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  1. This happens to me where it sounds like something falls into the bed. The vents on the back of the cab have these plastic covers that pop out with air pressure changes. That’s what was making the noise for me, it was hot outside and I was blasting the AC. You can see the flap move if you are looking at it and shut the back door.
  2. Can you post a picture of that set up? I am still undecided between that setup and 275/65/18.
  3. Yeah I will probably be adding about 20 lbs per tire. I didn’t think about that because I was so wrapped around making sure my ratio wasn’t completely messed up. Lol. yeah I was planning on buying a calibrator for the speedo when I got the tires. Really just trying to decide between 32 and 33 at this point.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m looking for experience upping your tire size. I have the 6 spd 5.3L with the 3.42 gear ratio and the stock tires are 31.1 inches (255/70/17). I am looking at changing to 33 inch tires max. Im wondering what the experience with the loss of towing power, change in MPG, or the amount of “get up n go” you lost with this. I’m guessing since my effective gear ratio stays around 3.31 and that’s still bigger than the 3.23 that also comes with the 1500, then I may not notice a huge difference. Whatcha think?
  5. Good thing I haven’t gotten my wheels yet, I was planning on getting the hypertech. I wish GM would come out with the code for this exact reason.
  6. How much room does that hitch leave between itself and the spare? Also, is it really just as concealed as the factory one is?
  7. They are fused into the grill. The part that has the letters is a plastic bar that clips onto the grill.
  8. When GM installs the factory 2 inch lift they do all of that recalibration for you. Apparently it’s the power steering that needs to be recalibrated.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. From doing research, it sounds like this has been a problem since at least 2014 in GM vehicles.
  10. At least I’m not crazy. I was going to have them look but they wanted to take the dash apart. I didn’t want to risk a permanent rattle.
  11. Sweet, thanks. I have the WT, similar grille, and originally just put vinyl right there but it got holes all over. I’ll try plastidip this time.
  12. What’d you do to get the white behind the Chevrolet? Did you just paint that back plastic piece?
  13. Yeah here is my bow tie that was gold and chrome. That white splatter is a big bug I just hit, so disregard that. lol
  14. Save yourself the money and plasti-dip it. Black plasti dip with a coat of gloss over it. Turned out great on mine!
  15. Happens to me as well with the 6speed transmission. I just always thought the brakes were slipping but now it makes sense that it’s a hard downshift.
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