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  1. Also installed one of the newer units and works as advertised. Good quality product. One less thing to do after starting the vehicle!
  2. UPDATE_4: Dealership completed the evaporator replacement and did a relearn on the transmission. The mechanic actually did a bang-up job reconstructing the cab and everything is working fine, especially the AC. I'm sure the 8-speed transmission will be the same, as they did not do the flush since the transmission already had the new Mobil 1 ATF fluid from the factory. I have crafted a letter requesting a repurchase or replacement of the truck and sent it off to GM this afternoon. I'll keep you guys posted once I hear back from them. The attached image was at the final tear-down when they were waiting for the replacement evaporator. Remember, no matter what issues you may be having with your truck, it could always be worse! Bill. .
  3. UPDATE_3: Dealership service manager called and said the evaporator coil is back ordered and there is no ETA at this time. They have finally given me another Silverado to use while they wait on the coil. I can’t make this shit up! I continue to update my letter that will go through an attorney before sending to GM requesting a replacement vehicle. I’d have better luck in a used Yugo for Christ sakes.
  4. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement on this fiasco. I'm going to be working on a PowerPoint with timeline and will be contacting customer support to start working on getting this one taken back and a new one ordered. This is going to be like pushing a rope uphill through a brier patch.
  5. UPDATE#2: Stopped by the dealership shop and here is what my 2019 Silverado RST with 2,300 miles looks like when your replacing a defective Evaporator coil! He is only 80% in, as the cross-beam support still needs to be removed before the HVAC box can come out. Hope for everybody else sake that this is not a systemic issue from the HVAC supplier. Maybe I'm the one in a million, should have played the lottery instead. So much for a new truck!!! Bill.
  6. Mine is currently in the shop with an Evaporator leak that has rendered the system ineffective. And yes, the evaporator requires the dash to be removed! I have 2,300 miles and I'm already pissed off that I went with the Silverado.
  7. I couldn't believe it myself when I took delivery of my RST and realized after the fact that there was no sunglass compartment to be found. There is plenty of room in the center headliner area if you do not have a sunroof (the motor would take up the open space). Designed my own sunglass cubby as a solid model, printed the bezel and cubby, along with a trim template, and made my own. I had posted the process a while back here on this forum. Here are a few pics of the unit.
  8. UPDATE: Link for the transmission shudder issue from GM techlink publication. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11127 Well its been only four months and 2,300 miles and I'm already at the dealership service department with two major issues. 1) AC stopped blowing cold air a few days ago, WTF! 2) I've have the infamous 8-speed transmission shudder from takeoff to second gear since day one. Here's the news I got from the service department today: The AC system is leaking at the evaporator and the console and the entire dash will have to be removed to replace the evaporator coil. For the transmission issue, they have a TSB that has them flushing out the transmission and Torque Converter and replacing with a Mobil 1 product (was hoping for a software update but no luck there). Best part (sarcasm here) is they have asked me to take back possession of the truck until July 9th before they can get to both issues! I cannot imagine the amount of broken plastic clips I'm going to wind up with once they get the dash back in. Really GM!!! Oh my ache'n ass! More to follow... Bill.
  9. The cubby takes well over 28 hours to print, and the bezel around 7 hours. Then painting the bezel and joining the two, followed by lining the cubby with felt, cutting the headliner, and install. Was a labor of love to say the least, with some puckering of the “A” hole during the cutting of the headliner. I would love to produce and sell these, but the fabrication labor, materials and having to supply a cutting template would put the price too high for anyone interested. I will gladly share the .stl files for those that would like to 3D print on their own. Just pm me or send me your email address and I’ll supply the files. Bill.
  10. I used the Tough PLA from MatterHackers that has an advertised heat deflection temp of 60 C (140 F). I have the file saved as a CATIA V5 .catpart. PM me and I'll output it in a format of your choice. Bill.
  11. Played a little bit more with my 3D design software and 3D printer and came up with a holder that fits my iPhone 8 phone with its case. Allowed for a little bit of extra room in-case I swap out cases. Printed from Tough PLA from MatterHackers, rubberized coated, added felt lining and rubber bump stops to the bottom, and designed for the Lightening cable attach when holstered. The way I mounted it was by cutting the rubber liner in the console to the exact footprint of the holder, and then used 3M VHB double-back tape to attach. Slides in and out with no problem and gets it out of my pocket when driving, and allows me to see texts and alerts. Key Fob holder also in picture that gets everything out of my pocket on long trips. Pics for your viewing pleasure... Bill.
  12. Design, fab and installation complete. See YouTube video below.
  13. Was Simply meant to have a place to leave the fob when I park the truck in the garage at night.
  14. Here is my latest 3D design and print of a simple key fob holder that can be used when you have your truck parked in the garage and want it close to the RF receiver. This was printed from PA 12 with 20% carbon fiber (Nylon X) filament. The flanges are double back taped to the console area. Still working the final sunglass cubby design, awaiting more carbon fiber filament. I can offer up the .stl file if anyone would like to print for themselves, of I can print for a nominal fee and shipping. Pics for you viewing pleasure. Bill.
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