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  2. If your amp probe said 0 amps the block heater was not drawing power. Your input voltage will always read 120 volts but that does not mean that the block heater was on. And Yes it has to be at least -18 for that heater to turn on. I don't like that either but if GM says it's ok to start a -18 engine then. it's ok with me...I've started mine with -30 (no block heater) and it started OK, and always has. By the way diesel means nothing, they only make one block heater and one block heater cord, so it doesn't matter.
  3. If what I've read is correct the block heater cord has a thermostat built into it and it won't even allow the heat to kick in until -18C or lower. My reading included only the diesel engine, If you find out different let me know! I can't tell what you drive, might be good to add that info to your profile.
  4. My truck came with a block heater. It was -20 last night here in Ottawa and no more than -15 today so I thought I would plug in the block heater and see how it worked. I plugged in the heater cord that came with the truck and checked the voltage =120 v. Was curious about how much draw there is but my amp probe showed zero amps when plugged in. It appears there is no load Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if there is something I need to do under the hood to connect the heater .
  5. What brand kit did you use for your lift? Hows the ball joint angle looking? And which UCA does your truck have(or had) stamped, cast or aluminum? Nice truck, aggresive stand! ✌
  6. Hey guys / gals I recently had the GM factory accessory Fog kit activated at my local dealer and while the lights work on/off there is no indicator ... looking at the manual there is indeed a fog indicator in the DIC so I'm wondering why that did not get "activated" as well during the BCM programming ? Anyone else have a fog kit installed that can confirm about the indication of fogs being on / off much appreciated Thx Dave
  7. You need to choose it as an "info page option" in the DIC settings and check off "fuel economy" then you can view it in the DIC information tab by scrolling on the steering wheel right thumbwheel
  8. In my other GM vehicles you could see your fuel mileage change as your driving. How do I find that in my new 2020 GM AT4
  9. I put a 3.5 inch level kit on my Sierra. I’m going to upgrade the upper control arms soon. I had my truck dyno tuned last month. It’s putting up 340 horsepower to the wheel and 420 lb ft of torque. I’m hoping to get a bigger tires at some point but my 285’s will do for now!
  10. I have a 2016 GMC 1500 4x4 L83 work truck custom (bare bones with rubber floors) with a 6L80, G80 at 3.42, with a mechanical transfer case. At present, it has the RC 2.5" level kit and BFG 32.5" KO2's - apart from that and the bedliner, she is stock until the warranty is up next year. Starting this year, a 4 phase plan will roll out to build a great BC expedition rig that remains practical for daily driving...by my standards at least. Phase 1 - Cosmetics/non-warranty violators, commencing as soon as debt/wife allows. - Black Raptor bedliner full body paintjob - CB radio and antenna - Thule or similar no-drill roof rack - Homemade tube bumpers with quick-swap winch mounts between front and back and lower body exo cage (designs are WIP) - 12,000lb nylon winch (Smittybilt X20 seems reasonably priced, but I am an open minded opportunist) - Undercover swing boxes...maybe. Phase 2 - Performance/reliability/quality of life upgrades. - Kenwood double DIN deck, or equivalent system - Diablo i3 Tuner - Muffler delete (keep the resonator) - Air Raid 200-543 throttle spacer - Air Raid 200-285 intake - Sonnax 6L80 zip kit - Yukon 4.56 gears Phase 3 - Endgame - Rough Country 7" bracket lift w/front and rear Vertex coilovers...BDS's 6" coilover kit seems like the extra $1,000USD that broke the camel's back, but we shall see... - US Wheel Crawler Stealth 17x9" wheels - BFG KO2 35x12.5" tires It will take some time, to say the least.
  11. Nice truck man, I had an SLE just like it. I loved that truck so much I bought a blown up one with a very clean body a few years ago. My plan is to do a 5.3L swap with a donor avalanche I have laying around, I want to put the front strut suspension in also. Now if I could only find time to pull the body off the frame to redo the chassis. Easy to work on and maintain, very dependable. Those days are long gone so keep it in tip top shape so you never have to buy a computer on wheels like the rest of us.
  12. Got a set of wheels for my 2500 work wagon because my 2013 busted a rim. Now that truck will get my 2018 hand-me-downs, ill put nice wheels and tires on the my 2018 and then have 3 full size spares for the other 2500's. Only other mods are wheel to wheel tubes, weathertechs front and back, 500L slip tank, homemade 2" square tube backrack, and 2-way radio with lo-pro long range antenna, good for about 50km depending on location. Putting the wheels on tomorrow, will post pics when mounted. Other than that I might tint the windows.
