500 was stock soft launch and said he missed 3rd. He ran a 13.01 @ 113.46 with a 2.48 60ft. I held him off in the end.
  3. Black Widow 250 3" in/out muffler into a Corsa 3" in duel 4" out tip with the stock manifolds and a 3rd cat delete. Has a ProCharger P1SC.
  4. Not sure why it's doing that. Was filmed on a GoPro Hero 5, and uploaded via their editing software. I was viewing it on a windows PC and my Samsung S8+.
  5. Thanks! Yeah was a new spot I was trying out. Might do more videos from now on with that view point. Sucks about the clicking sounds on your video.
  6. Hmmm I just opened the link on my phone and on my PC and the audio worked.
  7. Here is a full throttle video of my truck at the track taken via my GoPro. Exhaust setup is stock manifolds, two stock cats, 3rd cat delete, Black Widow 250 3" in/out muffler, 3" pipe into a 3" in dual 4" out Corsa tip before the rear tire. The exhaust is loud at WOT because of the ProCharger and the 5-10psi of boost I'm running. https://youtu.be/qwZ_mEAEzVI
  8. I always wondered what was quicker on my truck at the track. Brake stalling it or launching the truck off idle. Now keep in mind my truck does have an aftermarket Circle D 3200 stall and a ProCharger. When I tested this on the street via logging the truck it seemed stalling it up to 3200 was faster that leaving off idle. My truck stalled up leaves on 5psi of boost. Off idle it flashes to 3500 rpm and hits the same 5psi of boost. Well I finally tested it at the track and I was quite surprised. Both passes were ran the same with an hour of sitting to cool down before running it and launched in 4wd even made both passes in the same lane. Here are the results. Idle on the left and stalled up on the right. As you can see pretty much identical. Leaving off idle is a lot less wear and tear on the powertrain than stalling it up. I think from now on I will be leaving off idle. BTW it was pretty miserable at the track if you can see with the times lol.
  9. Launching in 4hi and these passes where on Cooper Discoverer ATP 275/65/18 tires. No radials here.
  10. Thanks. Before moding my truck I was debating getting a project car. Then I thought I'd just make a fast daily truck and skip having two insurance and car payments lol. Truck is at its peak for the current mods expect for weight reduction. All my times have been full street weight with a spare. Was going to try at the track removing various items like the spare, tailgate, and back seat and see how they effect the times and see which is most beneficial.
  11. It is funny that is the first time I have watched those two videos side by side and wow talk about night and day. With the ProCharger and the stall the truck goes from 0-130 20 seconds faster lol.
  12. I will probably stick with my daily wheel/tire setup for now. If I went with a track wheel tire combo I'd go with a lighter 17" wheel with drag radials. The wheels I have now are actually pretty light. they are 25lbs each and the stock Z71 wheels are 32lbs each ;) Now as far as maintaining the higher RPMs that is from the Circle D stall I have. That is another benefit to having an aftermarket converter is you maintain a higher RPM after the shift. I'll post a video to compare the RPMs before and after the stall. Stock converter. With the stall
  13. I was hoping to see if my theory was going to be right about the gearing change and I would see a little higher mph which I did. However I thought I would see a slightly slower time. Yes general rule of thumb is bigger tires means slower. I made a pretty minor tire size change but was cool to test. Glad you liked them. I am hoping to make some more videos at the other local track soon.
  14. Recently I went from Falken Wildpeak AT3 265/65/18 to Cooper Discoverer ATP 275/65/18. Tonight I went to the track to test it out to see if the truck got slower. Weather conditions were very similar which worked out perfect. I was surprised with the results. Previous time slips with the Falkens. Time Slips from tonight with the Coopers First pass versus a V6 Impala. Second pass versus a mystery UTE. Worst traction of the night. Final Pass versus a 2012 Vette 6.2 with a Vortec supercharger. In the end very similar times, made my fastest pass and if you notice the big change in the trap speed. Truck was right around 1 mph faster. Very happy it did not hurt my times.

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