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  1. There are 2 ways to look at this, a centri will make power in the mid to high range near WOT. The Roots will make better power off of idle. So it depends on what you want. I have a D1SC on my Camaro SS making 650 to the wheels, while my truck has the same engine I am considering a LT4, Maggie or Whipple for the truck as I want less than 600hp to the wheels and would rather have it down low instead of up high.
  2. The fuel injection system is completely different than years ago, back then we had return lines that ran fuel back into the tank. The current DI dont use a return line, all fuel sent up to the front of the engine is considered as used in the combustion process. So thats why the DIC fuel mileage is an estimate. The EPA test is done based off of actual fuel mileage, not the computer system estimate.
  3. There has never been a way to change, alter or modify the way the ECM calculates fuel mileage on any GM vehicle. Sure, you can reset the dash DIC screen but that doesnt alter the fueling calculation that is used to provide the data on the DIC screen. That is hard coded into the ECM systems.
  4. $5 DIY Raptor Style Grille Lights

    How old are you...lol, this is something I would expect my Dad or Grandpa to do to their trucks.
  5. There is no scam, the fuel mileage isnt even calculated by the BCM it is handled by the ECM and is a byproduct of the ECM calculating fuel used by the injector data of how much fuel it believes it has injected. It is only there as a tool and has never been accurate on any vehicle I have ever owned that provided that info. If you want accurate fuel mileage then you need to hand calculate it.
  6. Cylinder 8 misfire

    The DI injectors known to fail, as said they are not bad pricewise but they do take some work to get to as the intake manifold has to come off along with some fuel lines that probably be replaced as well.
  7. Only 2 people can tune the BCM, GM and Chris White media. GM will only flash the firmware in the BCM that is the current firmware in file, they dont allow the dealers any option to make custom changes in the BCM. Chris White might be able to do it, but if he fixes it for you and you take the truck in for service and there are any GM updates for your truck that involve the BCM the dealer flash will overwrite your custom BCM firmware and then you will have to send it back to Chris White again. Truck is not driveable while the BCM is out either.
  8. Procharger uses HP Tuners to do their tunes, I have a D1SC on my 2017 Camaro SS and have spoke with their tuner. To the OP I think your Diablo tuner will be done if you have Procharger do a tune. HP Tuners has the ability to write either the ECM or TCM separately or together. The Diablo flashes the entire file for computers at the same time and thus will overwrite the Procharger tune. You can always ask Procharger, but there will be a considerable upcharge if you have a 2017+ as the TCM has to be sent to HP Tuners to have the security encryption decoded and then it can be flashed. You are looking at $250 for the security part, then another $200 to unlock the TCM to tune it. Last I looked to tune a 2017+ GM vehicle with the auto is around $400 for tuning credits just to be able to make changes to the modules, the $250 to unlock the TCM security and then what ever the tuner charges for their tune. So you are at $650 before you even have the tuners charge for their tune.
  9. If you are only sending them the ECU then they are not tuning the transmission as it has its own separate control module.
  10. Personally I stick with the AGM series that either Sears or Orielly's carries. The Odyssey are really nice, just pricey but they are worth it since they are a true gel cell battery,
  11. No panties here unless they are the ones you left. You said check with a tuner if a tune will be required with headers, and as I said you will always need a tune with long tube headers. Every time....
  12. Not sure why you would say you may not need a tune, you will ALWAYS need a tune with long tube headers, every time. If you dont you will be popping all sorts of rear O2 error codes and the WOT fueling will be off to the point you could damage the engine.
  13. 2019+ GM big brake kit

    The rotors and pads wont be hard to get, it is more than likely the same pad or a similiar one that the other 6 piston GM Brembo kits use.
  14. Anyone else check this kit out yet? When you build a new 2019 1500 series GMC Sierra truck you have the option to add the GM Big Brake kit which includes the 6 piston front calipers, rotors and the matching red rear calipers. It is only like $2300 or so online, which using my GM discount I get means I might be able to get them for around $1600. Anyone else seen the kit yet or have a truck with the kit on them yet?
  15. Coming from someone who also owns a 2017 Camaro SS 1LE with a Procharger D1SC I can tell you this, you will still notice the Procharger under light throttle as well. As said once the surge valve closes the boost starts building, 2-5 psi is noticeable that the power is starting to come on.

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