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  1. 2016 Silverado 2500 Hey guys, I took my front wheel liners off to clean up a bit and noticed Some wet leaves and dirt underneath the liner in the front fender “insulation/sound absorber”. Has anyone taken this stuff out? I cleaned it out best I could but it seems like a potential rust issue. Thanks
  2. 2016 2500hd- The hood release in cab is hard to pull. Feels like plastic is going to break. I know this use to happen on the older trucks is it common on this gen.? Maybe latch is too low? Thanks
  3. truck is all stock with cats lol Hooked up the scanner. LTFT bank 1 and 2 both at 4.7 STFT bank 1 is at 0.8 And not moving much stft bank 2 is moving more but around 0.0-2.3
  4. Hello, I’ve had my 2016 2500HD 6.0 since about last June. It’s been great. Has about 45k on it now. I’ve noticed when it’s running a really strong rich fuel mixture smell. Is this normal? It’s not throwing any codes and it’s been like this since I’ve owned it. Thanks - Rich i also (Just this afternoon) greased the upper and lower ball joints and outter tie rod. Can’t see where to grease inner tie rod. Did not climb underneath yet to do others.
  5. Hey guys. I have a stock 2016 2500 with 20” wheels. I have a set of work truck style 17”wheels with center caps i want to use for the winter. What size 17” tire would be the most comparable to keep me at the same overall size. Most 17’s I see on these trucks are 265 70 17. Would a 265 75 17 be about the same size as a 265 60 20? I guess a better question would be what’s the biggest 17 I can fit on stock truck
  6. Yes I’m going to stick with the pf48. I called some local Chevrolet dealers and the service dept told me they list the pf63 for that truck but I spoke with ACDelco on the phone and they told me it’s not the same filter and now after reading the specs on the bypass it’s pretty cut and dry. Guess there’s a reason they are still listing the pf48 for this engine. Thanks
  7. I hear ya but at the same time making more power doesnt make it a better engine. the 6.0 is somewhat dated and a little underpowered but its a good reliable engine and personally, I could not stand the AFM on the 5.3 and I did not like the rough idle. I know the AFM problems are somewhat over exaggerated online but mine felt glitchy and it felt like the trans was slipping. Also despite the power I think the 6.0 is still better for hauling and I see the 6.2 as more of a street performance motor
  8. traded my white 2017 z71 1500 5.3 double cab for a black 2016 2500HD 6.0L Crew cab. I was originally going to get a 2500 but saw the 1500 and settled for it back in September/October. It was a really nice truck but not what I really wanted. just kind of started looking around at the local dealers websites last weekend to see what they had for a nice used HD and ran across this one and now its in my driveway lol. Im really loving it so far.
  9. I don’t get why GM supposedly stated that the pf63 would replace pf48 in any application
  10. Trying to figure out why in my owners manual they list the pf63 for the 5.3 and 6.2. But still calls for pf48 on 6.0... seems odd if only difference is length
  11. Hi everyone just traded my 17 z71 1500 for a 16 2500HD 6.0. I have a case of pf63 filters but the truck calls for a pf48. I know it’s the same filter just shorter. Does anyone know if the pf63 is too long? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone, Just bought my first Chevrolet truck. Had it about three weeks so far. It’s a 2017 half ton 4x4 LT z71 double cab. Summit white. Loving it so far! Only thing I don’t like about it is the black shark fin antenna on the roof. Thinking about painting it body color. Here is a picture outside of work this morning ~ Rich
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