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  1. Pull the grill off, behind it are 2, 7 mm screws then a bunch of tabs you can pry up to release it
  2. I bought GM kit off ebay, factory kit, came with switch in dash, wiring etc. also comes it code to allow dealer to program it, must run wire to BCM , not to bad but worked for gm plant for 30yrs in repair had that advantage and friend helped
  3. yes yours probably fit better with the thinner flashing but I don't think mine will ever come out and it looks just like mine so good job 4 less than 20 bucks we got a little added zing to the front end of the truck
  4. I never complained, just saying that work or any kind of work like it leaves a lasting health benefits no matter what you do on any job in manufacturing or labor you point out any guy that does tile or that kind of work doesn't have knee and back problems they do it because the money is good yes but just to drop one job and go to another because that doesn't make sense, don't have a college degree didn't need one I work with guys that quit teaching to work for GM for the money never sued GM for any money because of my aches and pains will never do that I knew the risk. And society today you ha
  5. I took no ones money I worked for it, taking the money means someone gave it to u , I didn't take a ****ing thing, I earned, its people like you need to get off thinking u know whats what.. MIKE DROP.. I am done with this post
  6. Right don't know anyone or never worked there yourself , so u know have no inside knowledge, now I understand, let me tell u, unless you've done then jobs I've have had to do, you don't get an OPINION, I am 59 and struggle with health issues from those jobs, so don't talk to me about overpaid.
  7. Wow so uninformed, I retired in 15 from GM, I never ever made $63 and hour. Which works out to 131,000 a yr which I never made. get your facts str8 before telling lies, with benefits maybe but never $63 an hr.
  8. Added mine today from the link here, WOW awesome, took a little work but worth it
  9. Well I just cut it to fit and there are a lot of clips and 2 7mm screws that hold it in place, just sandwiched in between the 2 once I separated them thin aluminum flashing would better
  10. will when I get it back together, working on installing the fog light kit
  11. So I've seen guys wondering about adding color behind the chevrolet grill , I did this mod for mine, had a piece aluminum trim for house laying around, was already the right width, cut it to length painted it rustoleum cherry gloss paint snapped it back together and here it is feedback and ?'s welcome.
  12. I worked at GM spring hill building the Traverse as the cars come down the line with and unflashed BCM, according to the options the cars are flashed accordingly, if option not on build sheet then no flashing RE: fog lights, auto tailgate etc.
  13. well I retired form GM few yrs ago, worked in Final repair so I know my way around most parts, I did get the lights in and wiring started, u have to unplug the rt, headlight and plug new harness in, and plug factory into new harness creating a loop, then one wire goes to UHJB still gotta figure our where the single wire goes though, Friend still works at the plant but because of the strike he can't access SI to help me yet, u don't have to pull headlight and I did thats a job lol. we'll see if I get it don't and to dealer for programming.
  14. I bought the fog light kit to put on my TB got the lights mounted trying to figure out the rest of the wiring, how do u remove the headlight? I think I need to connect the wiring and 1 wire goes to the fuse block, gotta get on GM SI somehow and figure it out. and links or help would be appreciated.
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