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  1. I also don’t like the height difference between the gas and brake pedals. I took a look at the brake pedal a while back, thinking that I may be able to remove it and then heat/bend it a bit. But I wasn’t able to determine an easy way to remove it. So I’ve just kind of gotten used to it. By contrast, my previous F150 pedals were more even height wise, but spread further apart left to right.
  2. Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t know this was talking about the idle hours. And no, my truck doesn’t have idle hours.
  3. I have a 2019 Sierra SLT. It has an engine hours screen that pops up every time I start the truck.
  4. Well, ok. By “dog slow” maybe you mean a Greyhound or an Afghan hound??
  5. The wiper cowl at the bottom of the windshield.
  6. Yes I’ve gotten a few tonneau covers as some other truck items from him as well. All of my experiences have been great. I leaned about him through another (Ford) forum back when I had an F150.
  7. You have to assign the saved seating position to one of your keyfobs in order for it to do what you’re describing. Look in your owner manual and I will tell you how. I can’t recall off the top of my head.
  8. If you go with the LoMAX, get ahold of Luke at Truck Alterations. I got mine from him for $675 shipped, which was significantly lower than anyone else I could find. This was in December 2019. [email protected]
  9. My money would be on it being an issue with the window, not body flex. I’m not saying that flex may not crack the window frame, but our trucks are more rigid now than in years past, I would think. I only say this based on having earlier trucks with C-channel frames that flexed and twisted like crazy. Sometimes to the point that doors wouldn’t close when under extreme flex. I don’t recall any of my windows on those trucks leaking. So that’s why I go back to the design of the window being the culprit.
  10. Mine was the same way. Drivers side right vent. The passenger side left vent too, but not as bad. Just earlier this week I ended up disassembling the center dash so I could get to the vents. Completely disassembled the vent down to the louvers (??). Ended up using my heat gun to slightly reshape/fatten/tighten where the the louvers are held in place. It now has just a bit more resistance to where they won’t fall on their own anymore. Took me about an hour (maybe a bit more), and I figure was easier than messing with trying to get the dealer to fix it.
  11. How many miles? I have a 2019 SLT with 7,000 miles and their offer to me was $45,582. I paid just under that amount brand new in 11/2019.
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