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  1. Overinflated tires with a shorter sidewall will absolutely cause more lateral instability over bumps. My 2014's factory 275/55R20's when inflated over 40 PSI cuase the tires to skip and bounce over rough pavement and create the fishtailing sensation. When dropped back down to factory inflation spec, the fishtailing or kicking out sensation was almost completely gone.
  2. Does it have the dual rear exhaust? Maybe that's the source of the noise.
  3. Bilstein is always slow to release shocks for new trucks. Even just the updated 2014 K2 trucks were different enough that it took nearly a year for Bilstein to create new parts specifically for them.
  4. The handle is the best I've experienced of any half-ton I've ever driven. Combined with sport mode and the truck is pretty fun to drive fast. The fixed caliper brakes help too.
  5. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Oh. I read your post wrong. I thought you meant that 88,000 [Ram] trucks spent (an average of) 185 days in service in the first 18 months.
  6. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Do you work at a Ram dealer?
  7. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Why would that formula be working the same? Yeah, they offer a 2019 Silverado LD. Unfortunately it's not available in a crew cab, so that already eliminates it as a option for 75+ percent of truck buyers these day. The lack of leather, a center console, and other features combine to make the truck a very hard sell. Especially when a Ram Classic offers all those options, plus 20% off MSRP. There's a significant difference between what a 2019 Silverado LD offers buyers, and what Ram is offering buyers in a 2019 Ram Classic. If Ram wanted to "get rid of the older models", they wouldn't be pumping out Ram Classics at their production plant right now. They just introduced a bunch of special edition paint colors, as well as some limited edition packages for some regions. Ram shows no sign of shutting down production of the Classic.
  8. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Competition is great for consumers. That doesn't mean that it's a given that the next gen Ram is the reason for it. Your Ram dealers should talk to my local Ram dealers. They selling more Classics than next gen Ram 1500's.
  9. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Except that the 2019 Silverado LD is only offered in an extended cab configuration, is only available with the 5.3+6-speed+3.42 axle ratio, only offers bench seats, only offers cloth interior, and doesn't have any special editions like Ram is offering with the Classic. The Classic offers a lot more of the features buyers want today, hence why it's selling so strong for Ram. You get a lot of stuff in a truck with 20% off MSRP. Unlike the Silverado LD, you can get it in a crew cab with center console and a 3.92 axle ratio. Ram even offers leather in the Classic.
  10. There's so much exaggeration goong on about the ride that's hilarious. Some guys are making it sound as if the truck racts like it jumped a curb whenever you drive over a crack in the pavenment. Drive a half-ton with 10-ply tires and get back to me on how a 2019 Silverado rides. Yeah it's a firm ride if you have the Z71 package. The Z71 package has ALWAYS been best described as a firm if not jittery ride thanks to the twin-tube Ranchos. It should be re-iterated that most 2019 Silverado RST's have a high GVWR relative to the cirb weight of the truck. The truck is designed to ride level when there's a significant amount of weight on the rear axle. That's always going to result in a firm ride as your unloaded suspension travel is going to be less. It's an inherent trade-off in truck design and has been that way since the truck was invented. You can get a softer sprong rate, but then your truck is a floaty, unstable POS when hauling weight or towing a heavy trailer. That or even a little tongue weight causes the soft rear suspension to sag quickly and you end up blinding traffic with your low beams at night and your high beams are confusing pilots flying overhead. Riding rough on a dry, hard packed dirt road won't be the biggest concern. If a half-ton truck has a soft spring rate and softer shocks for driving fast on dirt roads, you're going to end up going through stock shocks a lot faster. I've seen trucks melt the seals on their Bilstein shocks by drivong down such roads in the summer. Want a soft riding half-ton that can run down a rough dirt road at high speed? Buy a lower GVWR half-ton truck. A 7200 lb GVWR truck with cheap twin tube Ranchos isn't what you need for that kind of stuff.
  11. Talk me out of a Ram.

    GM charges too much for the 2019 half-tons relative to what you can get from Ram in a 2019 1500. GM has been stingy so far when it comes to incentives. All spring the best incentives were limited to LT and some RST trims, and the full incentive limited to current owners of competitor's vehicles. Ram's sales numbers so far this year are heavily inflated by the Ram Classic. We also dont know what the breakdown is between half-ton and HD trucks. I think GM broke down sales by half-ton and HD trucks in the latest sales report to dispel part of this claim that the new body style Ram 1500 is blowing the 2019 Silverado/Sierra away in sales. The dirt cheap but decently equipped 2019 Classic is selling like crazy and contributes a lot to Ram newfound sales increase.
  12. Talk me out of a Ram.

    I think you meant to ask fotomatt1 that.
  13. Talk me out of a Ram.

    I assumed he would but so far he hasn't mentioned that option. He has always been a pretty big Mopar fan so I think it would take something like a major mechanical failure before he would go through a lemon law procedure. What trim is your Ram? It seems like the Limited and Laramie trims have the most issues. It was why I was so surprised my buddy's Ram has had so many problems. I figured he would be alright since it's just a Big Horn.
  14. Talk me out of a Ram.

    I work with a guy with the same problems with his 2019 Big Horn. Spongy brakes, water leak at the back of the cab, water leak in the firewall area, and now the rear camera is randomly glitching out more and more frequently.
  15. AFM was awful in my 2014. The new DFM system is amazing though. I can barely tell it's doing anything. Plus 25 to 28 MPG highway is pretty amazing.

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