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  1. WTB 3.73 gears

    Might want to specify what size you are looking for.
  2. I have a Denali and like this gauge setup best. You have to be in towhaul to see oil pressure and trans temp.
  3. That's what I run. Didn't see any difference in oil pressure or mileage.
  4. Amsoil 5w30 here. No difference. LT1 Camaros and Corvettes both run 5w30 as well.
  5. Mine gets tuned by Carl Friday at CJ Tunes. I will post up the results.
  6. Texas speed headers are made over seas.
  7. Mine is over the sanded chrome. Done it several times. Prep is key. Alot of sanding to get all the chrome scuffed good for primer.
  8. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/180140-tuned-and-converter-to-flex-fuel-sierra-denali-62/
  9. CJ tunes has kits for 14-up trucks. Also offer flex fuel tuning as well. http://www.cjtunes.com/store/flex-fuel-conversions/14plus-gm-truckssuv-flex-fuel-conversion/
  10. WTB: 2016+ GMC Sierra Denali front grill

    Try eBay.
  11. We Ordered A 2019 Silverado Today And You Can Too!

    Could be that those are the #s for ordering and when the trucks show up they will give out the actual #s. Who really knows?
  12. This guy is a scammer!!  Bought a part and no replies or part. Everyone beware of this puke!! 

  13. Crew cab as I need the room for the kids.

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