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  1. I would take a K2 or T1 over the 99-04 in a heartbeat. The 800's are faaar from perfection... wimpy 10-bolt rear ends, the same number (if not more) electrical gremlins and bad grounds as any new truck, cheap seats, garbage 4L60e, pump rubbing t-cases, cab corners that would rot out just looking at them, etc. They weren't bad trucks by any means. But there is nothing that those trucks have over the new trucks.
  2. There is absolutely NO reason for a bolt to fall out if it's properly torqued. That's the purpose of providing torque specs for fasteners... so they don't loosen up. Any tech that says such things is covering their own ass by saying it's a common issue. Yeah, it's common... if you don't use a torque wrench or re-use TTY single-use bolts.
  3. Are you sure you aren't just feeling the torque converter clutch as it begins to lock up?
  4. Or they'll just charge even more to put it back in
  5. The GM fullsizers still have them but when they're replaced next year, the next gen SUV's won't have a CD player. I'm guessing they still have a CD player for now due to the fact that they're still using the old version of the MyLink infotainment system.
  6. it's nearly impossible to find a new vehicle with a CD player anymore.
  7. Changing trans fluid on the 8-speeds isn't as easy and straightforward as it was on older transmissions. Like totally different and requires a computer to finish the procedure correctly or it might shift like shit.
  8. I was talking about the Tundra. The GM trucks have had a boxed frame since 2007. The GM trucks ride firm because they have a relatively low curb weight and a high GVWR. Good for hauling heavy payloads and towing but generally ride firm. Big heavy tires will make the ride worse due to the increased unsprung weight. For what it's worth, my 2019 rides better than my 2014 did.
  9. That delayed throttle response was without a doubt due to GM tuning the trucks to meet CAFE fuel economy and emissions requirements. Valve timing was tuned to have minimal emissions while idling but made it gutless off the line. The delay when you would give it gas was to avoid a fuel economy destroying downshift when accelerating, because the EPA highway test requires that the vehicle does many speed changes (for example, accelerating moderately aggressively from 45 mph to 70 mph). GM tuned the trucks to hold gears as long as possible. With the boosted efficiency thanks to DFM and widely available 8-speed, they had more breathing room to make the tune more aggressive, as well as add a sport mode that gives the truck a very responsive throttle and a transmission that's more eager to down shift and stay in a lower gear instead of upshifting as soon as possible. There's a world of difference between the two generations of the trucks.
  10. That's all you're getting? I'm easily pulling down 24-26 mpg highway, verified with hand calculated MPG numbers. The new trucks have way more repsonsiveness and off the line acceleration than a tuned 14-18 truck. Especially in sport mode.
  11. I had looked for options when I still had my 2014. The best options are either the Moog Problem Solvers or the Mevotech Terrain Tough outer TRE's. Personally I liked the attention to detail on the Mevotech ones because they have the metal reinforcement clips on the boot to keep water out and grease in, and there's a one-way valve in the boot that lets old grease push out of the boot when you pump new grease in, so you don't have to worry about overgreasing them and blowing a boot out.
  12. Nope 22 PSI is the bypass pressure you want. It's not based on your oil pressure, just the pressure delta across the filter. It's mainly a concern when the engine oil is cold and causes a higher pressure differential across the filter element. https://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/knowledgebase/article/2012-2017-corvette-service-bulletin-17-na-157-information-on-spin-on-oil-filter-replacement-for-gas-engines-designed-with-new-oil-pump-control-systems-1363.html "Beginning in 2012, oil pumps began to regulate main gallery feedback instead of pump output pressure, which means that the oil pump does not begin to regulate until pressure is built up to the main gallery. This change reduces the amount of time it takes to provide oil to the engine bearing and lifters during extreme cold start conditions. To meet these new engine operating requirements, the oil filter specifications of production oil filters and service oil filters have been improved. If a replacement oil filter with an internal bypass valve opening pressure specification of 15 PSI (100 kPa) or less is used, debris could circulate in the engine and cause damage to bearings and other tight tolerances areas, and eventually lead to premature engine failure." When the 2014 trucks came out most auto parts stores were listing a lot of oil filters with the low bypass pressure as being compatible. Even just a year or two ago some places were still listing a Wix 57045 for my 2014.
  13. That's because they have a fairly high curb weight and a flimsy C-channel frame. The frame flexes so much you can really feel it in corners and over rough uneven pavement.
  14. The filters listed in a search on Napa's website shows they all have the correct bypass pressure. Should be GTG. They look just like a Wix XP filter inside.
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