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  1. I sincerely don't want to start an argument here, but it always makes me wonder when I see these kinds of claims, what makes you think your hand calculations are accurate and therefore the DIC is not? MPG average over time is a pretty simple calculation, distance traveled divided by fuel quantity used. I don't know about these new trucks but the last time I calculated the resolution of a car's ability to know how far it has been driven it was accurate down to a resolution of 1.3 feet (this was a late 90's Chevrolet) now that is based on wheel rotations and has some degree of inaccuracy due to exact tire size, wear on the tread, inflation (varies with temperature), flex of the tread during acceleration, deceleration, turning etc. but if you are using the trip meter to calculate distance traveled, you have exactly the same inaccuracy, and a resolution of 528 feet, way less than the truck's PCM. Using a separate device to calculate distance traveled would be better, but you'd need military grade GPS to match the PCM's resolution. I don't know how the truck knows how much fuel it has used, if its based on a separate fuel flow sensor integrated over time, or if its based on the fuel pressure and known properties of the fuel injectors plus fuel delivery information or what, but whatever it uses it is accurate enough to put the right amount of fuel into the cylinders to result in a proper stoichiometric air/fuel ratio. If you are using how much fuel you put into the tank at each fill up as a measure of how much fuel was used, your number there also is massively less accurate than the PCM. To start with you'd have to be using exactly the same fuel pump each fill up, with the vehicle in exactly the same position on the pad, exactly the same temperature/humidity conditions and you must operate the fuel pump in precisely the same way to only be 100 times less accurate than the PCM (no not literally, just making the point) That pump also would have to be exactly accurate and its calibration never changed over the time you're doing your calculation. The fuel pump also only gives you fuel filled (Which is not the same thing as fuel used) to 0.001Gal, that's 3.8mL resolution, I can't believe the PCM can run the engine correctly without knowing how much fuel its putting into the cylinders with way more accuracy than that. The only thing in favor of everyone who believes their hand calculations are a perfect average MPG and therefore the DIC is wrong is that I'd expect all of the above to result in your numbers being off from the DIC in both directions, above and below, yet most report consistently that their numbers show a poorer fuel economy number than the DIC. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I personally trust the accuracy of the DIC over hand calculations any day.
  2. I haven't removed mine yet but I've been under there looking at it. you can see most if not all of the attachment points just by looking under the bumper. appears its held on by several bolts, a couple of them on the far left/right side are obscured by other pieces, but one of those ratcheting box wrenches should be able to get in there and remove them. there are I think 4 plastic clips which don't look too hard to remove and another series of clips which as far as I can tell are for alignment only (the ones along the bottom) they don't look like they actually hold it in. if you get a chance to give it a try to remove that, please let us know how it went! I heard in another thread a dealership shop needing to remove much of the front end to replace this piece, but from looking at it I don't see why that would be necessary. those 2 or 4 bolts with the other piece of the bumper in front of them look like the only tricky part. but like I said, I'm pretty sure a gear wrench would get them out easily enough.
  3. Does your truck have the front camera? I contacted this company a while back to ask about compatibility, they said this grill doesn't work with trucks that have the front camera. but you can actually see clearly what looks like an accommodation for the camera...I was hoping the person on the other end who replied to me just didn't know what they were talking about. but I held off when they told me it wouldn't work with my truck. is it painted gloss black or is it just made of a glossy black material? any fitment issues at all with it? did your original GMC badge snap right in? oh, and does the outsize bezel and the inner mesh area comes as separate pieces or is it all one piece? in some parts catalogs it looks like the OEM grill might actually be 2 pieces, I kind of want to paint the outer piece body color and the inner mesh in a dark silver for mine. if its separate pieces that would be much easier to do. sorry for all the questions, but thanks for the info!
