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  1. Those PE settings are low, that is going to cause you to go into PE any time you hit the throttle hard off of the line in a part throttle situation. It can cause you to run really rich while in Closed Loop and can eventually fail the front O2 sensors. I keep the PE enable close to stock up until 3k RPM's, then I drop the PE enable to 45% throttle and reduce the RPM delay as well. You dont need or want to be entering into PE just because you goosed it hard coming off of the line.
  2. White Media can change the settings in the BCM for this.
  3. My 2016 Sierra SLT is doing the same thing, I was certain it must have been something I did while cleaning the screen. I will try the navigation trick and report back. Makes me wonder if a OTA update came out and caused some issues.
  4. Bad injectors, common issue on the 2014+ trucks. While I agree it should be covered under the 5yr/60k warranty or the 8yr/80k emissions warranty it seems GM only covers them under the 3yr/36k warranty. You can buy and replace all of the injectors with new ones for about half of the dealers quote. It is actually a pretty easy job to do yourself.
  5. Just a FYI the OEM cats are covered under the Federal coverage for 8yrs or 80k or 100k miles.
  6. Very easy to get around this now: -Replace in tank low side fuel pump with the LT4 in-tank pump (or equivalent) -Replace the high pressure pump under the intake manifold with the LT4 HPFP -Replace the low side inlet fuel line to the HPFP with the LT4 non-orificed line -Replace the high pressure fuel lines with the LT4 lines -Replace the fuel injectors with the LT4 injectors -Add in E85 conversion kit of your choice -Update the tune file to the LT4 fuel injector and pump data along with the fuel pump tables -Revise tune for changes and turn on the E85 sensor in tune, clean up the E85 tables. Enjoy being able to run about E50 while also picking up 50rwhp and not really needing meth going forward.
  7. There is no need to run a E85 calculator, as long as you have installed the E85 sensor and turned on the E85 features in the OEM computer it is all handled by the ECM.
  8. Did they swap just the motor or the ECU as well?
  9. Yes, I am using it with the OEM system. Not sure of the part # since it depends on what OEM system you have, my truck is a SLT with the NAV and Bose system.
  10. After wanting one for years and now finding out that Kicker is no longer making them I found a retailer selling one and picked it up for my 16 Sierra SLT. So far I am pretty impressed with the 10' sub. I wasnt looking for a earth shaking sub, just something to fill in the low end some more. So far I am pretty happy with it. Just need to work on some of the rattle points and it will be solid.
  11. Well no go, I spoke with them and he said he doesnt tune the new LT/DI stuff much yet so he isnt really doing remote tuning on them yet. Off to find someone else.
  12. Thank you, thats the kind of input I was looking for. I used a guy on my 17 Camaro SS and he was the same way, he just hasnt messed with any trucks. He could do it, but his bread and butter right now is GM performance cars.
  13. So who is the best remote tuner for the 2014-2018 GM truck platform that uses HP Tuners? None of the local tuners want to tune or mess with a truck. I already have the truck unlocked on my MPVI2, looking for someone who can handle the tuning remotely. So who is the best these days for the newer trucks?
  14. 2010-2015 Camaro has either a M6 or A6 2016-2019 Camaro SS has the M6 or A8 2017-2020 Camaro ZL1 has the M6 or A10 2020 Camaro SS has the M6 or A10
  15. So those of you that say you are compromising filtering by looking towards performance. With the performance filters what is the bad you see from using them?
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