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  1. Where'd you find those at? I'm struggling to find mirror caps that aren't for towing mirrors, let alone in the pearlescent diamond white tricoat smh. About to order some and paint them myself!
  2. Just took mine off after reading this thread. First thing I thought after about a week of having this beast was that this piece was a waste of material. For anyone that hasn't read previous posts: SUPER easy removal and the truck looks so much better.
  3. Anyone with a Denali care to lay their leveling set-up on me? Seeing a lot of posts for everything else, but I have a 2015 1500 Denali and don't want the extra stress of stock components the Rough Country leveling kit might cause. Bilsteins, at least in the front, sound ideal, but will that not affect the "MagneRide?" I suppose you could say i want a slight rake look, not completely level. I'll occasionally have a trailer with a motorcycle or two on it and/or a motorcycle in the bed. Thanks, and my apologies if there's a thread better suited for this question!
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