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  1. WTB 2015.5 Denali Gauge Cluster

    Looking to see if anyone has a 2015.5 Diesel Denali gauge cluster laying around they never installed
  2. New baby (new to me)

    First post some pics of your new ride.
  3. Set of Fuel Maverick D260 22x10

    Pm sent
  4. FS: K2XX: 8” Screen, 2.5 HMI, Radio

    Pm sent

    PM Sent
  6. IO6 Nav

  7. IO6 Nav

    Gauging interest in a IO6 Nav Module out of my 2015 HD. This is not a CarPlay module it’s the nav system that comes in the 2015’s. I would be pricing it for 500 but you would have to get it programmed. So 500 plus the ride and then you would also have to get it programmed for you vehicle. I’m located in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area so if interested shoot me a pm

    Is this out of a diesel? I sent WAMS a email asking if it will work in my truck if it’s not out a diesel After doing some research it sounds like this might not work in my truck. Looks like I need a 2015.5 cluster. I’ll wait to see what they tell me
  9. Let me see if I can make this work on a 2015 GMC Duramax
  10. Power Folding Mirrors

    Thanks I’ll look into it.
  11. Power Folding Mirrors

    It’s making a nasty noise I’m assuming something is broken inside. It won’t reset either. Looks like I’ll be buying a new mirror soon
  12. My passenger side mirror wouldn’t unfold with the fob or the switch on the door. So I manually unfolded it this morning. I’ve tried re syncing it but that hasn’t worked. I sprayed some lubricant in the mirror also. Can the motor be bought separately or do I have to buy a new mirror. This is a 2015 HD
  13. bug/hood deflector

    AVS Aeroskin is what I went with. It’s sleek and looks great.

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