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  1. No, I understand perfectly. First, the dealership gets kickback money for all loans that they sell, but they must stay open at least 90 or for 3 full payments, whichever occurs first. If the loan is paid off as in a refi, they lose that money, commonly a fixed amount of $500, but these deals vary by the state due to financing laws and if not also between the manufacturer and dealership based upon the volume of sales or something similar. The dealership made a deal with me to pay my interest for 3 months if I took $1500 financing rebate/bonus/incentive which also came off the price of my vehicle, lowering my taxes, by adding that amount to my trade, lowering my purchase price which the taxes are based upon except in Montana, Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Oregon, where there is no sales tax. So all total I got another $500 off on top of the $1500 financing rebate. GM Financial loans are not technically tied to any rebates, bonus, incentive cash, or other such deals, and they normally do not have pre-payment penalties. They technically cannot do anything unless you signed an agreement outside of the GM Financial loan documents. My agreement is not in the loan documents, my dealer paid my finance charges which lowered my taxes so I would qualify for the $1500 financing incentive and they would get their $500 kickback for selling the loan. It was a win-win deal for both of us. I don't know how much the finance manager gets personally, but the dealership gets a total of $500 to distribute as they please I suppose. Probably nothing to the salesman since he is not in the room when the financing deal is done and gets his commission on the sale of the vehicle anyway. I also have FREE lifetime oil, filter, lube, and tire rotation/balancing deal that I have to go back to that same dealer to receive, so I don't want to screw them (or anyone else) out of $500 or any other amount of money and expect them to be happy about it. I don't operate that way anyway, they were very good to me, always have been, and they have a great reputation in the community. Model year and summer clearance deals are everywhere now and they will change rapidly from state to state and from dealer to dealer. I will not be following or replying to any further posts in this forum, as "How much did you pay" is no longer relevant to me in any way whatsoever as this topic has now officially been beaten to death. Good luck everyone and may you get the best deal possible for you. Peace.
  2. That all depends upon your finance interest rates which are based upon your credit scores, etc. You have to do the math to see if it works for you or not. I intended to buy cash deal, but GM offered $1500 finance incentive to take out a loan with GM Financial. The interest rate was high even though I have excellent credit, so I paid $50,000.00 on first payment which was maximum online payment amount, then paid all but a few hundred dollars 30 days later, and paid off entire balance on day 91 so I would not lose the GM $1500 finance incentive which cost me a hundred bucks or so in interest, but the dealership finance manager added $300 to my trade to cover that and I paid less taxes that way as well. YMMV
  3. GM Financial loans are simple interest loans with no prepayment or refinance penalty of any kind, in any state, but if you get a GM Finance rebate or finance bonus cash or finance incentive cash, you must keep the loan for at least 90 days or you forfeit that GM Finance “bonus” money.
  4. Lucky you being a resident of Montana, but like most places, they usually get you somewhere it seems, other than maybe Montana. You can take the GM Finance deal and transfer the loan after 91 days with no penalty other than 3 months interest and keep the $1,000 finance bonus which would lower the taxes for the rest of us. Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Oregon also have no sales taxes. There is a reason that Montana LLC's are so popular, but it can cost you if you are not a resident and get caught by your home state when they add on fines, penalties, and interest for not paying the vehicle tax in your home state.
  5. Wow, opposite experience for me, Wyler would not come down from msrp other than same rebates everyone got, told me “these new 2019 GMC trucks were so hot we can sell them for any price we want, as matter of fact they sell themselves.” I told them that at least 2 other dealers were coming down around 10% off msrp and they laughed at me and said I “better jump on that deal but it was not going to happen ar Wyler.” Okay. Chesrown not only beat the other out of town deal I had working but threw in a couple of extras and gave $3,000 over the best price quote I had received for my trade which I did not mention until after I had best price on my new truck. I was prepared to pay cash and just sell my truck myself and had a written quote from Carmax for close to what I wanted already, but Chesrown wanted to keep my business, and that they did. They are all friendly as heck with me when I come in for my free oil changes, parts or accessories. Wyler is from Cincinnati and maybe they treat customers better there, but not around Columbus where they have a bad reputation with everyone I know, the exact opposite of the reputation that Chesrown has around the north side. Dan Tobin Chevy GMC Buick was as bad as Wyler, or worse, no price break on 2019 GMC Sierra Denali and low ball price for trade, didn’t return phone calls, never again for them. I should have just stayed with Chesrown in the first place and saved time and money while staying as happy as I have ever been with a car dealer, plus they are within ten minutes from me, what was I thinking?
