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  1. Thanks for the info. That's what I was afraid of. I recently had mine ceramic coated too and figured it would not stick very long.
  2. Which color would you go with for a Northsky Blue truck? Mine has the color matching bumpers.
  3. Mine is so bright at night when backing up.....even when it's turned down to the lowest setting. Took it in for the first oil change and to have the "brake life" update done, and they told me the fix for dimming the back up display was not available as of a month ago.
  4. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/09/11/gm-brake-recall-pickup-suv/?ncid=edlinkusauto00000016
  5. I just had my truck ceramic coated and not sure if the 3M tape will hold or not. Plus I'm not crazy about putting something on the truck with sticky tape. Can yours be taken completely off without opening the hood or is it pretty secured? Yours looks great!
  6. Yeah...those might work on the round tube but not the square one. Hopefully someone will come out with a set for the 2019 soon.
  7. Anyone have a source for frame hole plugs for the 2019? After having the wheel well inserts installed and noticing that they don't even cover them, Id like to plug the tube openings.
  8. Had mine detailed and a 9H ceramic coating put on it. Shines like a diamond is a goats a** now.
  9. Stayed legal on the front two @ 35%. Just enough to tone down headlights in the side mirrors.
  10. Stayed legal on the front two @ 35%. Just enough to tone down headlights in the side mirrors.
  11. Another happy BAK revolver X4 customer here. Looks awesome.
  12. I ended up getting the BAK Industies Revolver X4 and I LOVE it. So sleek and low profile. Great protection and easy to use. Total cost including tax was $1200 installed... but it was so worth it!
  13. I'm having a heck of a time finding one that doesn't cost $500 or more.
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