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  1. Got a little ATV fun too, we carry x2 of them in an enclosed 14ft trailer.
  2. Interesting subject, I have never had an automatic watch but I am partial to the Citizen eco drive watches of which I have 4 and they have always kept the correct time. I guess the only down side is if they don't get enough light they don't work properly!
  3. I also find that the volume/base and sound quality is typically far better using a USB stick over Google play music, Musicolet and various other apps through my phone and yes it's relatively modern. (Pixel 3)
  4. Could you post photo's of your finished work, thinking of getting this too. Thx
  5. No, it's more like when you are backing up to something real close like a wall.
  6. My LT came with 18"s which are now my winter set, I have recently upgraded to 20"s (not snow flake) on previous trucks I always had 20"s too and have never typically noticed any major difference in ride quality.
  7. Generally I find it improves visibility because of the white light it puts out, on occasion when I am backing up to something close behind it gets a little to bright!
  8. I have the same one mounted like Ryan's, I back out of my garage in to a dark unlit back alley and the light is awesome far superior to anything else I have had and as stated it looks good and illuminates the back of the vehicle well.
  9. Finally upgraded from the factory 18"s to 20"s
  10. In essence yes but typically it's attached as it should be, but as a demo it in theory should be discounted together with any current manufacturer rebates/ incentives too!
  11. Since the weather has finally changed for the better and the chariot gets to stay clean longer. Also thought I would add an updated pic in comparison with the new rims installed.
  12. Then mine must be an odd one as that's the area I have been checking since I read this post, turns out mine is on the drivers side!
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