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  1. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    I wonder if Amazon would have it.....doubt I can find it in Canada....will do my homework, THANKS!
  2. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    What kind of sealant do you use? Nice work!
  3. 2019 Ltz ordered with a 6.2L, installed 275/65/18 Duratracs….after advice from tech at dealer, he suggested that I install the GM 2" leveling kit ( 3 year warranty on it) so went with that.....very happy with it...
  4. What did you pay for your truck?

    When I say fees, I meant all fees ie documentation, loan reg., and other......
  5. What did you pay for your truck?

    For any Canadians of this site...…. 2019 LTZ 6.2l MSRP 66 275 DEALER REBATE 3975 GM encentives 6000 PRICE 55700 Had a 2016 ltz traded 36000-16450 lien +gm card 2500 FEES etc +- 750 37123,??$ out the door financed at 3.49% Paid 2500 out of pocket for GM Leveling kit...
  6. Hi folks, what's you take....Do you think installing a Trail Boss levelling kit on a LTZ is something that can be done???? GH
  7. Yes he did, but he put one of less height 1.25" instead of 1.50"......cause the truck is still higher than useall…..did you check what the gm kit looks like 4 shocks , shafts etc.
  8. Yes we knew about the rake and the tech told me he had done something to fix this...
  9. Hi Limelight, I ordered a GM leveling kit (Part No. 84629787) the guys that know their stuff on this site say it's the same one that the trail boss has.Regarding the tires they are 275/65/18 Duratracs
  10. Picked up my 2019 LTZ with trail boss levelling kit today.....very very very satisfied!!! will share more later.6.2L and had dealer install duratracs. GH
  11. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    Just bought an LTZ this week...the only ones I've seen here in North East Canada 1 chev and mayby 4-5 Sierra's seen over 1-2 months. The dealer I bought mine sold a Sierra also this week. MSRP 66275 fees 1022 GM REBATE 6000 Trade in 36000 Dealer rebate 3975 lien 16 426 Credit 500 sub total 37183.33 Price 55700 15% tax 3053.81 total 40236.81 Minus GM Card 2???.00 GH
  12. Thank you sir, hoping for delivery of truck tomorrow afternoon....will try to post pics ASAP.
  13. Hi Ryan, will try to post pics ASAP....the order took about five weeks and keep in mind i'm in north eastern Canada....we had thoughts the last week of march or first week of april and it's in now go figure.. GH
  14. Well guys, my truck is in early and didn't debate long...Dealer will install trail boss levelling kit , Duratracs and my friend who is a technician at the dealer told me he will also add a kit in front to complete full level.Hoping to take delivery of truck on Friday. 2019 Satin steel LTZ, that will have the look and height of the trail boss i hope....6.2L(first ever for me)
  15. Congrats Mike, nice truck...have a ltz on order.Should be in last week of March!! GH
  16. Thank you sir! the only thing missing is the LTZ.....it's on order....should be here by the end of March. Satin steel with a 6.2 ( first time 6.2) GH
  17. I assume all LTZ would have this sd card slot in console? GH
  18. Ben , my dealer isn't crazy about using this kit....says top ball joint don't last...just sayin! GH
  19. Ryan, the one you are getting is 2"??? So that's not going to level according to z1boss….
  20. Kinda wishing that a 3" kit would be available...some places say they are 2019 compatible....i'm skeptical.
  21. 2019 Silverado 3.5" lift

    Did you have to alter parts of your truck.....ie ball joints etc? Thanks GH
  22. Hi again folks, I'm the guy that started the 6.2 debate a few weeks ago, now that I have ordered 6.2....Here my next question (lol) I was thinking when you walk into a dealer with a trade if you don't get as good a deal than, just walking in with a deal to be had( no trade)….this said I found a private buyer for my 16 today at 2000.00 better than what they were wiling to give on a trade.... Thanks for reading GH
  23. With trade or no trade

    I have bought 5-6 trucks from this dealer and a few cars ( wife)...the dealer was all in. The cost is minimal for the transfer to new owner, from my calculation I will be saving around 3000.00$ in taxes.

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