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  1. Yes Gwatney does port them and also takes all the structure out of the intake manifold. Then they epoxy a sheet of aluminum to the floor of the intake. Nowhere on their site does it mention they port it to work with the 95 either. Holley's high ram is killing it on the Camaro and someone on performancetrucks put one on their truck (cant remember if it was a L83 or L86). LME makes intakes out of billet for $4500 or so. There are some options available now.
  2. The msd atomic intake manifold will make more hp and tq from 5500 on. Not good in a truck (I tried it). The truck intake vs ported atomic was down 60wtq and 20whp peak to peak. At 4500 it was down 50wtq and 40whp. From 3000-5500 the truck intake manifold (unported) beats the msd ported. My advise would be to port the stock truck intake and add a 95mm tb. PRAY is the only 1 I know of doing it. Ports the throat to accept the 95 without an adapter. My truck hasn't been back on the dyno since I put the truck intake back on. There are many FBO L86s making 420/460 or more with stock unported intake and tb on e85 at the wheels which is advertised at the flywheel from GM. On the LT1 in the 6th gen Camaro PRAY's ported intake and ported stock tb are worth 17-20hp from back to back testing he did. Check out his FB page or Camaro6 forums.
  3. Who are you asking?? Mine is a 6.2 so I had my stock intake manifold ported and added a ported 95mm tb as well.
  4. No I had Pray Performance port it. He is very well known on the 6th gen Camaros and will port anything. He is also tuning mine as well.
  5. 17+mpg at 75-80mph on e85. Mixed is around 13-14. Mine is V8 all the time. I don't pay much attention to mileage.
  6. Blue is mine with Afe Cai, ported stock tb, ported MSD intake manifold, 1 7/8" headers with high flow cats, stock cat back, and e85. Red is stock L86 intake and tb with 1 3/4" headers, high flow cats, and a cat back. Now have ported L86 intake and ported LT5 tb on it.
  7. Mine aren't standard anymore. Mine was an ultimate that came with the chrome inserts. I tore the wheels down and painted them a darker charcoal and blacked the inserts. I'll have to take a pic when it's clean.
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