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  1. Just checked the price and build and the trailer camera package is $250.00 for the SLT and is $430.00 for the AT4. I don't know if there is a difference between the two or not.
  2. I have the trailer camera package in a GMC. You could not get the trailer camera package and the technology package together so I got the trailer camera package, not knowing fully what the difference is between the two. Now that I have it I believe here are the differences. When you get the trailer camera package you give up the front camera that you would have on the technology package. So your surround view camera shows a 270-degree view. The technology package shows a 360-degree view. Both packages have the cameras in the mirrors along with a camera for the hitch. The technology package also has heads-up display and the ability to see the rear camera in the rear view window. The towing package does not have these features. The main thing about the trailer camera package is that there is a place to plug in an accessory camera at the rear bumper. This is an accessory camera that has to be purchased separately. Once you do that you can either install it inside of the trailer so you can see if everything is ok in the trailer or you can install it on the back of the trailer and see what is behind you. So if you tow a camper or enclosed trailer that is a cool feature that the technology package does not have. One thing that is a little disappointing is that you can only view the cameras for a short time while you are driving, probably a safety feature. As a side note I am basing all of this from a GMC standpoint. The trailer camera package for a GMC is $450.00 and is $250.00 for a Chevy. So I don't know if there is a difference between the two. If you are not considering the technology package because of cost I would definitely get the towing package. Even if you don't get the accessory camera the other cameras are very useful for the money.
  3. Maybe I didn't understand your question. When you order the truck you can't order the trailer camera package with the technology package, you have to chose one or the other. The trailer camera package does not have a front camera but does have a provision for an accessory camera that you can install on the back of your trailer. I don't know if you can install a rear trailer camera on a truck that has the technology package.
  4. Dennis, thanks again for your help! With your information I was able to find a truck at the Dealer that had the correct trailer connector. The sales person was skeptical even though my truck and his truck was equipped exactly the same. So I went to the Service department and they contacted the Factory. The Factory said that it must have left the Factory with the wrong trailer connector so they sent out the correct one. It was installed today!
  5. Ok, I apologize, you guys are correct! There is a tag way down low that does have the date on it. It is as described, between the driver's door and the rear door. Mine is below the bottom hinge. Thank you!
  6. That is what I thought but it is not there!
  7. How are you guys finding the build date of your trucks? My GMC vin number is 1GTP9EEL5KZ169xxx. Thanks.
  8. Looks like it is off to the Dealer. Thank you for your help!!
  9. Yes, they are in the center console. So your truck had the trailer connector in the picture already installed?
  10. So that is what is confusing me. I don't have that plug configuration. Did you have to purchase your camera or did it come with the truck?
  11. Has anyone bought the accessory trailer camera that is sold by GM? If so where does it plug in? I watched a Youtube video that seems to show it plugged into the rear bumper but mine does not have a plug for it. I have an AT4 with the trailer camera package. Does the camera come with a new plug that needs to be installed? Thanks.
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