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  1. Thanks I appreciate it. It took some getting used to compared to the full size, but its comfortable to drive, and suits my needs very well. It's really more car-like to drive than the full size
  2. Thanks for the advice. LOL at this point I already have it and I love it. This baby duramax LWN makes me regret not getting the LML when I was shopping for the HD. I just never needed it, and after having the full size for 2.5 years, i realize i didn't even need that. This little guy suits me well, and I've been enjoying it. SO MUCH EASIER TO FIND PARKING LOL. I do miss the luxury of the full size, buy I couldn't justify the amount of gas I was using. Its obvious that GM skimps on the features in the midsize, but I think I was just really spoiled with the 2500 LTZ. Overall I'm very happy, and I look forward to keep this little guy running strong for a long time. I have yet to get it out on some trails, but I hope to do that soon. Until then, cheers.
  3. Pending. Awaiting payment.
  4. For sale is a set of (four) chrome door handles that came off of my '16 2500 CC LTZ. Like new condition. They were only on the truck for a few months. Asking $80 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  5. Is the OEM bulb harness that's plugged in closest to the battery?
  6. Lol sure beats having someone remove it!
  7. I haven't traded it in yet, but yes, the lift is on and that's what they're expecting.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll def stick around. I'll post some pics as soon as it comes in. Should be here this week
  9. So I just put a deposit on a 2019 Colorado ZR2 with the minimax. I love my truck, but with the amount of miles I drive and with how infrequently I use the HD for what it's meant for, it doesnt make sense for me to keep it. I'm sad to say goodbye, but I am excited for the ZR2. It'll be more "practical" for me (lol), if you can say that about a ZR2. It's my first diesel, so I'm also excited for that. Any advice is always appreciated.
  10. I had that problem, so I took the headlight out again, took out the top screws, and screwed them back in while pushing the top of the projectors so that it was secured at more of a downward angle. Either that, or you'll need to fully open your headlights so that you can seat the projectors properly
  11. Installed these Rigid DOT fogs that have been sitting in the box for over a year. After awhile, I decided that I wasn't a fan of what they'd look like. Recently I said screw it, and worst case I just remove them if i don't like them. These things are bright, and I think the look could grow on me. What I really didn't like was how the kit comes with stainless steel carriage bolts that can be seen behind the light, so I swapped them for black ones. Hopefully they don't rust or I'll have to suck it up and install the stainless ones.
  12. Horn

    Sounds a bit drastic
  13. Horn

    Lol until the tank runs out of air. What size tank?

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