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  1. Installed these Rigid DOT fogs that have been sitting in the box for over a year. After awhile, I decided that I wasn't a fan of what they'd look like. Recently I said screw it, and worst case I just remove them if i don't like them. These things are bright, and I think the look could grow on me. What I really didn't like was how the kit comes with stainless steel carriage bolts that can be seen behind the light, so I swapped them for black ones. Hopefully they don't rust or I'll have to suck it up and install the stainless ones.
  2. Horn

    Sounds a bit drastic
  3. Horn

    Lol until the tank runs out of air. What size tank?
  4. Awesome. Just curious as to how it compares to my retrofit. I was originally gonna go with the kit that fits the H11 halogen projectors, then decided to retrofit the HID ones. Lol mine is a 16 also with 52k. Mine drives more than it sits
  5. That's sweet. I'm curious to know what the light cut off looks like. Have any pictures of cutoff and light projection?
  6. Do you have those HIDs installed in your stock projectors?
  7. Same kit that I have.
  8. 2015 brake job

    here for the result as i'll be doing brakes in somewhat of the near future. 52k so far, but havent pulled a single thing. No direct sign that i'll need a change soon, but i'm sure it's coming.
  9. 6.0 oil change interval

    I usually go to 4/4.5k. full synthetic. i drive a lot of highway miles.
  10. Contact this company: http://www.gruvenparts.com/gruvenparts-com-strengthened-spur-gear-for-2007-2014-gm-trucks-folding-mirror-assembly/ This motor is for an older model, but the page says 2015+ coming soon. Who knows when that was, but maybe they can help you. EDIT: Here you go. Says it's a pre-order. http://www.gruvenparts.com/gruvenparts-com-strengthened-folding-mirror-gear-for-2015-gm-trucks/
  11. Sirius Radio

    you mean the shark fin?
  12. +1 for HIDs. I just installed an HID kit with HID projectors. I tried LEDs from OPT7 in my stock projectors, but they were worse than the halogens that came with the truck. I'm curious to know what this looks like, and if installing HID projectors yields a different result. Do you have pics of the light output and cutoff?
  13. Transformation

    My bad. just realized you said that lol. for some reason I read 2500/3500 have same axle size
  14. Transformation

    I believe the axle size is different. 10.5 on the 2500 and 11.5 on the 3500, if I can remember correctly Edit: with 11.5 on the 2500 duramax as well
  15. I did have the factory halogen projectors, but didnt want to spend money on an HID kit to fit those to test it since I'd read that it's not really the correct type of projector. So to avoid potentially ordering two kits, I just went all out on the initial purchase.

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