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  1. https://www.wheels.ca/news/police-release-onboard-video-of-pedestrian-death-from-uber-volvo/ Now it's beginning-driver has completely given over to the autonomous driving + killed someone!!
  2. I've got the Deep Forest Green Metalic '15, GMC SLE 1500 dc 4x4. The colour is a $550 option. It's sweet when washed + in the sun-unfortunately kinda a rare moment...
  3. Pretty sure the driver was about stuck on the dune crest at :36, LOL!!
  4. Ya, thinking you're right on the DIC display. This beauty does have the 12 way power seats tho'!!
  5. My 2017 2500HD Z71 SLT -Fully loaded-only difference from a Denali is the decal, lol. Def gotta upgrade the rubber B4 winter.
  6. Been working in the Kap area-trying to look over the fence at the Cold Weather Testing Facility-no luck for me.
  7. I've carried 4 wheelers + snowmachines in my long and shortbox beds for 20 years with no issues. Never broke a tailgate cable. I usually have a large wooden toolbox across the rear of the box, so my rear window is safe, but it puts more weight farther back onto the tailgate. My atv is a large 700 Cat, so lots of weight on the tailgate since my toolbox is 18" deep. My driving then is on logging roads + lake trails, ie very rough, with no incidents to date, knock on wood! You'll be fine even in the rough going.
  8. Yamaha is a Costco partner too, in Canada
  9. Thinking I'm getting these...http://www.xenondepot.com/9012-Xtreme-LED-kit-p/xt-led-9012.htm . Looks like it comes with an adjustable set screw collar-clockable- for LED orientation, and a new cover with the resister/CANBUS being exterior to the cover/bulb installation socket and the final +- connector back in by the bulb. There is lots of room on the drivers side, but the passenger side has the air filter housing + there might not be enough room due to the short wiring harness, to get it in a secure position. Anyone try the newest 9012 Extreme LED kit yet??
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