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  1. The cubby takes well over 28 hours to print, and the bezel around 7 hours. Then painting the bezel and joining the two, followed by lining the cubby with felt, cutting the headliner, and install. Was a labor of love to say the least, with some puckering of the “A” hole during the cutting of the headliner. I would love to produce and sell these, but the fabrication labor, materials and having to supply a cutting template would put the price too high for anyone interested. I will gladly share the .stl files for those that would like to 3D print on their own. Just pm me or send me your email address and I’ll supply the files. Bill.
  2. I used the Tough PLA from MatterHackers that has an advertised heat deflection temp of 60 C (140 F). I have the file saved as a CATIA V5 .catpart. PM me and I'll output it in a format of your choice. Bill.
  3. Played a little bit more with my 3D design software and 3D printer and came up with a holder that fits my iPhone 8 phone with its case. Allowed for a little bit of extra room in-case I swap out cases. Printed from Tough PLA from MatterHackers, rubberized coated, added felt lining and rubber bump stops to the bottom, and designed for the Lightening cable attach when holstered. The way I mounted it was by cutting the rubber liner in the console to the exact footprint of the holder, and then used 3M VHB double-back tape to attach. Slides in and out with no problem and gets it out of my pocket when driving, and allows me to see texts and alerts. Key Fob holder also in picture that gets everything out of my pocket on long trips. Pics for your viewing pleasure... Bill.
  4. Design, fab and installation complete. See YouTube video below.
  5. Was Simply meant to have a place to leave the fob when I park the truck in the garage at night.
  6. Here is my latest 3D design and print of a simple key fob holder that can be used when you have your truck parked in the garage and want it close to the RF receiver. This was printed from PA 12 with 20% carbon fiber (Nylon X) filament. The flanges are double back taped to the console area. Still working the final sunglass cubby design, awaiting more carbon fiber filament. I can offer up the .stl file if anyone would like to print for themselves, of I can print for a nominal fee and shipping. Pics for you viewing pleasure. Bill.
  7. No door for now. Will have a foam mat on the bottom to keep the sunglasses from sliding around.
  8. Have been totally satisfied with my new 2019 Silverado RST for the most part, with only very minor gripes about the new body. One small thing I do miss is the sunglass cubby by the overhead console. Yes, small annoyance but I really don't like to leave them on the dash tray in the sun, on in the console tray area. My truck does not have a sunroof, and the area in the headliner for the motor is a real nice cavity just waiting for someone to design and fabricate a cubby. To that end, I taken the plunge and designed a cubby with a bezel to occupy that area. Yes, this means I've got to have the balls to cut the headliner, take measurements for the cubby, design it, 3D print it, and have it look half way decent when installed. At this time, the cut has been made, the design has been completed, and the prototype is being printed from Nylon X filament. I've included some initial images of the work in process. Last image is a rendering of the 3D model superimposed into the truck. Stay tuned for installation and completion. Bill.
  9. Curious why the Ram half tons have them and the past Silverados did not.
  10. Does anyone know if any of the packages came with an optional rear sway bar? Would like to know if this would be a potential upgrade for my RST crew cab. Thanks in advance.
  11. Look in the console. It should be on the front wall on the inside upper edge.
  12. Same configuration here. Some people feel that this is a bit much to have Nav, but I look at it as a one time non-recurring cost that is well worth it years later. I piss away that much a month on Amazon for god sakes!
  13. Sure does. It shows up as a small white square with the posted speed limit.
  14. Ordered the maps SD card (https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2019-silverado-1500-navigation-system-conversion-kit-navigation-radio-upgrade/84531832-p-92300645.html) and had the dealership upgrade program my IOS system to now be Nav capable today. Charge was $95.00 to do all the software upgrades and all works great. The SD card is keyed to your VIN so it cannot be moved to another vehicle. Yeah, I could do the Apple CarPlay thing, but wanted the built-in Nav capability. Bill..

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