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  1. Either way the LS and the LT are not interchangeable.
  2. 17+mpg at 75-80mph on e85. Mixed is around 13-14. Mine is V8 all the time. I don't pay much attention to mileage.
  3. Blue is mine with Afe Cai, ported stock tb, ported MSD intake manifold, 1 7/8" headers with high flow cats, stock cat back, and e85. Red is stock L86 intake and tb with 1 3/4" headers, high flow cats, and a cat back. Now have ported L86 intake and ported LT5 tb on it.
  4. Mine aren't standard anymore. Mine was an ultimate that came with the chrome inserts. I tore the wheels down and painted them a darker charcoal and blacked the inserts. I'll have to take a pic when it's clean.
  5. Made a gasket. Tb is on the truck so no I can't measure it. I have $450 in this tb.
  6. I did a ported 95mm for the new ZR1 LT5 and ported L86 intake (along with headers with cats, flex fuel sensor, and flex fuel tuning). I also have a AFE momentum gt cai but cut the step down off so it match the tb inlet. Nice upgrades!!
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