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  1. Thanks for responding and your comments are what I've been considering. Biggest obstacle is the 2 3/4" OEM pipe. It has been difficult to find a stainless steel dual system with side exit in this size. If I could find one, I would have the local shop make the dual split piece and then scavenge the new system. I'm not reluctant to spend $500 or so to get what I want. Unfortunately, I am not finding much out there. I've not sized the 6.2 pipe, but have to think it is at least 2 3/4", but probably larger. Am going to talk to the dealer to see if they ever get any Trail Boss type take-offs. Great suggestion. Again, appreciate your comments. JW
  2. Thanks for the response. When I was considering their lift kit, I spoke to them on the phone. I was pretty inquisitive, and they never mentioned a thing about tire size. I *may* have mentioned that my rig came with the 20's.
  3. You are probably correct on the stacking issue. I may just buy a second set of complete front units to get the additional lift. I like really like the rear height and could mill down those blocks, but prefer the higher front. Still in the spring thinking mode. It does have the 20" tires, so am not going for anything bigger, AND recalibrating the speedo seems to be a problem to date. I did get a FlashCal, and later learned that the Flash folks do not support the new body style. Told me to wait and they'd upgrade it. Again, thanks for the comments.
  4. GREAT video. Never seen the production line before and all those robots. WOW! Personal History on my experience with a factory special build: Was supposed to fly into Ft Wayne in 1995 for my Suburban build, but the plane was in for repairs. I have bought 13 new Chevrolets from my buddy here who owes/owned the Chevy/Caddy dealership, so he and I were flying in a private place to Ft. Wayne. We were college buddies. Since we missed it, I unexpectedly got an EVENING home phone call from a guy, "Mr. Smith", who asked if I was coming up on Monday. Told me they painted it Friday and were "interioring" it Monday. I have to say, in those days never get one made on those days of the week. That held true too, it had 7 axles put in it, a Canadian Speedometer and couple other things too. GM finally gave me a special phone number to call. Later was told in could have been covered under the :Lemon Law". I was shooting at the Nebraska State Shoot when I drove over something in the parking lot. A hot day, so I was driving down to the line to park and shoot. Called AAA to change out tire while I competed. When I returned, the tire guy showed me the blown tire was totally covered on the inside with rear-end grease. Phoned the GM number that Sunday. They did not want me to return to the Black Hills, and got me a hotel room in Grand Island NE. Told them I *was* driving back as I'd been gone a week. She (GM) said that the Suburban could catch fire. I told here as long as I got all my shooting stuff out of it, I'd appreciate watching the fire. Traded it right off for a 1996 Suburban and never had one warranty ticket on that one, and never looked back. I AM VERY GM LOYAL since my 1960's days for drag racing!! Thanks for showing the video link.
  5. I did the R/C 3" ... the a-arm version, but I really don't think I got the full lift and still not level. Wished I'd done a 4" or so. I'll probably now have to go back and install and 1" ring spacers. It's high enough that the wife complained about getting into it, so I install a long Club Cab step bar (photo was taken prior to install).
  6. I'd be equally interested. I'd also like to trash the Infotainment system so as to include a TRUE navigation system like my 2013 had. Unfortunately, the Info system is only about 1"-2" deep in the dash so there is no room to cut out that area and install a bona fide nav system. Expensive, but works. I use up a helluva data with iPhone traveling the byways here in the Midwest and West Coast using the nav/map system on the phone. I just got an iPad Air thinking it would work, but still need the cell phone to make that happen. Anyone out there in Chevy Truck land tried cutting out the dash?
  7. I did the exact lift on my 2019 Silverado 44 when it was brand new. Just a moment ago I posted a new similar topic stating that the 3" Rough Country lift kit (with the a-arms) did NOT level the truck. It simply lifted what was there around 3". I suggest that if you want to both lift and level, call Rough COuntry and inquire about leveling needs. Am thinking you'll need to add a 1" spacer to the front coils to get the leveling. I am unsure if those are available, or if it is feasible to do so with the R/C kit. I "think" I have an image of the Silverado lifted somewhere on this site. The photo was downloaded from my business system, and is not on this laptop, or i"d add it here. [edited: fund photo]. And, yes it required a realignment, but that was cheap. I've only got 3,000 miles on the rig, but it handles rather well both in town and on the highways. Here in SD we drive 80+ on I-90 and it works fine.
  8. I installed a 3" Rough Country life kit with the a-arms on my 2019 Silverado 4x4 a couple days after I bought it new. It's OK, but, and I should have known this, the truck still has the "snow plow" front rake. Was curious if I can simply add the 1" "ring" to the top of the coils to gain a more lever look. Am thinking the a-arms will permit the additional lift. Has anyone tried this? Thanks.
