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  1. Completed the "CHEVROLET" stenciling on the rear tailgate and a little customization to the "T" in the RST letters. Did this with some Oracal 651 2mil vinyl, color x019. I have saved the .svg file if anyone out there has a cutter and would like the shape to try on their own. Bill. Clarification: The CHEVROLET letters were purchased from another vendor, the "T" is what I have the .svg file for. Sorry for the confusion. If you guys would like the "T", send an email to [email protected] Bill.
  2. See attached for 2019 RPO’s. Sorry if this has been done already or has been stickied. Bill. all-new-2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-order-guide-april-20-2018.pdf
  3. As the title says, I'm looking to add internal (SD Card) Navigation to my 8" RPO "IOS" radio. The Card Kit, GM part number 84531832 is available and is around $400 with 1/2 hour shop labor to add it to the database and register into the radio system. While I realize that I can simply do the Apple CarPlay thing, I would like to have it integrated with the system via the SD card slot. Has anyone successfully done this upgrade already? Hate to be the first (guinea pig). Thanks in advance... Bill.
  4. Yep. Got 'm on order. And let the money start to flow out of the checking account! UPDATE: Installed today in shop. Made sure the truck sheet metal was warm and used the adhesion promoter the kit came with. I simply measured .300" down from top of door crease line for location rather than measuring from the bottom of door as the instructions said. Very happy on how they break up the expanse of the side body.
  5. Finally had a chance to put my new 2019 Silverado RST, 5.3l DFM up on my lift to take a look at the new chassis and drivetrain and came across two items I felt would be worthy to share. The first item is what I'll call typical GM compromise in design with the left side exhaust downpipe. As this pipe makes its transition across the transmission, they had to collapse the pipe for clearance issues (see pic). Nothing like a little extra back-pressure for the left bank. I wonder if the engineer that came up with that design did any calculation to ensure there was no decrease of internal area. I can see this will be a popular mod to eliminate this constriction point. Second area of interest is what appears to be some sort of acoustic stainless steel mesh scabbed onto the tailpipe in two areas. I going to guess that this is some sort of attempt at tuning those ugly power pulses when the DFM kicks in and go's from 8 to 6 to 4 and 2 (see pics). Not to limit the "WTF were they thinking" discussions simply to the exhaust area, how about those "Task Lights" in the outside mirrors that would have been better served as down-facing "puddle" lights instead of something I'll never use and will most likely leave on by accident. Add to that the push-to-start button being placed low enough in the dash to be convenient only to people shorter than a midget. But with that said, I do love the truck and the ability to turn off the auto stop-start. Bill. UPDATE: Learned something new every miunute. Here is the info on the resonance free pipe technology. https://altairenlighten.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Enlighten_award_slide_module_Faurecia.pdf

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