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  1. RhinoGuy - What year/make/mode do you have? I have a 2019 Sierra and the “hold for 15 seconds” thing didn’t work for me.
  2. Interesting. Although I think most of us have 1500’s. I haven’t heard of fast idle for the half tons.
  3. Does anyone have access to the official document that GM provides to dealers with instructions for doing this?
  4. Very interesting!! So foot ON the brake pedal and then hold button for 15 seconds? Or foot OFF the brake?
  5. WAMS - In addition to programming it so that the truck doesn’t automatically turn off while idling in park, can you also make it so that accessory mode stays on indefinitely (or lengthen the timer)? I’m talking about the mode when you press the start button without your foot on the brake pedal).
  6. The sound level is good. The issue is the low frequency reverberation at low RPM when under load.
  7. Well that’s a bit ironic seeing that Borla has a no drone guarantee.
  8. Wondering if anyone else with the GMPE (Borla Touring) has drone around 70mph. It happens when the engine is under load, in top gear. Like when you tip into the throttle to speed up a bit, but not enough to downshift. I installed it myself and tightened every fastener to spec with a torque wrench. I suppose it would be a good idea for me to double check tightness again. I also tried the Range AFM/DFM device but it made no difference at all.
  9. If you do it, please post back on how you get the brake pedal off. I’ve considered this myself.
  10. No, you would still have to find someone to program another cluster for you if you go that route. WAM’s is one vendor who offers that service.
  11. I finally found it. This doesn’t help with talking the lens off, but at least helps get the cluster out.
  12. Removing the actual cluster is a 10 minute job. I did it when I upgraded from the SLT cluster to the Denali cluster. I think there’s a YouTube video, or maybe it was on WAM’s website.
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