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  1. Angle of the windshield will have no bearing on if the HUD will work, otherwise the cars with it wouldnt work either. What matters is the coating the HUD as to project against so that you can see it.
  2. 2Piece Driveshaft Swap Guys

    I thought the crew cab trucks had a 2 piece DS in it. Most people are swapping over to a 1 piece. The clunk is from the slack in the drive shaft yoke at the transmission. You can pull the driveshaft out of the transmission side, coat the drive shaft yoke in the inside with a thick heavy duty grease and then slide it back in. The grease will take up the slack and quell down some of the noise. There will still be some noise from the rear diff from the slack that is in the ring and pinion gears.
  3. There is more than just flushing the fluid, some years the TSB does require the transmission to be dropped and some clearances in the transmission front pump to be checked to make sure the pump wasnt damaged. My 2016 is going into the dealer in the coming weeks, dealer said they will need it for 1 week to pull the transmission. It will require a new torque converter, fluid, filter and possibly either rebuild the front pump or a new front pump if mine is out of tolerance.
  4. Because it is cheaper and easier on the assembly process to use shared components on the build, that means trying to get down to one set of parts that are used on all of the series of the vehicles. Helps cut down on manufacturing costs and increases profitability.
  5. They do have the technology, all it requires is to drop the engine compression ratio down to around 10:1 and pull the timing back and then you can run all the 85/87 octane you want to run, but dont gripe when the vehicle only has 325hp and 350tq. Who the heck owns a truck is worries about fuel mileage as a end all be all reason for owning the truck. If fuel mileage is that much of a bother but a economy car or if you need a truck with true towing/pulling power buy a 2500 with a diesel in it. We are about at the cap for what a gasoline engine can produce powerwise and still be able to get over 20mpg unless we have 10spd or more auto transmissions and trucks that only weigh around 4500lbs.
  6. Went to the dealer to get the torque converter shudder parts ordered and they had a new 19 Sierra SLT in the service department. Truck looked pretty nice from the quick glance I gave it. The new tail-gate is pretty neat, I guess this is GM's way to combat the Ford tail-gate. Dealer did tell me that for now only the Sierra will get the 2-piece tail-gate, the Silverado wont have it as of now. The front end under the hood was pretty neat as well, lots of open space. You can actually see all the way inside of the front fenders, there are no covers or shroud on them at all. Even the plastic panel over the top of the radiator has slots in the top of it to allow airflow to come up from the radiator area. My service adviser did say that GM will be offering lifted and leveled trucks from the factory coming soon, said they just went thru a tech info session about it. Surprised it took GM this long to figure out they could offer lifted or leveled trucks. There is so much market share GM is losing in potential sales from lifted/leveled trucks to performance upgrades that are supported from the factory.
  7. Yeah the shudder will feel like you are running over the highway edge rumble strips, road could be smooth as glass and then all of a sudden you will get a rumble feeling. Nice thing is now I will get a new torque converter, new fluid and a free oil change all before 30k miles...lol
  8. I noticed it the other day. Stopped by and spoke to the contact at my dealership today, he went ahead and ordered a new converter for me and will call me once it is in hand. Then they will R&R the transmission and make sure the front pump is OK, if so they will R&R it and then put the new converter in the truck and fluid. Glad I caught it now before the truck hit the end of the 3yr/36k warranty next year. The 5yr/60k powertrain warranty is a crap shoot if it will cover anything.
