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  1. Hey! love the truck. i was thinking of a similar setup for my 16' 2500 6.0 except with the 4.5 BDS lift. Hows the overall drive-ability, fuel mileage, performance? 

    1. 8lugCT


      Thanks man. Appreciate the love. Truck is awesome. Drive-ability is really no different than stock. Fuel mileage took a hit with the larger diameter tires. Im stable around 10/12 mpg city/highway. I'm happy with the lift.

    2. SOTO3389


      Thanks for the reply and info! Any chance you got a tune for the Truck? I have the corsa exhaust and an S and B intake going in on Monday. Seriously considering a tune to fix the sloppy transmission and to give some spunk lol. Your truck is where I want mine to end up lol. Sorry for all the questions! Lol

  2. Cars (and trucks) that make you laugh

    Something wrong with this picture Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. sweet color. you should color-match the grill
  4. Yes.... I like retro

    i actually like the wheels
  5. I kinda like it. I'm looking forward to the HD models. That little extension that feeds into the headlights looks dumb. That should be removed imo
  6. I did that... i followed a video on youtube. literally took 10 mins. hmm. if turning the knob to the off position doesnt turn the lights off, I'm going to assume its a BCM thing. GMC may be able to reprogram it. Ford did that to my DRLs on my f250 years ago. The only thing I can say to try is to start your truck while holding the knob in the off position and see if the lights come on after shifting it into gear, all while holding the knob in the off position. If so, do the spring removal.
  7. is there an off side to the switch? the US trucks have the spring-loaded knob you can turn it to off. I removed the spring so the light are always off unless i turn them on
  8. BDS steering stabilizer

    this wasn't available when i purchased my kit, but I dont notice my truck doing anything that would suggest i would need it. i know they now make it if i wanted it.
  9. Amazing truck

    I like the base off-white color. that's about it
  10. I was debating, but I ordered the diffusion option after looking at some videos on youtube. The floods look awesome, but are more of a direct beam pattern.
  11. I feel like this is going to turn into an AFM issue
  12. Wireless charging

    you installed it in the console?
  13. have had mine for about 6 months. good purchase. always get compliments on it.
  14. Wouldn't have bought my truck without it
  15. Backup Lights

    If you don't use tapatalk, here...

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