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  1. Hello Everyone, I’ve been getting a P0430 code with a check engine light on my truck. When you clear it it may not come on for another month or so but seems to repeat eventually. Scanner seems to point to an issue on the Bank 2 side of the engine. Seems to point to the cat, or one of the O2 sensors reading incorrectly. Anyone else have this issue and and recommendations on what to try? I have seen some other threads with this code but it seems other codes were present at the same time. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks very much for the response. I didn't realize I was posting in the wrong spot. I am guessing perhaps I should have posted in with the engine and drive line section? I will check out the wheel bearing and see if it is that. Thanks again.
  3. Hello Everyone, new to the forums here. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain that has recently started making a sort of groaning sound, sort of like it you had large mud tires on it or like it is in 4WD High. The noise gradually gets louder as the speed increases but doesn't get much louder after say 30mph. Basically, when the truck is in 2WD, the truck sounds like it is in Auto or 4WD and the computer display when you toggle through on the steering wheel confirms that it is supposed to be in 2WD as the dial shows. I believe there is also more of a vibration or feeling in the steering wheel too like when it is actually in 4WD but just not quite as much. Any one have any ideas or areas I should look into? Thanks in advance.
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