  6. Hello from the other side of Columbus! I’m glad Chesrown Chevy GMC Buick in Delaware does not treat me that way, especially since I have lifetime oil, filter, lube, tire rotation and balance from them that is not transferable. Wyler does not have the best reputation anyway, but I would talk to someone at GM about the experience to see what they say. Then find a way to get them to say in an email that your added accessories do not invalidate your warranty in any way whatsoever so you have documentation to back up their words and your warranty. You paid a lot of money to have a dealership employee declare your warranty invalid due the installation of some minor accessories, and then be threatened that way. I’m sure GM does not want that word spreading whether Wyler cares about their reputation or not. Maybe you start your conversation with the general manager or owner before you go to GM, but somehow you have to protect your investment and without threats from employees. Just my 2 cents worth and good luck! Keep us posted.
  7. In my experience they won't do much if anything on a demo. A dealer once gave me a better deal on brand new with 50 miles (most were by me) than they wanted for exact same demo with almost 4,000 miles. They have usually been driven hard and put away wet because people are doing test drives and employees drive the heck out of them, then they are sold "as new" later, and usually no extension to the manufacturers' warranty. You can always get an extended warranty for a price, but I would stay away from "demos' and just buy a good, low mileage used vehicle for cheaper if going that route. Hard to beat deals at Everett Buick GMC in Bryant, Ark where I once knew one of the managers before he passed away. Laura Buick GMC in Collinsville, IL (near St Louis, MO) is a pretty good volume dealer located in that part of the world with good prices as well.
  8. Blanco

    I think the new Chevy Silverado look grows and grows on me more every time I look at one. Thanks for sharing Blanco.
  9. Heard a few folks getting great deals this Memorial Day Weekend, great news guys. I had to buy a new car unexpectedly Saturday due to a fender bender that totaled the wife's car last week, long story. Anyway, we got over 20% off on a brand new 2019 Nissan Rogue SL with tons of features, free 3-year maintenance plan (oil, lube, filter plus tire rotation and balance), and they had free food BBQ going on! I sprung for the 10-year/150k extended warranty plan for $1499.00 added to the 36-month 0.0% loan with disappearing deductible. I must have been high on the BBQ sauce. Anyway, it is what she wants, her 3rd Nissan in a row and she is happy, and a happy wife makes a happy life! Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend out there guys and please do not text and drive. Peace.
  10. I don’t see anything to make me wish I had waited a year for a 2020 GMC Truck which is what I thought I was going to read about in this thread. Certainly nothing to make me want to trade my 2019 GMC truck in either, not even the highly limited production (less than 20,000 to be made in the first run) carbon fiber bed option and then only on certain AT4 and Denali models to start. I guess what I don’t get is the RAM truck fanboism wanting for a screen larger than my iPad I am typing on now imbedded permanently into their dash. I also use a smaller screen on my iPhone as I already have a tablet. The first of this month rented a 2019 RAM truck for a week long business trip, after I got used to twisting a knob on the dash just to the right of the steering wheel to shift from P to R to D, etc, I starting trying to enjoy the ginormous screen, of course it was just one swipe less to see all of my icons and a bigger map to navigate (what the hell did we do without these) and realized I hated how big and bright the thing was that lit up my entire crew cab cabin and was. “Huuuge” distraction to watching the road as I had to drive for 3 hours the first night I had the truck. I found it much less distracting the next day and eventually got used to twisting a knob to shift gears, but I prefer a shifter still, however I am sure I could get used to a classy push button electronic transmission, I hated the twist knob each day, but give me a shifter or nice push buttons any day and I will be happier. I found nothing “more luxurious” than my Sierra Denali interior and actually prefer its looks and layout as I did when I test drove both a few months earlier. Sorry, anyone who says the Chevy looks same as GMC has not looked at both, that is just no longer true. I had a F-150 as a company vehicle with similar features to each such as leather seats, V8, and similar safety features. I chose the Sierra over every other truck out there with lots of experience in all but the RAM which got horrible gas mileage by the way during my week long experiment to see if I had missed something, I had not and do not prefer anything about it. Back to GMC trucks please, I bet I have sold a dozen of them for GMC by showing off my tailgate. Not one person I showed it too had ever seen one in person and all were impressed with its ProGrade quality (LOL) and said they wanted one and that was way more interesting than the plethora of safety features my truck came with although all loved the heads up display as I do. I am a new GMC fanboy all over again. Please stop texting and driving folks! Be safe! Happy Memorial Day! Peace.
