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  1. The only ones I am aware of are the AVS Tail Shades Taillight Covers, Part Number: 33637 for 2019-2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Hopefully the OP will confirm because the ones on his truck look nice.
  2. That's interesting. I purchased an EGR Bug Shield from them (RealTruck) and I couldn't get the darn thing to bolt on my truck so I called them up on the phone and told them I didn't want it. The lady I spoke with apologized for the inconvenience and emailed me a prepaid FedEx label for me to return it within 15 minutes. I had it on its way back the same day.
  3. Looks good, is that the Gator Recoil tonneau cover? I've been wanting a hard tonneau cover for a while but everything I've seen has been outside my budget. I just happened to be looking on Amazon the other day and found a 5'8" Gator EFX hard folding cover for $539 so I ordered it. It arrived last week and I had it installed in about 30 minutes. So far I've been very pleased with the way it looks/functions and haven't found any leaks even after driving through a heavy rain. Before I ordered it I called RealTruck (Amazon Vendor) to ask some questions about the EFX as compared to a couple other models and I found out that Gator tonneau covers was owned by RealTruck. The gentleman I spoke with told me that RealTruck has other tonneau cover manufacturers make the covers to their specifications and market them under the Gator brand name. I was told that BAKFlip make some of the hard folders and they carry a 2 year warranty. The EFX I purchased appears to be made by Undercover because that the address it was shipped from and it carries a 3 year warranty just as the base model Undercover hard folder.
  4. That's pretty slick, thanks for posting. I've used those same rubber clamps to mount a flats poling pole to my boat in the past and they worked well. I might just have to get some for my camping axe and shovel as well.
  5. I purchased the bottom of the line WT (Work Truck) and it came with the option Android Auto and Apple version as well. I downloaded the Android Auto app on my phone and it wouldn't work at first because I was using an inexpensive generic USB cable so I picked up a 3 ft braided cable for $14 (sorry I don't remember the brand) and it works like a charm. I found out it also works with the Samsung USB cable that came with my phone but I keep that one at the house. The feature I like the best is the ability to display Google maps, but having the ability to have it read my text messages outloud comes in handy from time to time as well. Same thing goes with being able to send text messages via your voice as well. So far I really like my Silverado and it's the second WT I've owned. I guess it may sound strange to most people but I am old school and I will not own a truck that has carpeting or cloth seats. Sure I can afford to buy a higher grade model, but I do a lot of hunting and fishing and I tend to ruin cloth seats and carpeting. My best friend bought a 2019 Z71 around the same time I bought my WT and the first thing he did was spend another $700+ on Weathertech floor mats and Coverking seat covers. Anyhow, back on topic.... Am I to understand that the Android Auto feature and text message features are no longer available on the 2020 lower end models like mine? If so, I wonder why that is? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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