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  1. I’m agreeing, those steps look great. I have a new HC and am not a big fan of the power steps that came on mine, I really like the clean look of yours.
  2. Looks awesome, love the look of those Amp running boards, wish Chev would switch to this style as I’m not a big fan of the ones that came on my High Country.
  3. Those rims look real good with the colour of your truck, nice truck!
  4. That’s a great color though! I like the previous years 22s as well. Though most dealer’s were only giving the preferred vendor discount (same as employee pricing I was told), I gave it a try and send I wasn’t paying sticker but I think we could make it work with the discount (over $7k). Got excellent trade in value as well so that helped but it still wasn’t cheap of course. They are nice trucks though and drive incredibly smooth.
  5. I wasn’t a fan at first, but they are growing on me. My wife really wanted a Tahoe, I wanted a truck - this was the compromise as the interior is the same and so were the rims, lol. Will most likely put some 20s on for the winter.
  6. Found a refreshed HC about 4 hours from home on a dealers lot and had it purchased and back home within 24 hours. Not easy to find, this one is pretty much loaded. Didn’t really want white but it’s growing on me!
  7. Less than 2 weeks old, had to take it to the beach! Drives smooth. Super cruise works really well.
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