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  1. Harsh Downshift

    Did it happen to come and go? It stopped completely for a few days but started up again just today.
  2. Having the same camera issue maybe 1 out of 10 times. Anyone else having issues with changing radio stations via steering wheel? It's moving to the next station on the display but staying on the current station, thought it was just a delay but sometimes have to go back and then forward again for it to catch up.
  3. Harsh Downshift

    Thanks. Had a "clunk" free day yesterday so hopefully it's gone.
  4. Harsh Downshift

    Appreciate it. Saw this online but wasn't sure if anyone had success with it.
  5. 500 miles into 2019 SLT and started experiencing a clunking when coming to a stop. Doing some research, sounds like a harsh 3-1 downshift has been an ongoing issue with GM trucks. Took it to dealer and rep experienced it as well during a test drive. All tests and diagnostics came back normal and they told me it's the transmission adaptive function learning. Not buying this at all. Anyone experience this?

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