  9. There is absolutely no way for the dealership to check and or see if the programming is stock or not. AS said, under a warranty claim and it is up to GM as to why or when the GM TAC line will request this, but the TAC line will ask for a snapshot from the laptop while it is plugged into the computer. At that point if things dont line up then GM will have the tech upload the file into the GM system and the TAC line will check the calibration on their side. The dealership and or the tech do not have a way to see the actual calibration file and to see if the known factory calibration or the last known updated calibration match the one currently in the ECM/TCM. When I had my 16 in the dealer a couple of months ago for a bad injector the tech was super nice to me about my truck, he knew it had been tuned as when he did a test drive and got on it after coming around a corner started to accelerate he got into enough my truck downshifted and then barked the tires on the 1-2 shift. He could also tell I had turned off the DOD/AFM system as it would never kick on in his test. He told me then a tune isnt a big issue until something majors happens. Bring the truck in for a bad injector, a failure AFM lifter or something and you are fine. Throw a rod out the side of the block and GM will ask for a snap shot and deny the warranty and blacklist the warranty on the vehicle at that point. In short, unless the previous owner told the dealer the truck was tuned there is nothing that can be done. My guess is the reason the OP ECM failed ot return back to stock is the customer tune was locked by the tuner, when that happens there is nothing that can be done. You can force flash an ECM that has been tuned and the unte is locked, the ECM has to be replaced. The new ECM comes without an OS even loaded onto it, the dealer plugs the new ECM into the truck and connects to the GM Global site and then uploads and flashes the most current firmware GM has on file for that vehicles VIN at that time. The ECM isnt that expensive either, like around $200 or so.
  10. I would have argued hard with the dealer on this, injectors are part of the engine I think should be covered under the 5yr/60K powertrain warranty. The injector issue isnt anything new, been dgoing on since the new DI engines came out. There are 3 different injectors for the DI engines, I just had one replaced on my 2016 Sierra 6.2 that only had 22k miles on it. Took the dealer about a week to figure it out and get the right injector ordered for the truck.
  11. Actually, 91 with E10 and even 93 with E10 will run better in the 6.2l than just straight 91/93. The 6.2 really needs 93 at the minimum, the E10 will really help with detonation control / knock resistance.
  12. After some research and prodding around, the local Discount Tire gave me $125 each credit for the crappy Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires I went with the Continental TerrainContact A/T tires in the stock 275/55-20 size. So far I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the. While they dont look as aggressive as the Nitto tires, they still have a decent aggressive look to them. What stands out though is the wet traction, night and day difference over the Nitto tires. Roads that I always had to baby the Nitto tires on for fear of breaking traction, or sliding around going around corners these tires hold their traction and dont break traction. I even tested them some with some dang near full throttle acceleration on some open wet roads, tires stayed planted until truck got into the meat of the powerband. Dry traction is good as well, they roll smooth and needed minimal weight to balance out. Shop even checked two of the tires on the road force machine and the tech said he was surprised at how smooth the run out was for being a large A/T truck tire. If you need new tires are dont need a super aggressive tire I would highly recommend giving these tires a look and a go. Plus they are cheaper than the Nitto tires by about $30 per tire.
  13. In some cases it isnt purely throttle control, in some cases even a light foot and the tires are spinning. And believe me, I know all about throttle control myself. I have a 2017 Camaro SS 1LE with a Procharger D1SC putting down over 650hp to the wheels. Even with a set of 305/30-20 Michelin Pilot 4S on the rear the car struggles for traction at times.
  14. The valves do not stay closed on the Corvette/Camaro on cold start up. They open briefly then shut after so many seconds. I have my NPP locked open on my 17 Camaro SS, I didnt put $2k in ARH catless headers to not be able to hear it sing.
  15. So the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 are not cutting it. I knew I should have went against my better judgement and not put them back on the truck but the shop swore these would be revised and better on wet conditions. They are not, the moment the road gets wet these tires are all over the road. Couple that with the 6.2 and almost 500hp on tap and on some roads it turns into a ice skating rink when it is wet outside. So I am looking at the Continental Terrain Contact A/T tires in the OEM size 275/55-20 for the next set. I dont haul anything that needs a 8 ply or 10 ply, sucks the BFG K/O2 only come in 10 ply otherwise I would run them. Anyone else have any other All Terrain tire suggestions? Not interested in mud tires or passenger style All Season tires, just looking for a nice All Terrain tire as I do have to make it into work no matter the weather. What I liked about the Nitto and now the Continental tire is they only weigh 44lbs which is close to the OEM tire, so no real loss in performance and it wont turn the ride into a teeth rattling riding the old stage coach wagon into the city trip every time we drive the truck.

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