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  1. JHP . Rake is usually refering to the difference in height between the front and back of the truck. So if the truck has 1" of rake, that will imply the back is 1" higher than the front. Negitive rake would be if the front was actually higher than the back. ( not good). " poke" is the amount the tires stick out passed the fenders, generally done with offset wheels. Hope that helps. Most trucks will have a couple inches of rake, so when you load it the truck becomes level. If you dont have enough rake, the truck will handle poorly with a load. Good Luck E
  2. This will give you about 3/4" rake. Feels fine. If you are just occasional 4x4 driver your all set. Makes a 1500 the same height as a factory 2500HD. If your serious 4 wheeler; You would want to add a custom upper control arm with the correct Ball joint angle to match a 3" lift. And if your getting radical some longer shocks on rear. Good Luck. E
  3. Here is our Sierra 1500 with 33" tires and 3" lift. Rides and handles fine with NO rubs.
  4. Here is 3" kit on my 1500 Sierra. It now measures right at 40" in front and 42.5" at rear with the 33" tires,285/70/17" to the Bottom of the wheel wells. Sits about the same as factory 2500HDs. Not even close to rubing anywhere. Rides and handles nicely. Get alot of " oh you bought a 3/4 ton?" Comments all the time. I am pretty sure 35" would have worked just fine. But I didnt want to loose that much mileage.
  5. I have a factory OEM grill From A NEW 2019 Sierra 1500 truck . Black out center bars. Mint as NEW condition. Will sell it for $200 and I have the factory box it came in to ship it. Shipping would be what ever UPS or FedX charges. [email protected] or Text at 207 746 8008 Thanks fot looking!
  6. Here it is with the 3" lift in front only. Fitted with new rims and bigger AT 33" tires! This makes it Almost 40" from the top of wheel wells down to the ground.
  7. Some pics of our truck
  8. Thanks for the compliment! I am just about to add a 3" lift and 33" tires to it so will post more when we get it finished! Also got a new "bull.bar " for the front bumper to mount up a super bright light bar.
  9. Is there anything that one can do to these little engines to get even more HP than the stock GM set up. ???Seams pretty close already to the old 4.8 in my 2008 Silverado. ????
  10. Thinking of having a lift kit installed. Want to run some 255/75/17 this fall and winter. A friend has some on his Silverado they work well in the snow. I dont need to run 35" tires but would like 32/33" height. Combined with 3/4" lift should get me close to standard 2500 height??? Which kit should I get. ????? Also really NOT interested in HP shocks, Dont need them for what we do with a 1500 series truck. Best bank for the buck???? E
  11. Couldnt agree more, looks ridiculous without them in there! Got new Denail style running boards inbound on UPS today. Will post pic tomorrow when I get em on. Thinking about a 3/4" lift, before Hunting season??? E
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