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  1. It was useful for me when the car wash attendant locked my key fob in the car and went to grab a coat hanger.
  2. Hello guys, I purchased the NAV upgrade in December, and just had the dealer perform the update this afternoon. The speed limit sign appears in the cluster (blank), but when I press "NAV" it shows an error screen. Dealer said it should fully work in 24-48 hours. Does this sound correct?
  3. My 2020 TrailBoss was doing the same thing, but about 2 weeks ago fixed itself and hasn’t done it since. I agree that it was really annoying.
  4. Hello all, I just wanted to inquire whether anyone knew why water sprays out under my 2020 Trail Boss after parking. I’m sure it’s likely from the AC, but it seems to spay out with force under the truck. Just curious.
  5. I had the same thoughts and updates as well, but all I know is that it's fixed on mine too.
  6. I had it done on my 2020 LT TrailBoss on Saturday at the dealer. Took about an hour. No issues so far.
  7. First, a big thank you to the individual who located the connector in the roof console. Second, thanks to all that have shared their input in this thread. I too was initially disappointed that my 2020 LT Trail Boss didn’t have an auto dimming mirror when my 2011 LT Avalanche had one, so after reading all the posts, I decided to follow through. It took about an hour, but I’m sure I could do it in 30 minutes now. It was a fairly painless process, and I was fortunate to only have a small dab of glue on the connector. I even pulled it loose with my fingers. Most importantly, tha
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