  13. Just ordered these. I'm thinking about mounting 2 flush mount plugs on the underside of the roof spoiler (one at each end) connected to the beacon output on the 9L7 aux switches. That way i can use multiple set ups from the same output. Also makes it easy to remove the aux lights or lightbar for servicing.
  14. Does anyone know when they are starting to produce the 2020 duallies? Did anyone get an order in and do you have a TPW yet?
  15. Where do you get Blue sea 12V plugs from....txs
  16. Putting pics here.( It's not working at the moment) Speed Turtle: Decked: Weathertech: Under seat storage: 9L7 upfitter Aux switch Warning Lights: Aux Lights: 12v and USB outlets: Dual Battery:
  17. Rock Auto, amazon was my go to place, also just found a new seller mytruckpoint.ca they are a Canadian company so decided to give them a try and order a DeeZee tailgate assist and it arrived in 3 days. Now looking to order a tonneau cover from them let see what deal I get.
  18. 2019 Sierra Construction, utility and general personal safety: Speed turtle 3.0 Flasher kit - Arrived! $291.63 + $45 duties. Decked drawer system - DONE. DG7 $1651.00 + tax Lock kit $64.60 + tax Drain plug kit $ 32.30 + tax Divider kit #32.30 + tax D-Box AD5-DTAN ($67.66) Wife bought me 2 for my B-day Weather tech mats (Christmas present from family) -Arrived! Rear under seat storage - pending $ 9L7 upfitter aux switch - Arrived! (2K19sierra helped with finding part number and canadian prices) F Block kit $63.76 DONE! (took 5 minutes to do) Harness $158.42 Battery Cable $71.06 Multi switch $33.14 Knee Panel $ did not buy warning lights - pending 9L7 kits Whelen TIR3 - Reused from previous truck X 14 Code3 Micropak - Arrived! 6 lights $573.00 + $77.00 Customs Some kind of back rack - need to choose still Aux lights pretty much 360 - Rigid Industries 20641- Arrived! $124.00 + tax X 2 sets. Rigid industries Dually - Reused from previous truck more pending $ Additional usb chargers - Blue Sea Systems dual USB 4.8A Arrived! $52.67 + tax Additional 12v outlets - Blue sea systems 12V DC socket Arrived! $23.43 + tax X 2 sets Dual battery system. This will take some figuring out, but I'm working on it. Going to try to power the 9L7 upfitter kit from the Aux battery. Perfect switch power gate ($433.00 USD) odyssey 65-PC174 ($337.98) Blue Sea systems ST blade fuse block 12 circuit with negative terminals - Arrived! $66.14 + tax 1/0 battery cable Red/Black Anderson battery connectors
  19. Thanks for the help/search. I will read extra pages as suggested !!
  20. Found it in this thread: You'll need to read through the first few pages to get the idea of what to do. Deets for the cargo lights are in there.
  21. How can I change my Cargo Lights to also come on when using Remote....txs
  22. Oh and picked up a Range device as well... the V4 noise was noticeable and 'some-what' irritating after the exhaust mods, but not huge. Found a used Range for basically half of new and gave it a whirl.... actually fairly impressed with how well shifting has improved with V4 being disabled.
  23. Fog lights on with parking lights - DONE Cargo lights on with reverse lights (so that unlocking from the remote turns on the cargo lights in the bed) - DONE Soft fold tonneau (pulled from a trade at the dealer) - DONE Stone deflector (added at dealership, part of the deal) - DONE Weathertechs front and back (referral deal with dealership, only paid for the rear) - DONE Full tint - back added additional 35% to factory to make near-limo tint, front driver and passenger just a straight 35% - DONE MBRP polished stainless exhaust tip - DONE Custom cat-back exhaust - Borla XR-1 muffler to replace stock and resonator deleted - DONE ProComp 2.5" level kit in front, 3" ReadyLift block kit in rear - DONE Pioneer 10" TS-W261S4 350W subwoofer w/Rockford T400-2 400W 2-channel amp (used an AudioControl LC2i to get line level audio out of stock stereo) - DONE Custom 12V power port in the box near the tailgate - wired into the 12V supply line from the trailer 7-pin connection at the bumper - DONE To Do: USB charge only ports for rear seat (install into back of armrest/console) Black bowties Multi camera interface to add cameras that can display on factory screen, with sideview cameras and front camera. aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filter and..... some new tires (stock Goodyears are 'poop') - likely BFG KO2 275/60/20 (increasing size to 33" to take advantage of lift)

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