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  1. MSD LT1 intake manifold

  2. MSD LT1 intake manifold

  3. MSD LT1 intake manifold

  4. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    Either way the LS and the LT are not interchangeable.
  5. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    17+mpg at 75-80mph on e85. Mixed is around 13-14. Mine is V8 all the time. I don't pay much attention to mileage.
  6. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    LS and LT are not compatible.
  7. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    Blue is mine with Afe Cai, ported stock tb, ported MSD intake manifold, 1 7/8" headers with high flow cats, stock cat back, and e85. Red is stock L86 intake and tb with 1 3/4" headers, high flow cats, and a cat back. Now have ported L86 intake and ported LT5 tb on it.
  8. MSD LT1 intake manifold

  9. Mine aren't standard anymore. Mine was an ultimate that came with the chrome inserts. I tore the wheels down and painted them a darker charcoal and blacked the inserts. I'll have to take a pic when it's clean.
  10. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    Made a gasket. Tb is on the truck so no I can't measure it. I have $450 in this tb.
  11. Looks really similar to mine.
  12. 6.2L Throttle Body Upgrade

    I did a ported 95mm for the new ZR1 LT5 and ported L86 intake (along with headers with cats, flex fuel sensor, and flex fuel tuning). I also have a AFE momentum gt cai but cut the step down off so it match the tb inlet. Nice upgrades!!
  13. Thanks!! He's pretty pumped!!!
  14. Little project I just finished for my brother. Will get side pics next time I see him.
  15. MSD LT1 intake manifold

    Ported MSD LT1 intake with bolts, valley foam, side covers, belt, and pulley to convert L83 and L86 trucks. I smoothed the ugly script off the top. Retextured and painted it as well as the side covers. $1350 shipped to lower 48. Buyer pays PayPal fees

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