  11. Rroark

    Wow, that LTZ Redline is a beauty, obviously well taken care of as it should be. That's the kinda truck people like to admire and ask questions that make you know you have something special. Thanks for posting and thanks for joining us. Please feel free to post more nice pictures, ask questions, or show off your bling (accessories). Welcome!
  12. Jack

    Nice looking 2-door work truck. Thanks for posting and taking me down memory lane. I had one similar to it and have pictures somewhere to post when I get a chance. Welcome to White Truck Owners Club! Stick around and feel free to post any pictures.
  13. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    I removed the picture showing your complete VIN, but it appears to be for a 2017 Chevy Silverado. You might ask the Moderators to remove the others if you have concerns. My 2019 GMC Sierra Denali does not have the 2nd label on the left as in the picture, only the one on the right. I looked for other places on my truck and could not find one, so I looked in here. Cannot tell if yours has remote start or not, try submitting your VIN number like I did to get the rundown on included features. I opened a live chat session at gmc.com and input my name, VIN and email address. The Build Sheet was posted into my chat within 1 minute. I also requested an email copy of the chat be sent to me by selecting the "+" symbol just to the left of the conversation box and was asked for my email address to send a copy of the chat which I received as soon as the chat ended. So that method still works, they only asked if I was the owner, and for my full name and email address, then the information came within seconds after responding. I was also told "If you wish to get a hard copy of this information. You visit https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/. Be informed that this may incur an out of pocket expense for the conservation cost and shipping fee." It came in the following format (cut way down) just so you see an example of what is on the Build Sheet: Vehicle Information: VIN: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Model: TK10543-2019 SIERRA 1500 CREW CAB 4WD Order Number: XXXXXX Gross Vehicle Weight: 3223 Build Date: 02/20/2019 Option Codes: 0ST VAA/COMPONENT REL FRONT SEAT ROW 1SZ OPTION PACKAGE DISCOUNT A2X SEAT ADJUSTER, DRIVER 10-WAY POWER INCLUDING LUMBAR ATH KEYLESS OPEN AND START BGP SAFETY PACKAGE II BTV REMOTE START CF5 POWER SUNROOF CWM TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE * HD SURROUND VISION * REAR CAMERA MIRROR * MULTI-COLOR HEAD-UP DISPLAY DEZ MIRRORS, OUTSIDE HEATED POWER-ADJUSTABLE, POWER-FOLDING AND DRIVER-SIDE AUTO-DIMMING DRZ REAR CAMERA MIRROR, INSIDE REARVIEW AUTO-DIMMING ENL ENG CONTROL DISABLE START/STOP F48 CHASSIS DRIVE LINE-FOUR WHEEL DRIVE(4WD) G1W WHITE FROST TRICOAT JHD HILL DESCENT CONTROL JL1 TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLER, INTEGRATED K4C WIRELESS CHARGING MCR USB PORTS, 2, SD CARD READER WITH AUX JACK NQH *2-SPEED AUTOTRAC TRANSFER CASE WITH OFF-ROAD MODE PDJ DRIVER ALERT PACKAGE II * FORWARD COLLISION ALERT * LANE KEEP ASSIST WITH LANE DEPARTURE WARNING * LOW SPEED FORWARD AUTOMATIC BRAKING * FRONT PEDESTRIAN BRAKING * QK2 MULTIPRO TAILGATE SAF TIRE CARRIER LOCK T3U FOG LAMPS, FRONT, LED UD5 FRONT AND REAR PARK ASSIST, ULTRASONIC UKJ FRONT PEDESTRIAN BRAKING VLQ CHROME FRONT RECOVERY HOOKS VTI SHUTTERS-FRONT GRILLE, ACTIVE, VV4 4G LTE WI-FI (R) HOTSPOT (SUBJECT TO TERMS SEE ONSTAR.COM) Z45 CHASSIS PACKAGE-CONTINUOUS DAMPING CONTROL
  14. Agreed, best I have heard was $14k off msrp for a loaded SLT, but $75 doc fee is unbeatable. Grab that baby if it is exactly what you are looking for otherwise make them find one, no regrets. Sign up for mygmrewards.com and get a boatload of points that are worth double during the month of May only, good for parts, service, and accessories for any vehicle. There should be 0% for 72 months financing through GM Financial still going at least through the end of May. Good luck!
  15. I do that all the time, prices scare the beejesus outta me, then I realize Canadian dollars, not US.

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