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  1. I have a Denali ultimate as well. It's has 3.23 gears. I tried ordering 1 with 3.42. Not possible.
  2. If it's a Denali it has a 3.23 not a 3.42. The 3.42 is only available in the max tow package with the 6.2l. That's a big change from 3.23 to 4.11! Where are you at in Texas? Houston house of power can get you squared away and tune both engine and trans as well.
  3. Tri-Mode Running Boards Blackout

    I was going to paint them and then decided that was alot of work that I didn't want to do. They have some scratches (son's metal cleats) but have help up well.
  4. Tri-Mode Running Boards Blackout

    $100 is what I paid.
  5. Tri-Mode Running Boards Blackout

    I had mine wrapped. Way easier than paint and if they get chipped up just get them rewraped.
  6. Power steps

    Wrong section to post those.
  7. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    Thanks for posting them lol.
  8. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    Stole it from another thread.
  9. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yes they do.
  10. Escalade parts for Sierra/Silverado?

    Seat trim pieces
  11. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Another member posted it in another thread.
  12. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    https://www.hptuners.com/product/new-gm-unlocked-t87a-tcms/ Here you go.
  13. HP Tuners Unlocked TCM

    I would imagine they put the most updated gm tune in it and link it to your Vin.
  14. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Hptuners is now offering new TCM's already unlocked for $400. Beat the downtime and have your stock 1 unaltered.

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