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  1. This is the one I got and it works well. VXDAS Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Relearn Reset Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072BK693N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_cyTOdBEOYVPDe
  2. Not my picture, but one I found online. The module is the rectangular box on the right, that says MADE IN UK and SCHRADER ELECTRONICS.
  3. Sorry I don’t have my truck at the moment. But if you take off your rear license plate, you can quickly and easily tell them if you have the module or not. If you want to post a picture of yours, I can tell you.
  4. Yes all of the power sources are getting proper power. It only does this when the truck is parked and off. It stops just by unlocking the truck or starting it up. All of the trailer lights work perfectly otherwise.
  5. I know this has been covered in many other threads, and that the truck pulses the lights every several seconds as part of the trailer security feature. Mine does that too. But it will then start to flash much more rapidly. Like multiple times per second. See attached video. Anyone else have this happen and know what causes it? 056977CE-CBB8-4E5B-8C38-BA2A1C1CDD4A.MOV
  6. Ditrymax - Were you able to add the trailer camera to your truck? I also have the standard 4 and 7 pin receptacle.
  7. I have a 2019 SLT without the NHT/Max Tow, but with the Z82 trailering package, factory trailer brake controller, trailering app, and the IOT radio. The truck did not come with the trailer TPMS; not only did it not come with the sensor, but it also didn't come with the module that goes behind the rear license plate. Not realizing that a separate module was needed, I ordered the sensors first. That obviously did nothing, as the truck did not recognize them. So I then ordered the module from eBay. My truck had the wiring harness already ran to module location, so when the module arrived I j
  8. My local dealers are all saying that the towing mirrors are not compatible with my truck. I’m fine doing some re-pinning of the connectors though. Looking at the accessory mirrors, part number 84776098. Unfortunately it looks like they are not power folding.
  9. Thank you for the video. Anyone else know of answers for my specific questions?
  10. I’ve read various treads on this topic but there seems to be contradictory answers, so I’m hoping someone can help clear it up for me. I have a 2019 Sierra SLT with non-tow mirrors. They are chrome, memory power adjustable, power fold, heated, auto-dimming, with side spotlight. No blind spot monitoring. I want to replace them with the towing mirrors with same feature set. Is that possible, and if so, does anyone have the part numbers that I’ll need to order?
  11. The 2019+ trucks do not support notifications through Bluetooth. Only through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. GM discontinued notifications through Bluetooth. Some early 2019 models had it though.
  12. RhinoGuy - What year/make/mode do you have? I have a 2019 Sierra and the “hold for 15 seconds” thing didn’t work for me.
  13. Interesting. Although I think most of us have 1500’s. I haven’t heard of fast idle for the half tons.
  14. Does anyone have access to the official document that GM provides to dealers with instructions for doing this?
  15. Very interesting!! So foot ON the brake pedal and then hold button for 15 seconds? Or foot OFF the brake?
  16. WAMS - In addition to programming it so that the truck doesn’t automatically turn off while idling in park, can you also make it so that accessory mode stays on indefinitely (or lengthen the timer)? I’m talking about the mode when you press the start button without your foot on the brake pedal).
  17. The sound level is good. The issue is the low frequency reverberation at low RPM when under load.
  18. Well that’s a bit ironic seeing that Borla has a no drone guarantee.
  19. Wondering if anyone else with the GMPE (Borla Touring) has drone around 70mph. It happens when the engine is under load, in top gear. Like when you tip into the throttle to speed up a bit, but not enough to downshift. I installed it myself and tightened every fastener to spec with a torque wrench. I suppose it would be a good idea for me to double check tightness again. I also tried the Range AFM/DFM device but it made no difference at all.
  20. If you do it, please post back on how you get the brake pedal off. I’ve considered this myself.
  21. No, you would still have to find someone to program another cluster for you if you go that route. WAM’s is one vendor who offers that service.
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