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  1. Bought a rebuilt 2015 Chevy Silverado. Have a few electrical gremlins that are all pointed to a bad BCM: 1. Electric door locks don't work (solenoids are brand new and test fine.) 2. Dome lights don't work 3. Rear right brake lights don't work (new bulbs, new wiring harness.) 4. Center jump-seat cigarette lighter has no power (now power to Accessory fuse in right fuse panel.) So my first question, does anyone know who can repair my BCM? Or do I need to just buy a new one? Separate, but related: I removed the bone-stock I03 radio and installed an Alpine iLX-F411 with a Maestro module. Added a factory tailgate handle backup camera (it even works!) I also swapped the rubber work-truck steering wheel with a leather steering wheel with the added radio control buttons. Is it even possible to reprogram the BCM (my current or a new one) to add the steering wheel buttons? Truck does not have the HMI module.
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