  4. Sub to this thread! I'm going through the same process. I had to get the Denali to get all of the luxury features that I wanted but I hate chrome. my truck has 800 miles on it now. wheels are powder coated, all chrome emblems are removed. I want to rebage the truck eventually but in non-chrome and it will say Denali only, no GMC and certainly no Sierra. I blacked out the power steps with vinyl wrap and also vinyl wrapped the chrome bezel around the engine logo. I used my 3d printer to create a new engine logo free of chrome. Vinyl wrapped the chrome window trim in flat black. the Body shop is painting a new set of door handles and mirror caps in body color. and the plastidip (black base with graphite metalizer) should be here today for the front grille, fog light bezels, and lower front grill panel. I am on the fence about painting those pieces body color, but I feel the truck might actually look better with some contrast on the front end. it all goes well the plastidip job will match well with the dark silver metallic powder coating on the wheels. will definitely have to see how well it holds up over time. when I plastidip the grill I will also do the GMC logo, since I don't have a good way to remove it, I will leave it there but make it blend in some so its more subtle. I did this with the bow tie on my 2003 SS and it looked amazing. what else...deleted the chrome lug nuts and replaced them with dark silver ones that match the wheels. Deleted the chrome recovery hooks completely. my truck is an on-road performance machine, not an off-roader. it doesn't need recovery hooks! oh and I vinyl wrapped the chrome pieces on the key fobs...did I mention I hate chrome?
  5. I have one off a 2020 Sierra Denali, removed as soon as the truck came home. I'd sell it, PM if interested.
  6. Does anyone know how to remove the factory fog lights from the bumper? No I don't want to delete them, I want to paint/vinyl wrap/plastidip (something) the chrome bezel around them and some of those options are much easier if the lights were off the truck. looks like the chrome piece can be removed from the rest of the fog light unit also, appears to clip on, but I was not able to figure out how to remove it.
  7. hmm. I hope the information in those documents is accurate, I'm seeing some discrepancies or errors. Although it could also be my own lack of knowledge. In the Sierra 1500 electrical doc for example, Page 2-45 under high beam headlamps...did any 2020 sierra have bi-xenon lights or otherwise have solenoids with shutters? These descriptions also talk about the BCM providing b+ to various lighting systems which I thought were actually controlled by relays energized by the BCM (BCM provides ground), and not powered by the BCM directly. I guess if I decide to play with anything I will have to carefully verify the information and not just assume its all correct. I guess one should always do that though. It can't be a document that's mislabeled from a previous year model because it also contains information on 2019+ exclusive features, like the multi-pro tailgate and some images clearly show the new body style.
  8. Awesome! thank you so much. I kept thinking looking at all the features that trucks have to make them easy for customization for all manor of work duty...there must be information out there somehow on exactly how to use all of those features, where power is available etc. looks like this is exactly that kind of information. this is perfect!
  9. I hear ya! On my last truck I had it all rigged up with a microcontroller operated lighting control box, designed and programmed it. I had it alter the behavior of all kinds of lighting systems on the truck. Lots of fun!
  10. Thank you EXSlider400! looks like a diode between pin 21 and pin 10 on the X5 connector would give me what I'm after. Exactly the information I was after. Do you by chance have the pinouts for the rest of the BCM connectors by any chance?
  11. Boost auto parts sells a couple of simple kits. fog lights on with high beams, fog lights on with parking lights, task lights on with high beams. Nothing against them at all, I'm glad that the aftermarket community is out there thinking things up and implementing them! but their kits are basically a diode and some wire taps, probably less than $1 in parts they sell for $20. Unfortunately they don't have a kit to turn the fog lights on with the headlights. The BCM's lights outputs are mostly relay control switched ground, the diode just makes it turn on two relays instead of one. pretty simple! I just don't know what wire to connect it to to get the result I'm after. I'm used to having the full service manuals for all of my cars.
  12. Since the service manual for the T1 is not available anywhere yet (that I've found) does anyone happen to have access to the diagrams for the BCM wire harnesses? I'm looking to modify the behavior of a few lighting systems. There are some mods for sale out there so someone must have either figured it out or there must be information available somewhere. none of the mods do what I want however. for starters I'd like to turn the fog lights on automatically with the headlights.
  13. Ah but if I unplug the antenna how would they find me
  14. How can I disable the Onstar equipment on a 2020 Sierra? I called immediately after picking the truck up and cancelled all trial services, the green light went off. But I want to physically disconnect the system. I don't think there is a separate fuse for it anymore is there? Is there a good place where I can unplug the antenna from the module? It's inside the BCM in the newer trucks correct? thanks!
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