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  1. Anyone out these have a part number for the 2019 Silverado Dual-Cab LT lower dash part? I need a replacement for the piece that sits under the radio/heat/AC area and it rests on the floor carpet. Can't seem to locate one on the Internet. Thanks in advance.
  2. The firewall access portal hole (2019 Silverado Dual Cab 4x4) behind the battery is the same size as the one on the driver's side just left (facing firewall) near the steering column. I have used both. They are handy and easily sealed to the elements. I am attempting to run an RG58 cable through the firewall for my 2-way radio, and a couple other smaller wires and really did not want to cut off the radio connector. I can, but running the RG58 leaves no room for other wires. Both the above holes are just fine... for smaller wiring sizes. I will most likely Greenlee punch a 3/4" diameter hole just left of the steering column aera and just left and below the existing pass-through area provided. I did route the previous antenna RG58 antenna cable around the front of the driver's door, and have to redo it because we've gone to a different 2-way. I am using a hood side mount antenna base. My comments were really directed to the folks at GM; to simply provide a plugged hole, perhaps 3/4" i- 1" in diameter for future use. We used to up-fit law enforcement vehicles and sometimes it was a big PITA to run several large diameter wires through those firewalls. Thanks for all the responses. THey are appreciated.
  3. Been readaing some comments about increasing the volume of the turn signal sound. Evidentally it can't be done, or at least that's what I've read, so..... the alternative is to replace the sound maker. I did that in my 2013 SIlverado when I installed a navigation system. Speaking of the nav, the 2019 has not room behind the OEM display to do that. It's display in like 1" in depth. What is available to accomplish this task?
  4. FIRST QUESTION - 2019 Silverado 4x4: Am attempting, fruitlessly, to find an accessible hole in the firewall on 2019 Silverado 4x4, or to locate a convenient drill spot/hole punch location in the firewall to run electrical, 2-way radio wire, etc. These 2019’s engines sit quite a bit further back and the firewall is not easily accessible. Would be nice if GM would consider this and have a plugged hole to access. SECOND QUESTION - 2019 Silverado 4x4: Anyone having an issue with the tailgate popping back up about 5"-6" when it is dropped down?
  5. I bought a new 2019 Trail Boss myself on a Friday and on way back home, I noticed the mirror was "dumb" as you call it. Mechanical seat adjusters, polyurethane steering wheel with no buttons, etc. I cell-phoned the dealer and told them I'd be bringing it back on Monday. Only thing I like about the T/B was the 2" lift. Exchanged the T/B for an LT Dual Cab Silverado. Driving the T/B home, I cell-phoned an order for a new GM OEM mirror with all the bells and whistles, and an new 2019 leather wrapped steering wheel while driving back home (59 miles away). I also installed a Rough Country full 3" lift kit. Boy, with 20" tires and a 3" lift, I was a small chore getting into the truck, so last week I installed a front/rear door step. Got it through some outfit in CA, (eBay purchase) and it is a beauty and so simple to install. Everything matched up. I try to keep the truck looking OEM, and that worked out as well. Now if I can find a shift-point/firmness programmer, I'd be tickled. So far no luck with HyperTech, SuperChips, and Bull Dog. May have to wait a while for that. Also looking for 4:10 ring and pinions, but no luck so far. I live in Rapid City SD (west side of the state near Mt Rushmore) and on the eastern edge of the state is a company who has a contract with GM for their new stuff that doesn't work or is wrecked. They are great to buy from over the years; Nordstroms is their name. I think I paid like $99 for the mirror and a couple hundred for the leather and function button on the steering wheel, neither of which I used because I exchanged the T/B for a new 2019 Silverado LT Dual Cab. No bid deal, and may install the mirror as it has the On Star button and a couple extras. I made the mirror switch on my old 2013 Silverado, and don't remember any problems installing it.
  6. Thanks, I will give them a call on Monday. I have programmers for all my Chevy's, so recalibration of speedo is not a problem, but wise words for other who may consider similar options.
  7. Been that route with two GM dealers here, and no one can give me the exact part numbers I need. I've been told 8.25/8.6, and now a few minutes ago 4 Wheel Parts Inc says GM used the 9.5 and 8.25 "since 2006". Am a bit gun shy to order in a set for ft & rr a=nly to have it on the hoist with incorrect size(s). I'll keep checking and, if possible, tap a GM tech with GM whose know EXACTLY what is needed. I worked in a GM parts department many years ago my senior year of college, so I know that one can be wrong particularly with a brand new body style and thre rumors that GM is now using a proprietary front differential.
  8. My second post as a new member: I want to have the dealer install 4.10/4.11 in my new 2019 Silverado LT 4x4 (new body style). Does anyone know the differential sizes for this particular pickup (8.2, 8.5, 8.6)? I had the dealer install those in my previous 2013 and liked what I got.
  9. I tried posting this thread a few minutes ago, but it must have been sent to Electricity Heaven while I was answering phone calls. I could not find it to finish it. Just took delivery of a new the Double Cab Trail Boss 4x4. It has the typical 6-speed tranny running 3.42 gears. I had the dealer install 20" wheels and tires and think I want to gear it down to 4.10/4.11's. I did this with my 2013 Silverado 4x4 and loved how it moves around town. Even on the highway it can get right up there in a blink of an eye. Out here in South Dakota the Interstate is posted at 80 mph, but it seems that 85-86 is safe. I've driven by many a state trooper running radar at 85 and they do nothing. I am unconcerned about mileage. Anyway, I attempted to order the front and rear ring and pinion gears from Summit Racing yesterday. They called this morning saying they were unsure of what differentials are in the Trail Boss. Another party emailed my today stating that he'd heard the either the front or rear ring gears were welded to the differential. Someone else notified me that GM is using an AAM with an "in-house" version for the other end. I'd buy lunch if someone out there in Chevy Land actually knows positively what to order for my endeavor. If I posted incorrectly here, sorry. I do have a PhD in computer science, but long retired. Been a member since 2003, but never posted.
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