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  1. Since the weather has finally changed for the better and the chariot gets to stay clean longer.
  2. Then mine must be an odd one as that's the area I have been checking since I read this post, turns out mine is on the drivers side!
  3. I have now finally joined this club, have had the truck 8 months not sure how long it's been leaking going into my dealer next Thursday to get it fixed.
  4. After having got out with the ATV's yesterday, had to clean up today!
  5. Unlike the Sierra the Silverado does not have the extra cover you have to remove so it's easier to access.
  6. Finally installed the Z71 grille badge that I have had for months and no you don't have to remove the grille to install!
  7. Awesome pics, I have the it too but mounted under the tail gate and I was wondering how the bar would cater for the curvature in the step plastic but photo's tell all! Thx nice job.
  8. Cleaned again just in time for yet more snow, oh wait it is snowing again (sigh!)
  9. Got to clean mine yet again just in time for yet more snow!!!
  10. Never used any form of additional weight, however every truck I have had I have always used winter tires!
  11. For the guys that say it's just a truck, we are very different people. I believe for $83K (CAD), the truck should be delivered with few to no flaws. Totally agree, just because it's a truck doesn't mean the finish should be lesser than any other new vehicle?
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