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  1. I had the Borla ATAK 140537 installed this past weekend. Best exhaust for this truck. I previously had the S Type muffler made for GMPP but now only made by Borla with their stamping, it was more muffled than what I remember from the 2011 Silverado I had previously installed it on the OEM exhaust system.
  2. I used Blackbear to turn off AFM completely, to change the shifting and modify speedometer due to change in tire height.
  3. So the hanger will fit in between those two metal parts of the hitch? Every time I see an install on you tube, it’s for a truck without an OEM hitch from the factory.
  4. Were there any issues installing the exhaust hanger on the drivers side with the ATAK system? Seems like the class III hitch might interfere. This pic is from my 2018 Sierra.
  5. Bilstein will tell you not to run spacers with the 5100 adjustable struts or it will void the warranty.
  6. Skid plates have been in attic, wife says they have to go. Came off my 2011 Silverado when installing lift.
  7. Selling level kit from Rugged Off Road. Installed on new 2018 Sierra in Feb 2019. Didn't like Rancho shocks so opted for Bilstein 5100 adjustable struts which lifts front end. On truck for 3 months, now they've just been sitting around the garage so wife says they have to go. $25 + shipping if interested. I'm north of Houston. 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 6-LUG 2.0" Leveling Kit | ruggedoffroad
  8. Bilstein will tell you that the 5100 adjustable front struts are not meant to be used with a spacer, it will void their warranty and reduce the life of the shock. I have run bottom strut spacers and currently have the 5100 adjustable struts on the top setting with roughly 1.85" of front lift.
  9. I have this setup but I left the front shocks at stock setting and used a Rugged Off-road spacer. This is on a 2018 Sierra Crew Cab. No rubbing with the 275/60/20 BFG tires.
  10. Get a 2 inch block to replace the stock 1" block and a set of Bilstein 5100 part number 33-238319 for trucks with a rear lift of 0-2". https://www.shockwarehouse.com/index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=3820&selected_year=2018
  11. No shame in replacing the Ranchos. I did the same thing as Langston1726 except I went with the 5100 struts in front to replace the stock Ranchos and already had a Rugged Off Road bottom strut spacer in place. Ride is great. Much better than with the Ranchos.
  12. I have the 5100 shocks with a Rugged Off Road 2" spacer under the front strut. I couldn't stand the Ranchos and didn't want to use the strut as the lift. I'm happy with the setup and the ride is great.
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