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  1. I got the same cover from the same vendor. Luke has always treated me right. The LoMax is a great cover. Had one on my F150 and now on my Sierra.
  2. I think it’s because inventory will start to dry up due to the plant closures. They’ll move their limited inventory without deep discounts.
  3. The new 10 speeds are junk. Stick with tried and true 8 speed.
  4. This is probably my biggest ergonomics issue with this truck. The brake pedal is way too high compared to accelerator pedal. Much more so than any of my other trucks. Makes it impossible to pivot from gas to brake. Necessitates moving your whole foot.
  5. Or just about any other thread in any of the T1 forums. Lol
  6. Does doing this prevent the sync issue with those that are flagged as favorites?
  7. Yes the control unit learns the tolerances of the transmission and makes appropriate adjustments. The notion that it learns and adapts to your driving style is nonsense though.
  8. I put a strip of Tessa tape on each of the stems and the noise is gone.
  9. I regret buying my Sierra because every online community/forum for our trucks is filled with complaints. LOL
  10. To make it look like they’re getting great mileage.
  11. I picked up some Sylvania Zevo 2528 LED’s locally from Auto Zone. Took just over 5 minutes to install. Yes it’s very tight and takes some contorting of your body and arms/hands to get the right angel, but no big deal at all.
  12. That could be great news if GM released another update in the last few days. What year is your truck, and can you please post the software version number?
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