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  1. I bought the Supernova PerfectFIT LED H11 bulbs from Headlight Revolution (P/N: PF1.H11). I think I paid $130 for them but they are almost identical to the stock beam pattern. A little expensive, but you get what you pay for. They throw plenty of light where it needs to be and not in oncoming traffic's eyes. I pulled one of the stock bulbs out to see how easy it was to get in there before I received the new LED's and it was more difficult putting the stock halogen bulb back in than it was to install the new Supernovas. Was still able to keep the dust covers on too. Took me about 10 mins to get them in once I got the stock halogens out.
  2. You were able to fit them without any rubbing or trimming after the 1/4” spacers were on? After installing them, do you think a less knobby sidewall tire could fit without wheel spacers on the factory rim? And also, are the tires flush with the fenders or do they poke out a little? Pic?
  3. Sorry, I need things broken down Barney style...just to clarify, that part number refers to the top part (or armrest) of the jump seat, as in the part that flips up to become the seatback? So there won’t be any outlets or plugs and you’d simply have to just unbolt it at the hinge and swap out the seat belt assembly?
  4. Bump. Anybody do what the OP asked? I have a Custom Trail Boss in Summit White. Having trouble picturing what just the bumper would look like color-matched.
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