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  1. Both of those option will be a notch or two quieter than this: Borla makes a very well designed exhaust. It's actually pretty amazing how they can build such a "loud" exhaust that has very minimal (virtually non-existant) drone. I imagine the S-type and touring are pretty similar to the above, just with the volume turned down a level or two.
  2. It didnt for me, I did find that the trailer harness was useless for any other light signals, I got all of those from a putco harness, but power and ground I got from the trailer harness without any side effects. I am interested in your marine panel mod. I have plans for more bed mods, nothing built yet though. Do you have pictures of your setup? Could be inspirational.
  3. Wow. I didn't realize it was such a pain. The wear indicator can't be reset by the owner? It can be turned off completely, for years I used a portable wear indicator called flashlight always worked great! My truck has around 10,000km...rear brake pads are at 96%. are you sure your brakes are in proper working order?
  4. For the Bose sub wiring, which is positive and which is negative? And did I read correctly in this thread that its actually a line level signal at that point? The wires shown in the pictures on the first post?
  5. Do you know how to get these pieces off without breaking any clips? I'm not a fan of the gloss actually and want to wrap mine in flat black to match my chrome delete. Wrapping always gives much better results with the piece off the vehicle.
  6. What appeals to me most by far is the console shifter. Having been one of the items on my vehicle comparison that I paid attention to it was one of the things I had to compromise on with the Denali. Then a couple of years later they give me exactly what I wanted...great! I hope it can be found how to retrofit it into the older models. I wonder if the column shifter has any mechanical link to the transmission or if its all electronic? Paddle shifters are a nice improvement over the awkward buttons on the shifter and I like the larger screen but worthless unless they design the software wel
  7. Thanks for that! I've been trying to compile all of this information for my future maintenance needs, especially part numbers and specs that differ from the official manual due to modifications. This is one piece of information I've never been able to come across. I wonder if the Brembos for the truck also (technically) require rotors to be changed every time the pads are? With many big brake setups like this that is usually the recommendation.
  8. before I did the install I tested the cross traffic alert system with the light modules in place attached with painter's tape. I went to a parking lot and waited for traffic to drive by. all of the sensors worked properly. after the project was complete with everything installed in its final position I can confirm no effect on backup or cross traffic systems. The sensors are indeed mounted to the inside surface of the step pockets, but towards the rear of the vehicle. To the rear of where the light pods are installed.
  9. I called and demanded all onstar services be terminated immediately after taking possession of my truck. I had to call multiple times and tell them I don't care that I have 30 days free and it will expire on its own. Then physically disconnected the hardware.
  10. I'd like to see some of these light pod installs! Where are you mounting them? What kind did you install? here is mine:
  11. I have them on mine, I really like them! I do wish the rear were brembo also, but its a minor point. they operate just like a factory-stock brake, no unusual noise, no unusual characteristics, just a lot more braking power than the stock brakes. Having all the extra material in the brake is nice for towing over the mountains, much more metal for heat to dissipate into. although the stock brakes are perfectly good also, I got the brembos as much for looks as performance. They don't disappoint in either area.
  12. Did they give you any information on what the failure was? If it's a valve spring it's the highest mileage one that's let go I've heard of.
  13. I actually just finished a project to add several different lighting systems to the back of my truck. for mine I used a curt adapter for the 7 pin trailer harness and a putco harness intended for tail light bars. I cut up both harnesses and customized them for my exact application, using the curt harness to get 12V and ground and used the putco harness to trigger relays. the backup lights signal to the rear tail light activates a relay which connect power from the 7 pin harness to a set of LED light pods which I have integrated into the corner step pockets. This approach worked very well.
  14. I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to, but I wonder if this is the sort of thing you are hearing? Notice the major difference between the engine braking sound with vs without DFM, to go 25:00 in the video
  15. Not to make your decision any harder but if you're looking for something between the touring and the ATAK, that's exactly what the S-Type is. and its available with all the same tip options, stock, quad round, quad square, chrome, black, carbon fiber. something to consider. I think magniflow also has the quad round option, they sound really good also. I don't know how it compares in terms of loudness to the Borla offerings though.
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