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  1. I have the 2018 model but used a Rugged Off Road spacer on the 5100 front struts and have no rubbing at full lock on either side.
  2. Yes, I've been using black02silverado for 6 years now for my Amsoil products.
  3. I've never had a leak on a Wix XP filter. But I do notice lower oil pressure with them than I would expect. I'm about to try out the EA filters.
  4. So are you using Wix XP or the Amsoil oil filters?
  5. I bought the 400130 from Borla for my 2018 GMC I purchased in February of 2019 as one of the last 2018s on the lot. I had the GMPP muffler on my 2011 Silverado and liked the fact it had no drone and you could hear it on startup or when you romped on it but was smooth on the highway. The sound of the 400130 on my 2018 wasn't what I had expected until I had the resonator cut out. AFM is turned off completely on the truck. Borla reps will tell you to cut out the resonator on these new trucks or you won't get the sound. I have videos of the Borla with resonator still intact and without resonator but they are too large to post here.
  6. If you're in the Houston area, Binswanger Glass might be an option. When they replaced my windshield in a 2011 Silverado, the glass was very clear. I have heard complaints about the glass from SafeLite. I believe they used PGW glass. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Sucks regardless but worse when your family is with you and has to suffer the long ride home without the back glass. Hope they find the ones responsible for this. They'll strike again and get caught, or run into the wrong person one night.
  7. Bilstein will tell you that the 4600 shocks/struts are the same as the 5100 when comparing the ride of the truck but need the 5100 due to any lift so the 5100 has a different length. I used a spacer and kept the 5100 at the lowest level and the ride is much more controlled and I like it more now than when I bought it brand new in February 2019.
  8. I've had vehicle seats replaced with aftermarket leather in the past and the Kazkins were the best in my opinion. They should have a recommended Katzkins shop close to you and offer some good discounts right now, as I've been getting emails from them on a non-GM vehicle I have been considering upgrading from cloth to leather. Good luck with your decision. I would never tackle that job as I would be afraid of not installing it correctly on seats with heaters, etc.
  9. The level kit manufacturer will have a recommendation on the proper tire but in my personal experience, I've always been able to run stock wheels and a 275/60/20 tire due to the narrowness as compared to a 295/55/20 which might require some trimming. Might be able to run a 285/55/20 since it's a little shorter than a 275/65/20 but I do not have any rubbing, even at full lock. with my level kit and running the 275/60/20 BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 tires.
  10. When I pulled up the part numbers it only showed fitting 2017 and up. When they were removed, once of the struts is missing the end cap/spacer. Could probably get another one for it. PM me if you're interested. I'll negotiate a price + shipping to get these out this week. I can get some other pics if needed.
  11. A set of OEM Rancho front struts(84043211) and rear shocks(84043235) that came on a brand new 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 bought in Feb 2019. Only removed because of installation of level kit. They have 2,000 miles of service. As is. Will fit 2017 and up GM trucks.
  12. OEM front skid plate and transfer case skid plate from 2011 Chevy Silverado. Should fit GMC trucks as well. $40 + shipping
  13. It is my opinion that 1.75-2" is plenty and 2.5" would be too much. Others on here may disagree but I would be concerned with the angles if going 2.5". Just my opinion as I have never leveled my trucks more than 2". I did install a 3.5" kit on my 2011 Silverado and used .25" spacers for the stock wheels but it still rubbed a little and the other components adjusted my angles appropriately.
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