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  1. So those of you that say you are compromising filtering by looking towards performance. With the performance filters what is the bad you see from using them?
  2. And again, that is not a 3rd cat, it is a secondary cat. What you have in that pic is Bank 1 and Bank 2 primary cats and a merged secondary cat. That is the exact terminology for that cat. I have been under a new truck, I own a 2016 Sierra 6.2 and even removed the secondary cat with zero issues. Has been off for almost 2 years now. The secondary cat was forced upon the manufactures by California and the C.A.R.B. act. up until around 2009 GM made a 49 state emission certified vehicle and a California C.A.R.B. certified vehicle for the 10-12 states that follow the CARB program. Then after around 2009 GM started to phase out the 49 state system and move over to a 50 state certified emission system. When GM made the change it was listed as a 5hp deficit when the secondary cat was put into the system.
  3. So there is grinding needed even with the OEM 20" All terrain wheels? do the 19+ calipers bolt right onto the current brackets and spindles or do the brackets need to be changed as well? Are the original brake lines reused or are those new as well?
  4. So now the question, buy the GM big brake kit or get the 2019+ front calipers and rotors? Those are a direct replacement on the 14-18 trucks, correct?
  5. There is no "3rd" cat on the trucks. You have 2 primary cats and 2 secondary cats. The primary are monitored by the ECM and the O2 sensors, the secondary cats are part of the 50 state CARB requirement. They can be removed with no issues or tuning needed.
  6. my comment is more geared towards those who want to run E85 with a blower on the trucks. The trucks stock pumps and injectors should be able to handle a normal bolt on E85, now if someone builds a engine and wants to go E85 they may run into some headroom issues on that route.
  7. I know in 2014+ if you got the GMC Sierra All Terrain package you could only get heated seats, not sure if the Chevy Silverado High Country was the same or not. I know there was a Camaro Owner who had the heated stuff on the infotainment center but the seats didnt work. Took it to the dealer and the factory forgot to put something in the truck. Dealer had to sort it out after the fact.
  8. Man some of the info in this thread makes me want to bang my head. Stock or not, the ported TB is a solid 5-10 rwhp gain over the stock one, combine it with a ported OEM intake manifold and you are looking at a solid 10-20 rwhp gain on most of the LTx series engines. CAI intake, ported IM/TB, deleted secondary cats, E85 conversion and a tune are a solid 40hp gain on these engines. Then add in some transmission calibration changes and you can make a night and day difference in how these trucks run.
  9. its nice to see an actual engineer in here posting for once. I really think when the time comes to do the pads on my 16 Sierra I will either do Z06 style big brake kit or buy the 20+ GM trucks front brakes. No reason in general, more so that I just like to tinker and improve things when I can. I always find it strange that engineers say drilled/slotted rotors are not beneficial and yet the automakers on their high performance high end models always put drilled rotors on the cars, heck even the carbon ceramic rotors are still drilled even with the amount of stopping power the provide. I still wonder if that is from the years of crappy drilled rotors making it to the market versus the modern day ones.
  10. As said the ECM falls under the Federal emissions warranty coverage of 8yr/80k, not the 3yr/36k like the dealer stated. With that even if it was the ECM and the brake module you cant replace them yourself, the new unit has to be flashed with the OS and firmware and then VIN tied to the vehicle.
  11. Get one, I've had one on my 16 Sierra 6.2 since new. During the colder months I pour out about 3-4 ounces of watery oil that it collects every 3 months or so. I just spent 20 hours of my own labor carbon cleaning my wifes DI vehicle that uses an even more complex PCV system than GM uses, and oil you can keep out of the intake system means less carbon on the intake valves that needs to be cleaned down the road.
  12. I have the CJ tuners kit on my 16 6.2 because the e85 was not turned on in my ECM and at the time no one had found a cheaper way to do it. it took me about 45 minutes from start to finish to cut, plumb and wire in the E85 kit. I already have HP Tuners as well, so I turned the flex fuel on in the tune. All of the tables were already populated so I compared them to my 17 Camaro SS and made some slight adjustments. As someone who has a Procharger D1SC on my 17 Camaro SS with the full LT4 fuel system from the gas tank to the engine (injectors, fuel rails, HPFP) I can say this, you are going to have a hard time running E85 with the trucks fuel system. You really need the LT4 fuel lines for the engine, injectors, HPFP and some sort of higher volume fuel pump in the gas tank to be able to run E85. Even then you may only be able to run around E40 or so.
  13. There is only 1 company in the world that has access to the GM BCM, that is WAMS. They wont be "sued" as it is always GM programming they are using, they are just turning on/off the features in the BCM that are not set that way from the factory. It has nothing to do with how trailer brake controllers work, that is already hard coded into the system and modules. It is a matter of being able to activate the feature on every module that needs it after the fact so the modules can talk. GM closed that loophole when the 2014+ trucks came out, when asked GM answered they would not allow the feature to be added even though they had in the past. I would not hold my breath for the ability for a OEM TBC to be added to a vehicle after it has left the factory. Either be ok with and use the 3rd party ones or else you are going to have to buy a truck that has the OEM TBC already on it.
  14. Not really true at all, I've had a PC D1SC on my 17 Camaro SS making 650hp to the wheels for almost 2 years now with zero issues. Reliability all depends on who tunes it.
  15. Yep, I knew this day would come eventually. The EPA is gonna do all they can to stop modifications of vehicles. It will make it that much easier to kill the ICE and push us towards EV.
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