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  1. Yep. Got the 10 speed now. I agree...I think having all three addressed increases the likelihood of fixing the issue, but unfortunately they don’t want to address replacing the window until they try to reseal first. I’m pretty sure they replaced the bolts, crossing my fingers they at least sealed the new bolt connections. I got lucky and got a good technician. Did very good work. No damage to my truck. he had done a handful of trucks before mine, and they told me none have come back for secondary leaks.
  2. Yeah...no window replacement yet. Just had the spoiler taken off and resealed...fingers crossed. I asked GM what it would take to constitute a recall and basically it had to be of major safety concern and enough people have to create claims/cases. If more people approach it from the mold toxicity and safety standpoint, I think there is a better chance of a recall...but then again it’s taking a class action lawsuit for the whole transmission fiasco in the 16-18 year models. I traded my 17 with transmission issues for this 19 with the leak. ??
  3. 2nd owner here....2019 Denali...out of warranty by miles only, but I contacted GM and told GM it was a manufacturing defect(having found this thread) and that it was a safety concern because I was worried about mold, and other consumers could be potentially exposed without knowing, and they worked with my dealer to cover the repair. Had the service bulletin done, and it’s been 6 days so far. We had a really torrential rain 2days ago and no leaks....yet.
  4. Has anyone filed a formal complaint with the NHTSA? I have pasted the link to the form below and also NHTSA's website where the form can be found. Their website lays out how complaints are handled and used to determine if a recall is necessary. I feel like if we get enough people to file a complaint, they will investigate the problem. It is a possible step to having a recall issued. The fact that so many people found this thread and then went check their trucks, tells me that there are probably a large amount of people that don't even know they have a leak until it gets bad enough to start smelling of mold and mildew. Mold inhalation/toxicity is a serious health issue, but in most cases is overlooked and misdiagnosed. If enough cases are approached from this safety standpoint it should create enough attention to have a recall issued. Thinking ahead not only for ongoing issues for the new trucks, but as these 2019s are traded in and bought by more unsuspecting consumers who may be out of bumper to bumper warranties and who will be affected by this ongoing issue. Lets spread the word and get as many complaints filed as possible. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls Sorry if this has been brought up already. New to the leak club.
  5. Just curious if you are still liking the 285/65/20 tires? Any rubbing issues develop? Thanks
  6. Do you know the offset of those rims? Are those stock rims? I am thinking about doing 2” level with those exact tires but worried they will rub with the stock rims.
  7. Do you mind sharing how much rake you have. What does your front and back measure. I have same truck, same wheels and looking to do 2” level with 275/60s on those stock rims, but after seeing yours...I think it looks good with those tires. I am on the fence bc of possibly making the truck squat or nose high when towing. I appreciate any feedback and thanks for your time. Your truck is lookin good!
  8. "New to me" 2017 SLT Premium Plus Package. Plan to replace chrome mirror caps and handles with color matched ones. Also plan to do a 2" level and put some 275/60s on the stock rims...for now.
  9. bfontenot9


    2017 GMC Sierra SLT
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