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  1. Awesome, thx for posting pics I have been debating doing the same.
  2. Nice, I also had them install the Putco blade LED light bar under the tail gate I have to admit I am highly impressed with the quality of it sorry would supply pic's but it's currently -30c here with wind chill to -44c to cold to mess around outside LOL!!!!!!
  3. Update, it went back into the dealer today and they found an update to the programming so I am happy to say that the indicator on the dash is now active.
  4. Yeah, just got mine back today and was told the same, I am fine starting it with the remote fob but not the app other than that all is well.
  5. Oh I agree on even a ceramic coated vehicle getting just as dirty, it's the ease of keeping it clean that I find attractive, summer typically is not an issue but once winter arrives up here it's a pain to keep the pride and joy the way I like it!!! LOL
  6. I had considered those but I wanted to keep the factory look, having said that I might go for the in grille led kit from Rough Country?
  7. Update from this weekend, the CEL light is still on and the vehicle goes into my local GM dealer for them to get it sorted in the morning, the strangest thing at the moment is I can remote start it either using the app or key fob even though the check engine light is on?
  8. I had mine done yesterday and seem to be having the exact same issue, there is no indication on the dash to show that they are on, also anyone know if they have any form of adjustment they seem a little low for my taste!
  9. And while mine was in yesterday to get the both the fog lamp kit and the blade rear light bar installed they did the recall for the brakes too, all seemed fine until I came out of the movies last night. I had done a remote start using the app on my phone and the moment I went to pull away the dashboard lit up and I had those same warning messages, thankfully I was in a car park as the brakes were almost non existent. After shutting down the vehicle and restarting 3 times everything came back except now the check engine light is on, I have yet to go out to it this morning to check!
  10. Back in the day when I was posted to West Germany I drove BMW's and at the time their first oil change was at KM2000. so I have pretty much stuck with that since then.
  11. Guys, whilst I would normally put this up on the main forum I thought I would see what owners of our colour are up to, so living in the great white north I find keeping my truck clean is a P.I.T.A in winter as once the snow hits they do the normal plow and spread this wonderful calcium based deicer on the roads and then we get a chinook wind blow through the sun comes out and it's all down the side of your truck! My previous trucks were silver which were way easier to keep clean and as much as I love the blue I am thinking I might as well have a black truck, so for ease of cleaning I am thinking of biting the bullet in spring and getting ceramic coating done, normally I put a layer of polymer sealant on once a year. Thoughts????
  12. Very nice, can you confirm who makes those wheel opening molding's and do you have anymore pic's wondering how far they stick out? Thx
  13. I will 3rd that motion having had a 2018 5.3 with the 6 speed I find this vehicle much smoother and a lot more responsive too.
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