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  1. Phil, Puddle lamp wasn't that big of deal for me. I just ordered the set you recommended, what to do at this point to order your harness? No owrries on any adjustments to your harness as needed from me, as long as its's clear what I need to do. Thanks! P.S. I'm willing to let go of the harness set I remove from the truck. Is that something you still use / need as a core?
  2. pgamboa, I have a late 2015 silverado LT crew cab with DL8 mirrors. Also have an fold ready arm rest switch set. Looking to put tow mirrors on, probably from a1 auto, not sure which part#. I want, black, texture, smoke lens, led, cargo, puddle lamp, turn sig features, and power fold ok, but not critical. Will i need your harness? I so, how soon can I receive? Which a1 auto part # works for above and uses your harness? Thanks for what you do here!

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