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  1. I had this happen to my 20 RST. I noticed there was a small leak and there was water coming off the track for the sliding window and running down the glass across the wires. The wires were really hot. I assumed it was the water sizzling on the wires because it only did it some of the time. Dealer took it in and replaced the window. Just got it back today so i'm hoping that solved it.
  2. I've had a somewhat similar issue. If I'm listening to a Pandora station, it will sometimes play a second preset Pandora station at the same time. One of the stations will be louder than the other. If I then switch to XM when it is doing this it will play for at most a minute or so and then switch back to the double playing Pandora stations by itself. XM will be playing fine until it switches. If I go to FM it is fine. A tech heard and saw this when it did it after an oil change. He said to uninstall and reinstall Pandora. That didn't work. I took it back and they were going to a soft
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