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  1. And hence how outdated info and testing from "decades" ago is when it relates to much more modern engines and ECM's. A LTx engine wont make more power at 230° of coolant temps, it will make less power due to the heat. The coolant temps alone will have the ECM pulling timing, couple that with it increasing the IAT temps and them pulling timing as well. GM's Ltx engines already struggle to not detonate on 91, adding heat to them in the form of coolant temps and intake air temps will only cause the issue to be worse as the temps go up.
  2. The dealer is about the only to program a BCM for you, with that they are vin tied to your vin for the firmware. You wont be able to add on any other features or options other than what your truck came with from the factory.
  3. Intake manifold has to come off to replace the HPFP, with that it only takes maybe an hour to replace it. You will need the high pressure pipe and the high pressure cross over pipe and of course the pump. The intake manifold gaskets are reusable, but they also arent that expensive to replace either.
  4. the OEM cats are covered 8yrs/100k per Federal Mandate. Also a P0420/0430 can mean a clogged cat, a clogged cat can get really hot and possibly start a fire. No matter if they are inspecting or not where you live, it get the issue fixed (replace the offending cat) or delete the cat (harder to do now since HP Tuners doesnt offer the ability to delete cat codes anymore).
  5. You cant use the BCM from the donor truck at all, the modules are all VIN tied to the vehicle now. Cant swap them and cant program them to work either. If this mod requires the BCM (It does) you will be hosed and stuck with a fancy tailgate that doesnt work.
  6. Not much a person can do if they need a truck right now. Used pricing is almost near what the new price of the vehicle was and new vehicles are short on the lot so the ball is in the dealer hands on both sides, gonna stay that way for the next year or 2 unless the pandemic ends and things go back to "normal". I bought my 2016 Sierra CC 4x4 SLT All Terrain 6.2/A8 in March of 2016, at the time with my discount and the rebates a $56k truck ended up being $44k. Truck now has 46k miles on it and is in amazing condition, I went to see what it is worth and I can sell it private party for $40k right now, if a dealer tries to sell it the price is $44k to $47k on a dealer lot. So heck yeah, I am jumping on that deal. Gonna sell the truck in February or March and order a BMW SUV for the wife at MSRP and take the money and run. I tried to look at a 2022 All Terrain Carbon edition, $66k price tag and the dealer wants a $5k ADM! After this move to BMW for us we will only have my 19 Corvette Z06 left in our garage as a GM vehicle, the others are a 18 Audi S5, a 19 Audi S4 and then the new 2022 BMW X3 M40i.
  7. P0430 is because the post cat O2 sensor is saying the ECM doesnt think the catalytic convertor is doing its job. Either gonna be a bad cat (under warranty for 8yrs or 80k miles per Federal requirement) or a bad downstream O2 sensor or a bad harness to the downstream O2 sensor.
  8. Until you pull the code you are just throwing guesses into the wind. As long as the CEL is stored in the ECM and the issue is not fixed and the ECM self-clears the code the remote start wont work. If you clear the CEL all it is gonna do is work for a bit, then once the CEL triggers again it will lock out the remote start. Start with the basics, get the truck scanned and get the code then go from there.
  9. Correct, and as long as the fluid meets or exceeds the vehicle manufactures specs you are free to use what ever fluid you want in the vehicle.
  10. I am guessing this is a new change for the 2019+ trucks then, we all went round and round with this on the K2xx trucks with the GM and the dealers. So my apologies to that and kudos to GM for allowing known tire sizes to be calibrated for in the modules. The newer lane avoidance, advanced cruise control and collision cameras all add some complexity in allowing the vehicle to drive correctly. We also have a 2019 Audi S4 and it is the same way with Audi, everything has to be correct otherwise some of the systems wont work correctly.
  11. Ethanol is a cheap and amazing way to get rid of knock. My 2016 6.2/A8 has been on E85 for 4 years now, it runs great. Even still if a person only has 91 they can add up to E10 with no harm. If the trucks tank is 26 gallons that means you can easily add 2.5-3 gallons of E85 to the 91, it will help with detonation and make the truck run better as well.
  12. This was a very basic run down, once you get into oxygenated fuels you get into a whole new type of conversation.
  13. Dealerships are not required to sell a vehicle at the GM Employee price, so yes the ADM could be something you pay if the dealer is not willing to sell the vehicle at the GM-Employee price.
  14. You need to be very careful tapping into just any 12v source, "noise" on those 12v circuits can affect the CANBUS data system and causes issues with modules on those systems. This has been a problem since the more complex CANBUS stuff started launching in 2010+. The new C8 Corvette is running into this issue now, guys are putting dash cams and radar detectors in the C8's and tapping into the rearview mirror circuits, the noise from that is back feeding into the circuit for the outside power mirrors and causing the mirror glass to spiderweb out. GM has finally found the issue and issued a TSB on it to deny coverage if a radar detector or dash cam is found in use.
  15. No they cant, GM hasnt allowed a reprogram of the BCM since the K2xx (2014+) trucks launched. Doesnt matter if it is a factory size or not, GM TAC has refused those requests for years now hence why people went after the Hypertech programmer to calibrate for tire sizes. 275/60-20 is 32.99" overall height 265/60-20 is 32.52" overall height 275/65-18 is 32.07" overall height Without looking into the ECM/TCM to see the number GM used, in the past the Rev's per mile that GM used for the speedo were the same for all 3 of the tire sizes GM used on the 1500 series trucks.
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