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  1. These things are like $1,000 but might consider one if it had dash cam that can record. I'd be interested if you can have dash cam recording, or add radar and use existing camera for recording dash cam, and keep cost at $1,000 or even lower, lol.
  2. Can you drive from passenger seat, or take over from passenger seat if necessary?
  3. A locked door can be opened in under 10 seconds and any tonneau cover opened in under 5 seconds. Locks only keep honest people out. I like the suggestion above to keep an alligator under the cover, and maybe add a pitbull in the cab. Or you could add an alarm to the cover.
  4. The Ford forums are full of complaints about break issues, tranny problems (recommending to buy the older 6-speed trucks), and much more, including how bad Ford is to deal with and not admit problems, sounds familiar. Remember the Explorer rollover issues from 20 years ago, well I had one and what a dog that thing was before I finally traded it in for a Tahoe and got next to nothing for the Explorer because they had such a bad reputation, and I couldn't sell it to anyone. My point is that these type complaints, problems and issues are not unique to GM, Ford or most any other manufacturers. You mostly hear the complaints in the forums and not the praise, but my 2019 GMC Sierra Denali with 8-speed transmission has been the best truck I ever owned and much better than my mushy breaking 2014 Ford F-150 V8 with 6-speed transmission, so far, but only time will tell. I get great service at my GMC dealer including FREE oil, filter, lube and tire rotations for LIFE which they include with every vehicle sold, so much better than my Ford dealer. I don't know why I ever went back to Ford after my Explorer experience for which the "fix" from Ford was to give up to $400 credit towards new tires to replace the Firestones that came on it new. I fell for the "F-150 is the best selling truck for 4 decades" spill maybe. Second best vehicle I ever owned was my 2005 Tahoe SUV that I drove for 10 years and 200,000 miles with no major repairs before I sold it for well over Blue Book price. You do not want to hear about all of my other bad experiences with 2 different Ford vehicles.
  5. You can buy bed or tailgate seal from a few different manufacturers in bulk rolls from 10' to 100' for about $2 to $3 per foot if you really want to completely seal it from water or dust. My GMC dealer offered a tailgate seal which they sell for the gap between the bottom of the bed and bottom of the tailgate when I bought my GMC tonneau cover for my 2019 Sierra Denali with Multi-Pro tailgate, but I refused as I wanted any water that may be present in the bed to drain out there as designed. None of my other trucks (Ford, GMC or Chevy) ever had a tailgate seal and they all got some very minor amount of water in them when I went through a car wash but not otherwise, and it was easily wiped dry with a towel. However my 2005 Tahoe SUV did have a seal around the rear tailgate door and did not let water, dust or even air in it. This is not a design flaw and GM will not be changing it but instead will leave it up the end user to add whatever bed or tailgate seal they prefer, or not, as they and all other truck manufacturers always have for nearly 100 years.
  6. I’m not saying it is more or less reliable, I suppose time will tell, but I was trying to say was that I had read that was one of the reasons the author of the article had used as a reason for why GM was offering the 10-speed on the 5.3L’s In 2020 or perhaps that was just their theory, they certainly did not quote anyone at GM as saying that and they likely would never say such a thing.
  7. That is a sharp looking HD with a purpose I see in the background, nice! Welcome to the club!
  8. Welcome! Nice Z, love the black accents on the white!
  9. Welcome! Those look good. Wonder how they would look in black?
  10. 2019 Sierra Denali 5.3L V8 with 8-speed automatic and I average 19+ in stop and go around town, better on highway when driving steady and sensible, but what fun is that? I would have bought the more available and more expensive 6.2L with 10-speed tranny but I never tow anything and I did not want the 20" wheels and tires. GM really needs to open up the build ordering options more, engines, trannies, colors, chrome, carbon, etc. I hear the 2020 Sierra 1500s will have the 10-speed option for the 5.3L engines that gets a mile or so more per gallon, but is a more reliable transmission. It may be just an excuse to phase out the 8-speed and make them all 10-speed so they are all the same (less options again), who knows? The new Corvettes ordering system may be a step in the right direction.
