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  1. Yes, but all of that is included in the Premium Plus package, which I have.
  2. That’s not true, at all. I was looking at two identical trucks. One had the extra bed view camera, one didn’t. The difference in price was $250
  3. I would have thought it would be a simple plug and play. I haven’t removed the lamp assembly and looked, but I figured that there’s already a wiring harness there. I couldn’t see it being anything difficult since it’s only a $250 factory option. Cheap options usually mean fast and easy. If it was $1,000 option, I’d believe there was much more to it than just a simple harness plug in. I guess I will call GMC and see what info I can find out.
  4. Oh, I thought the camera was located in the third brake light.
  5. Why would I need a different mirror? I’d want to view the bed view camera on the display
  6. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra SLT. One of the factory options is adding the bed view camera for $250. Since mine did not come with this, I wondered if it would be possible to add it? Being that it’s only a $250 factory option, I figured it can’t that difficult to do. Has anyone done this or have any knowledge of this?
  7. I’m looking to buy a hard folding tonneau cover for my 2020 Sierra SLT crew. I’m looking at the rough country and a few others. Has anyone had any experience with the Rough Country or any of the other brands that you would recommend?
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