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  1. I had mine done over a year ago (silicone) by my dealership and despite the temperature extremes we get here, plus pressure washing, torrential and steady rain i have not had an issue with it since.
  2. I had mine done in August last year and i said at the time i believe it's mainly down to the quality of work done by the tech applying it, since then it has been in both gentle and torrential rain numerous high pressure wand and touchless washes and so far has been good no issues.
  3. Definitely a resistor based issue, I tried just changing x1 and same results so I have put the originals back in for the moment. Strangest thing is that with the LED bulbs in that they flash 3 times then hyper flash I might yet consider the Recon assemblies, I see one of the guys has installed them recently.
  4. Have you done your tails yet, i just replaced mine as i wanted them to match the blade light bar, very strange condition from them. The tail/ brake and 4 ways work fine but when i put the turn signals on they flash at normal speed 3 times and then speed up (hyper flash) and of course the DIC in the dash says that there is rear turn signal bulb failure. I purchased these because they are CANBUS compliant but the only solution i see is to add in resistors which negates the point of getting them, either that or put the dim originals back in?
  5. just replaced my front turn signals with the ones from Go Performane I am so impressed both with colour and intensity I have also purchased two sets for the taillights as well. Hoping to get those installed tomorrow.
  6. I have the same one and having had the GM branded ones this has by far has the best clamping system to date, i also had to do some slight adjustments to allow the auto drop to function properly.
  7. What they said, it's the first button I press before deactivating the park brakes.
  8. I would have to agree at the end of the day I think it's down to the quality of the dealership personnel working on your vehicle I discovered my leak at the start of the year just after winter, now I will qualify by saying it only leaked in one spot and normally after a trip to the pressure wash or from going through a touchless car wash also there was soap mixed in with it so it became easy to spot. When they performed the work not only did they do the caulking job they also removed the spoiler did a leak test on it and replaced the fasteners, since then it has been in torrential rain and numerous washes and so far has been leak free.
  9. Got a little ATV fun too, we carry x2 of them in an enclosed 14ft trailer.
  10. Interesting subject, I have never had an automatic watch but I am partial to the Citizen eco drive watches of which I have 4 and they have always kept the correct time. I guess the only down side is if they don't get enough light they don't work properly!
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