  11. My 2019 Sierra Denali auto stop/auto start works as advertised. Only stops/starts if completely stopped with foot firmly on brake, transmission in Drive, only disabled if AC is on FULL (otherwise it works as normal) and certain atmospheric conditions exist, mild conditions with A/C on or off will not matter. I plugged a trailer light adapter in and it does not shut off the auto s/s per design (you have to have a trailer light attached or make a modification to the plug, adapter or wiring which I am not going to do). I had read elsewhere that "Sport" mode disables it but that does not shut it down either. I have tried everything I could think of or that had been suggested and the only thing that works with the least effort, no mods, no chance of voiding warranty is using the simple button on the dash to disable it (the "A" with a circle around it), but you must do it each time you restart the car, (Oh poor me!) it is second nature to me now, and to think I drove a shift for years. GM was one of the last makers to use this "technology" and some such as Toyota have used some form of it going back to the 1970s. Manufacturers get CAFE standards credit up to 3 years before and up to 5 years after utilizing such "fuel efficient" devices so you will see some of them come and go from year to year and vary by manufacturer. I would prefer the default to be for the owner/driver to decide whether to utilize the technology or not, (in other words off unless I turn it on) but that probably counts against their CAFE credits. It does not matter that it only saves around $50 per year in optimum conditions use (read that somewhere else), or that there is more wear and tear on starters, batteries, and more, just as long as it saves a tank of gas per year it is a winner for CAFE and the politicians and manufacturers can exclaim victory for all, look what we did for you! No thanks, I can do better by altering my personal driving habits.
  12. No, I understand perfectly. First, the dealership gets kickback money for all loans that they sell, but they must stay open at least 90 or for 3 full payments, whichever occurs first. If the loan is paid off as in a refi, they lose that money, commonly a fixed amount of $500, but these deals vary by the state due to financing laws and if not also between the manufacturer and dealership based upon the volume of sales or something similar. The dealership made a deal with me to pay my interest for 3 months if I took $1500 financing rebate/bonus/incentive which also came off the price of my vehicle, lowering my taxes, by adding that amount to my trade, lowering my purchase price which the taxes are based upon except in Montana, Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Oregon, where there is no sales tax. So all total I got another $500 off on top of the $1500 financing rebate. GM Financial loans are not technically tied to any rebates, bonus, incentive cash, or other such deals, and they normally do not have pre-payment penalties. They technically cannot do anything unless you signed an agreement outside of the GM Financial loan documents. My agreement is not in the loan documents, my dealer paid my finance charges which lowered my taxes so I would qualify for the $1500 financing incentive and they would get their $500 kickback for selling the loan. It was a win-win deal for both of us. I don't know how much the finance manager gets personally, but the dealership gets a total of $500 to distribute as they please I suppose. Probably nothing to the salesman since he is not in the room when the financing deal is done and gets his commission on the sale of the vehicle anyway. I also have FREE lifetime oil, filter, lube, and tire rotation/balancing deal that I have to go back to that same dealer to receive, so I don't want to screw them (or anyone else) out of $500 or any other amount of money and expect them to be happy about it. I don't operate that way anyway, they were very good to me, always have been, and they have a great reputation in the community. Model year and summer clearance deals are everywhere now and they will change rapidly from state to state and from dealer to dealer. I will not be following or replying to any further posts in this forum, as "How much did you pay" is no longer relevant to me in any way whatsoever as this topic has now officially been beaten to death. Good luck everyone and may you get the best deal possible for you. Peace.
  13. That all depends upon your finance interest rates which are based upon your credit scores, etc. You have to do the math to see if it works for you or not. I intended to buy cash deal, but GM offered $1500 finance incentive to take out a loan with GM Financial. The interest rate was high even though I have excellent credit, so I paid $50,000.00 on first payment which was maximum online payment amount, then paid all but a few hundred dollars 30 days later, and paid off entire balance on day 91 so I would not lose the GM $1500 finance incentive which cost me a hundred bucks or so in interest, but the dealership finance manager added $300 to my trade to cover that and I paid less taxes that way as well. YMMV
  14. GM Financial loans are simple interest loans with no prepayment or refinance penalty of any kind, in any state, but if you get a GM Finance rebate or finance bonus cash or finance incentive cash, you must keep the loan for at least 90 days or you forfeit that GM Finance “bonus” money.
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