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  1. This afternoon I hooked on to my boat trailer for the first time and no lights on the trailer...tried a test light on the back of the truck, nothing on both plug ins…..no the fuses are burned! Has this been an issue with anyone else....first time hooking to a trailer, 2500 miles on truck! Thanks for reading GH
  2. Hi DenverRob, I don't think you noticed. But I live in Canada, and up here they charged me 2500.00 installed.That being said worth every penny in my book....lol. Great looking truck for my needs.RyanB on this site got one installed on his High Country...…. He's from the US....
  3. Well said... to each his own....I have chrome, the next guy has black.The bottom line they are makin' the payments!
  4. Ltz 6.2 with dealer installed 2" gm trail boss kit.....
  5. Ryan, did you just screw it on or added a bit of lock tite to make shure????
  6. TH , I got the 2" GM levelling installed on mine at dealer before delivery ( 3 year warranty) here's a few pics
  7. Hi Ryan, make shure to send me a few pics when you take delivery...…..GH!
  8. I wonder if Amazon would have it.....doubt I can find it in Canada....will do my homework, THANKS!
  9. 2019 Ltz ordered with a 6.2L, installed 275/65/18 Duratracs….after advice from tech at dealer, he suggested that I install the GM 2" leveling kit ( 3 year warranty on it) so went with that.....very happy with it...
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