  9. I opted for the LT over the Trail Boss, and did not get the dual exhaust. Am trying to find an exhaust manufacturer; stainless steel 3" who makes a split pipe setup out of the muffler. I love the sound presently, and simply want something that works and looks like a dual mode. Yes, I realize it would not be a "true" dual system, but I don't need that. I recently ordered a split 3" adapter, some 45's, and 90's and was going to make my own. And, from the looks of things, I may just have to. I have a pretty good shop here on my property, but would really prefer a complete mandrel setup. I also like the OEM side exit on the rig right now. Any ideas or positive suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Had my 2019 Silverado Dual Cab fail in the brakes department. Actually dash lit up like a Xmas tree with errors. Took damned near two feet to get it stopped. Drove to dealer down the Interstate (50 miles) a day later. They was a recall on the brakes I was told along with a recall (I had a copy of that) for the additional of some insulation under the seats. I asked them to inspect the box I brought along to convert my 3.23's to 4.10's. Was told the rear wouldn't work, nothing about the fronts. Then called the place I got the ring, pinions, bearings, etc. from and was told the rear WOULD work, but not the fronts. Conflicting information. Was also told the front ring could be a welded on ring. Hated to hear that. My RPO code for the setup is: SU5, G80 (locking RR), and GUS (3.23's). Have made a helluva lots of Internet inquiries, phones calls and now I'm thinking NO ONE knows anything for CERTAIN of how/what to do the get this thing geared down. Was also told I needed to purchase a GM 84557636 front diff assy for around $1,000. Then, I was seeing that even that won't work on the 2019 LT Silverado New Body Style. I only have 3,000 miles on it and it's kind of a toy for me, so gearing it down was kind of a fun thing to do. I used to do all this on my NHRA drag racer years ago, but boy things are not so easy now. I guess I'll have to wait a year before any concrete information is "concrete". If anyone has more verifiable info, I'm all ears.
  11. My 2019 SIlverado 4x4 has 3,100 miles. It was parked in the driveway last week and when I attempted to enter it into the garage, and in Drive, it sat there for a second or two, and then lurched into the garage. I instanteously hit the brakes and got it stopped. When I pressed the gas, the truck just stood still, then took off into the garage. Now, today, as I backed out of the driveway for a quick errand, the emergency brake would not release, then it released, but as I selected Drive, it refused to move. I played around with it several times, pressing the brake pedal as instructed, and finally got it to go. However, I had now brake assist. It required a ton of pressure to get it to stop. The dash light up like the 4th of July. BRAKE showed up in red, engine in yellow, Traction Control in yellow, Tire Pressure (quickly vanished), ABS, and Service ESC. Am heading to the dealer (48 miles) in the morning. I was going to connect my DTC and see what was showing, but will refrain, so dealer can see for themselves. I've noticed a couple of intermittent quirks since I've owned it (July 2019), but things seemed to resolve themselves. I did receive December recall and they will get that looked at in the morning. Am attaching a photo of the dash as i sits now. The -14.6V DC light is from a piece of equipment I have installed. Anyone else out there having issues? Also, photo shows less the 30psi oil pressure at idle, a bit low I am thinking
  12. Anyone out these have a part number for the 2019 Silverado Dual-Cab LT lower dash part? I need a replacement for the piece that sits under the radio/heat/AC area and it rests on the floor carpet. Can't seem to locate one on the Internet. Thanks in advance.
  13. The firewall access portal hole (2019 Silverado Dual Cab 4x4) behind the battery is the same size as the one on the driver's side just left (facing firewall) near the steering column. I have used both. They are handy and easily sealed to the elements. I am attempting to run an RG58 cable through the firewall for my 2-way radio, and a couple other smaller wires and really did not want to cut off the radio connector. I can, but running the RG58 leaves no room for other wires. Both the above holes are just fine... for smaller wiring sizes. I will most likely Greenlee punch a 3/4" diameter hole just left of the steering column aera and just left and below the existing pass-through area provided. I did route the previous antenna RG58 antenna cable around the front of the driver's door, and have to redo it because we've gone to a different 2-way. I am using a hood side mount antenna base. My comments were really directed to the folks at GM; to simply provide a plugged hole, perhaps 3/4" i- 1" in diameter for future use. We used to up-fit law enforcement vehicles and sometimes it was a big PITA to run several large diameter wires through those firewalls. Thanks for all the responses. THey are appreciated.
  14. Been readaing some comments about increasing the volume of the turn signal sound. Evidentally it can't be done, or at least that's what I've read, so..... the alternative is to replace the sound maker. I did that in my 2013 SIlverado when I installed a navigation system. Speaking of the nav, the 2019 has not room behind the OEM display to do that. It's display in like 1" in depth. What is available to accomplish this task?
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