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  1. Just curious if you are still liking the 285/65/20 tires? Any rubbing issues develop? Thanks
  2. Do you know the offset of those rims? Are those stock rims? I am thinking about doing 2” level with those exact tires but worried they will rub with the stock rims.
  3. Do you mind sharing how much rake you have. What does your front and back measure. I have same truck, same wheels and looking to do 2” level with 275/60s on those stock rims, but after seeing yours...I think it looks good with those tires. I am on the fence bc of possibly making the truck squat or nose high when towing. I appreciate any feedback and thanks for your time. Your truck is lookin good!
  4. "New to me" 2017 SLT Premium Plus Package. Plan to replace chrome mirror caps and handles with color matched ones. Also plan to do a 2" level and put some 275/60s on the stock rims...for now.
  5. bfontenot9


    2017 GMC Sierra SLT
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