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  1. Very nice indeed especially where to plum them into under the dash. Thx.
  2. Actually I believe it's 3 inched more room in the cab, I have owned both a 14 and 18 Sierra crew and whilst I didn't spend too much time in the back the difference in room from those to my current model is noticeable, ask my dog, she also appreciates the rear vents too! LOL
  3. Same here, at one time I kept all of them from previous vehicles.
  4. Same here, I have the GM mats Z71 came with the truck and having had weathertec, husky and others these are by far the best I have had yet.
  5. Installed the GM part numbered one which is basically the Lund/AVS unit installation was simple and as with previous trucks I put it on top of my existing PPF/ Xpel.
  6. Totally agree my previous trucks: 13 Sierra SLE 15 Sierra SLE 18 Sierra SLT Current vehicle 19 Silverado LT, what put me off the Sierra were the wheel openings which looked much nicer on the previous model and the grille looks to narrow and tall, hey but each to their own.
  7. These are the 18" rims that were factory from my previous gen Sierra, they cleared the existing calipers with more clearance than the wheels that came on my Silverado LT, only thing I had to change was the tpms sensors and I also swapped out the center caps for some chev ones I found on Amazon.
  8. Installed my winter wheel/ tires (groan) these were the oem 18's from my previous gen Sierra only thing I had to do was have the tpms sensors changed.
  9. Yup, me too, unicorns are great!
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