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  1. Any one know why I can get the MP3 file to play through the USB but the same file will not play correctly in the SD card in the slot. The SD will play but the first song it plays is stuck in the display and will never change no matter what song is playing.
  2. WT did not come with one, saved them a couple of $
  3. Yes, remove the grille & 6 bolts if I remember right. You tube has a video for the bumper removal.
  4. I think they are all the same, there are no different part numbers. I have a WT 5.3 and it fit no problem
  5. You have to take the whole grille assembly out and then the center (White) part will separate from the main grille.
  6. Can you play music through the SD card? I don't have the connection to plug in the back side of the USB-C
  7. I was actually think about that when you replied. I wonder if I could just take the chrome bezel out and install it on mine
  8. Would you want to sell your old cluster that you took out of your truck?
  9. I guess I should have said that I have the base 7" radio, still plug & play?
  10. Hi, My 2020 Silverado WT just has the USB port in the dash, does anyone know if it's possible to add the additional SD card reader & the USB-C to use the SD for music? Plug & play?
  11. Happy with the wheel swap, now on to my next project, figuring out how to put the chrome trim around the gauges, anyone done that?
  12. I was wondering if anyone could give me guidance on replacing the basic gauge cluster in a Custom to one that has the chrome trim rings around the gauges. I talked to the local Chevy parts guy and I can buy the cluster but he said it would have to be swapped buy the dealer and programed by them. I guess I'm asking if all clusters have to be programed? Picture is the cluster I want to install
  13. Bought the leather wheel and I am installing it this weekend. Just like you I am looking for nothing more that a nicer looking & feeling wheel.
  14. I have the basic 7" sound system and there are no Tweeters in the dash under the grills, anyone know if there are speaker wires there and if so are they powered
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