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  1. Just got back from first long Freeway trip and while washing Trail Boss found first rock chip in hood. Has anybody put on a Bug shield / Hood deflector if so what kind and photos please
  2. Tried a Shorty Lost most of the stations we like. With this we didn't. And its free
  3. Found A simpler way to do this FM reception still good Remove Antenna Unbolt antenna base Remove plastic cover Lay antenna in drain area below windshield Reattach antenna base Zip tie antenna in place to grill work and hinge base Sorry photos aren't better
  4. Read on a earlier body style forum about relocating antenna inside fender. So I did some investigating today it turned out to be simple and free. No noticeable loss of FM but AM is just a buzz now if anyone has ideas about this please chime in remove antenna remove plastic cover remove foam rubber seal unbolt antenna mount (don't drop it as I spent more time getting wire back out of fender then anything else) reassemble antenna and mount Zip tie inside fender trim and reinstall foam rubber seal reinstall plastic cover I used a plastic plug that came from in bed when I put on tonneau drains to plug antenna hole
  5. tried adding a Stubby brand antenna. Loss of reception was to much. Guess I will keep looking thinking about this one JAPower Replacement Antenna Compatible with GMC Sierra/Denali Trucks 2007-Current | 13 inches - Titanium anybody have any info 
  6. Fairly simple used Dupli Color Kit. No disassembly. Just a little masking and careful painting. We will see how long it looks this good
  7. Got them on EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stake-Pocket-Covers-Caps-Plugs-2019-Silverado-Sierra-Accessories-Check-Photos/163519962753?hash=item26128c9e81:g:FHYAAOSwSqtcnzMy
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