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  1. Looking for Silverado, do you have the bolts as well?
  2. Thanks just trying to figure out if these are just cheap China crap or the same OE for 1/3 the money.
  3. If anyone has a black set sitting at home. I am interested in them
  4. I upgraded from Halogen to LED and noticed that my driving led markers stay on when my blinker comes on. I had to purchase a harness from 5gendiy for the conversion. I would reach out to them and see what he can come up with on your behalf.
  5. I have a 2021 Silverado jump seat with the deeper center storage in black vinyl. Looking to swap for the center console. I am in Virginia but will travel to NC or DC ?
  6. Does anyone have a complete list with the armrest?
  7. Has anyone installed these fog lights from eBay I found a bunch of them listed and they all appear to be the same. I am curious to know the quality level. https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Daytime-Run-Light-Fog-Lamp-For-Chevy-Silverado-2019-2020-Switch-Wirting-Kit/184532966147?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  8. I would like to upgrade from the most basic system to HD Radio, Satellite Radio, I heard that it was a difficult upgrade.
  9. I did the Halogen to LED swap over the weekend but one of my filler panels on the side is no longer fits properly. I was able to pull it off but one of the edges does not fit right once installed. What is the proper way to remove the clips at the top and bottom so it can be installed properly? Suggested tools and method would be great.
  10. Thanks, sadly I have watched the video again and have come to the realization that my truck actually is not wired for the camera. The only connector sadly is like you stated the one that is already clipped to something else. You can see in the video green tape wrapped around both wires that split off and I only have one in my truck So no camera wired in a W/T 2021
  11. Need some help, I have a 2021 W/T and I checked to see if I have the harness near the rearview mirror and it appears different than what I see in the video and I am wondering if things have changed. I also had no glue It was just mounted to a plastic clip. Do I need item #9? This image is from 13536995 And #9 does not have a part listing anywhere? Can some get me the part number for #9
  12. I have found the other thread https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/228384-adding-rear-camera-above-bed/page/15/#comments
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