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  1. So just put this in yesterday. So far I really like it. Fitment was perfect, quality was awesome, and it really cleaned up under the hood. Now I didn't buy it thinking I'd get insane performance, just strictly as a helper to go along with my exhaust and future custom tune. With that said, I was very impressed and surprised the performance bump. Throttle response is definitely up as you lay into the throttle as well as a little bump in MPG. Did a 100 miles yesterday with a mix of 70/30 city/highway. Seeing a bump of about 1. 5 mpg. I'll have to do a few hundred miles and hand calculate it in the coming weeks, but very happy thus far. Lastly, the sound. Idle, easy acceleration, and cruising are dead quiet. Once you get do some harder pulls into the 3k range the engine really comes alive and really complements my Corsa exhaust. So for 300 bucks I'd say it was definitely worth it and I extremely happy. I'll keep you guys posted. I know it's hard finding performance accessories for the late model 6.0s. Side note: 2015 and 2016 and late models have different intake setups. So make sure if you go to order one that you specify you model year.
  2. Hey! love the truck. i was thinking of a similar setup for my 16' 2500 6.0 except with the 4.5 BDS lift. Hows the overall drive-ability, fuel mileage, performance? 

    1. 8lugCT


      Thanks man. Appreciate the love. Truck is awesome. Drive-ability is really no different than stock. Fuel mileage took a hit with the larger diameter tires. Im stable around 10/12 mpg city/highway. I'm happy with the lift.

    2. SOTO3389


      Thanks for the reply and info! Any chance you got a tune for the Truck? I have the corsa exhaust and an S and B intake going in on Monday. Seriously considering a tune to fix the sloppy transmission and to give some spunk lol. Your truck is where I want mine to end up lol. Sorry for all the questions! Lol

  3. I can't upload more than 4.88 mb. Is there a limit until I reach a certain out of posts?
  4. Alright so finally got a chance to make a post. Did some homework and took a risk on the exhaust. Corsa only has exhaust systems advertised for the 2500 up to 2014, but knowing that the frame and drivetrain was the frame the same I decided to try it out. It worked and sounds amazing! Sounds stock at Cruise and idle in the truck, but has a nice growl when you lay into it. Part number for the crew cab short bed is Corsa P 14790. I'll post a sound clip later.
  5. Sorry, i know old thread. Do you have any updates pictures or vids? i was gonna pull the trigger on amazon. Thank you.
  6. Ill be getting mine out on, on Sunday. Ill post a review and pics.
  7. Thank you! sorry for the late response. I have decided on a 35x12.5x20 on 20X9 Fuel throttle Wheel setup.
  8. Hey guys. new to the forum. what about putting corsa exhasut meant for 2011-2014 6.0s on a 2016 2500 6.0? Specifically this.... PN 14794 http://www.corsaperf.com/viewpart.aspx?year=2014&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado&submodel=2500&body=Crew+Cab%2fStandard+Bed&partnum=14794&cfg=617 thank you!
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