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  1. Agreed! Would love to see how these hold up since the Chevy promo videos are so proud of having the first DI motor in the HD segment. I have my doubts since the engineers made questionable choices on the new 3.0 duramax too.
  2. Hello Friends, My dad is in the market for a new 2500 Express van since his 2014 Express with the 4.8L V8 gave out at only 130,000 miles. Naturally, I wanted to find him a 2020 van with the 6.0L V8 but he is drifting towards the newer 6.6 gas. For 2021, Chevy did put the 6.6 L8T motor into their 2500/3500 Express Vans. I am sure that this powertrain combo is the same as the HD Silverado pickups. Since I am unable to find much information about this motor, does anyone know what sort of engineering GM has done to prevent carbon buildup on the intake valves? This is an issue with DI motors and I am concerned with longevity and increased maintenance costs if one has to take their truck in every 30,000 miles to have the carbon buildup sandblasted. If Toyota decided that adding both port and direct injection to their motors would resolve this issue, what sort of magic did GM come up with?
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