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  1. Well folks it's time to make my move, and so is the 6.2L worth the extra 2500.00$....I'm ordering a LTZ and have to stop debating.....2500 extra and premium gas.....mmmmmm Thanks for reading..... GH
  2. Sorry, I read your post again and saW Nissan...here in eastern Canada the dealer will only give me 34 000 on an 2016 LTZ 43000 kms…...selling it private sale.
  3. If you don't mind me asking...what did you trade in for your truck?
  4. 6.2L Yes or No

    Well first, I would like to thank everyone that took some of their time to give me their input...some interesting to say the least....lol! But for all it's worth I ordered a 6.2 today.....mayby for the wrong reason, but this way I should'a….could'a, would'a won't be in the cards. And at an age that it could be awhile to the next one....Anyway folks again thanks for your time....and will be back with the " Verdict" lol ! AG
  5. Hi again folks, my 2016 has a 2.5" in front and 1 in the back.....and was very happy with that. Is this setup available for the 19's? Thanks GH
  6. 6.2L Yes or No

    Well Jim, first thanks for the reply.....I see you have a 6.2, no I've been in a 6.2.But never have driven one myself. Would you go back to a 5.3, i'm assuming you had one before!!!!
  7. 6.2L Yes or No

    Thanks for the reply, I must clarify i'm 55 years old and once I get a truck she's my jewel. But as for add ons for power that's outta my realm....just sayin'. Here in Canada 10-12 cents more a liter for gas.....But I won't be buying new trucks for long....lol Had 5.3 L all my other trucks over the years and no issues
  8. Hi Folks! first and foremost I've been a gm guy all my life ( 10-12 trucks) and i'm 54 years old. Now be warned rant coming.....is it just me or the new 2019 interior are boring at best. Very very disappointed in the looks inside the truck, someone mentioned to check out a Laramie and was blown away compared to a GM. Was set to order a LTZ this spring, but after seeing this i'm thinking of jumping ship, this said it's killing me but for the prices we are paying here in Canada and a lame vehicle.....The LTZ satin steel was going to be my choice, but worse comes to worst i'll keep my 2016 LTZ. Also GM missed the bus on their plan.....can't even get a LTZ here in eastern Canada yet.....dealers have one or two trucks on lot's....What a JOKE! GH
  9. Employee rebates

    If your a veteran......the rebate should be 3000 minimum in my book. And thanks for your service sir! GH
  10. Hi Everyone, Just a simple question for regarding family members that work for GM...My brother in law worked (retired) for Dodge and I can get a rebate ( a few Bucks). Also my cousin worked( retired also) at GM and was wondering if anyone here has ever ( heard, used) this......I uess family members are also eligible...… Been a CHEV truck owner all my life, but I love to save a few bucks also..... Thanks for reading Dreaming of a 2019 LTZ Satin Steel Metallic GH
  11. The voice voice of reason...without a bashing!!!! thumbs up!
  12. Built the the truck (LTZ) that I would order …...69 500.00 $ ouch!
  13. 2019 Chevrolet Boring interior!!

    Would you mind sending me a pic of your LTZ....would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. 2019 Chevrolet Boring interior!!

    Which thread should I read sir? thanks!
  15. Hi guys and girls, I'm lining up to order a 19' and a few of my friends have a 6.2 and say they are great on gas and lot's of power.....just wanted a unbiased opinion from folks and this site. What's your take and input on the 6.2...here in Canada they're 4000$ more. Thanks for reading... GH
  16. 6.2 LTS Motor worth the $$$$$$

    I know a forum is to read and give your opinion.....but I would like to thank you guys for taking your time and giving your input. Very appreciated and informative!!! GH
  17. After seeing an 2019 Ltz, my next purchase will be a 2019 LTZ with 6.2 lts and side steps, spray on,brake cont and bed lights......that's all I need! lol
  18. Happened to mine when it was 6 months old...defective starter!
  19. Was waiting to trade my 2016 LTZ for a 2019..........BIG FAT NOOOOO. Will have to try to find a 2018 next late summer. Sorry not for me! GH
  20. Hi Guys, I'm looking to purchase a tonneau cover for my 2016 SILVERADO C/C 6.5' box and would like to have one that is on the inner side of box, Do you have any suggestions on what make is your favorite? Thanks for reading...... GH
  21. My new 2016 Silverado LTZ

    Thanks again guys, very happy with truck and the 2.5 levelling is very nice...... GH
  22. My new 2016 Silverado LTZ


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