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  1. I have the Z71 badge for the radiator grille but decided I needed a little colour on the tail gate too.
  2. Had it just over a week, couldn't be happier previously I have driven Sierra's but with the new gen I prefer the Chevy.
  3. Agreed totally, had it on my last 6 vehicles and on she who must be obeyed car too, but I also live in Calgary.
  4. And I was really looking forward to getting the same illuminated bowtie for my truck too, but having now seen the level of brightness I am having second thoughts. Thank you for the write up.
  5. Guys, just thought I would add to this thread. Picked up my 18 SLT April last year and all was fine until the temperature dropped to below freezing and then over every and any bump or rut the center console would vibrate and rattle. This would persist until the interior became warm enough inside the cab and then would go away, so far as spring arrived the noise persisted (albeit to a lesser extent) even at 10c so I finally got it into the dealer. Anyways to cut a long story short I got my truck back after x2 days and currently all seems to be good, I have been driving over every type of bump, hole or road imperfection that was causing it b4 but so far all is quiet!
  6. Have to agree on that one, I had a bed rug in my 15 Sierra then decided to get a spray in on my 18 as far as noise goes what a mistake. Also found going from a soft tonneau cover to a hard didn't help either (sigh!)
  7. I have always used good old GM Opticleen, pinkish looking fluid you should be able to get it from the parts department, never had any freezing of nozzles etc etc!!!
  8. Only got out on it twice last year because of fire bans, hopefully this year should be better? 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra TRV.
  9. In my 15 I had the GM one but in my 18 I just today installed the model from Du-Ha, I like the fact that the Du-Ha one is easily removable, I think it has better use of the available area and it will contain any spills too.
  10. So my final solution was to change my 15 Sierra SLE to an 18 Sierra SLT, having said that I had used the Morimoto HID kit in my 15 and as such had no major problems in the 2 1/2 years they were in there added to that the Morimoto XB led fogs and I found the ideal solution. Just as a foot note the lighting was not the reason I moved up in models, one of the major reasons was heated seats (she must be obeyed is much happier now too) amongst others!
  11. Finally installed the GM underseat storage box, now she can't complain about the groceries orbiting the rear floor!!!
  12. That's funny as we in the communist state didn't see any implied threat of violence, on the other hand if my cat would just get her arse of my keyboard!!!!
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