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  1. Sounds like something is wrong with them. I've had Quicklifts and 9000xl's on mine for 3+ years now and haven't had a squeak from them yet.
  2. The only Ranchos I would recommend are the 9000XL's.
  3. Here is what Oreilly Auto's website had for specifications for the M1-212. Burst Pressure (psi): 400 psi Bypass Valve Pressure (psi): 18 To 22 psi Filter Media: Cellulose/Synthetic Blend Flow Rate (gpm): 11.2 gpm Gasket Inside Diameter (In): 2.39 Inch Gasket Outside Diameter (In): 2.76 Inch Gasket Thickness (In): 0.37 Inch Gaskets Included: Yes Inside Diameter (In): 2.98 Inch Removal Nut Included: No I have use PF-63E's, M1-212's, Wix 57045, and Fram Ultra XG10575. The Fram filter's bypass setting was 9-15 PSI. I have also switched back and forth between 0W-20 and 5W-30. No issue with 5W-30 other than the lifters being a bit quieter and the oil pump slightly noisier (still functioned perfect at all times).
  4. Too many timing chain/cam phaser/turbo issues with the Ecoboost. No thanks.
  5. I've ran 5W-30 in mine in the summer time. No issues. Since GM used 0W-20 in the 5.3 and 6.2 during EPA fuel economy testing, they are required by law to spec 0W-20 for those engines. The one thing I noticed is that the oil pump is ever so slightly noisier with 5W-30 when cold. I'm assuming the noise is due to the vane-style,high volume oil pump. They have a reputation for having a whine noise.
  6. Slip yoke clunk. Common noise on a lot of newer trucks. Sometime the noise is caused by the leaf springs if there's a lot of dirt between the primary and secondary spring. The plastic doesn't slide smoothly and as the axle twists (axle wrap), the springs flex and the plastic suddenly slides and makes a clunk.
  7. 4.3 V6 gone in 2019?

    If GM could sell a Colorado with a 5.3 or 4.3, you can be sure they would. GM knows that there little difference in fuel consumption. The major issue is emissions. An OHV V8/V6 is superior in size, cost, and reliability, but cannot compete emissions.
  8. Stuff like relearns, reflashing, software updates, etc are the standard way EVERY manufacturer handles customer complaints. It's been the standard procedure for years. 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma transmission flared shifts/lugging/shift hesitation/clunking shifts? Reflashes and software updates with little improvement. Ram 1500 8-speeds that develop complaints for slipping/clunking shifts/surging/flared shifts: software updates and check fluid levels with little to no improvement. Others were told "it's normal" or "no problem found". The F-150 10-speed has had all kinds of problems: grinding noises, rattling noises, knocking noises, "honking" hydraulic noises, hard shifts, clunky shifts, TCC shuddering, limp mode problems, trans pump failures, electrical glitches etc. Software updates, relearns, "It's normal", etc. No matter what brand you chose, you're going to have teething issues with new transmissions. Deal with it.
  9. It isn't the shape that limits tire size, its the distance from the front corner to the rear corner of the wheel well opening. GM keeps that distance tighter than the others. If they matched Ford & Ram's wheel well corner distance, they could still have a square wheel well opening with the same tire size capacity. My guess is, GM keeps the opening tighter/smaller because a square wheel well with a big gap in front of and behind the tire looks awkward or just plain awful. A rounded wheel well opening probably helps mask those bigger gaps.
  10. If dynamic skip fire worries you I would assume that it'll be easy to disable. I turned off AFM on my 14 before I had 1000 miles on the truck. First with a Range AFM disabler, then a custom tune to remove it.
  11. Fuel economy. Truck makers are under serious pressure to eek out every fraction of fuel economy they can. That means tuning transmissions to shift into taller gears than is ideal and locking up the torque converter as much as possible. You could have it tuned by custom shop. Blackbear Performance tuned mine and the difference was amazing. I would consult with them before going ahead with it so see if they can tune the TCC to reduce shudder.
  12. Corvette and Camaro guys with the 8L90 have reported the shudder being fixed after the dealer replaced the converter and performed a couple trans+trans cooler flushes, with the filter being changed along with it. The friction material in the TC clutch appears to get into the system and cause the shudder. It's a very common issue with F-150 transmissions the last few years too.
  13. Thankfully there are no bands in the 6 or 8 speed transmissions.

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