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  1. BCM connector for remote start

    brown with green stripe maybe?
  2. Miss firing

    first thing to do is to do a compression and leak down test have you done it yet?
  3. wow i did not know this new trucks had shock sensors to detect impacts mine only monitor doors
  4. 4x4 sometimes we get lots on snow here in texas and flooded rains
  5. Adding cooled/vented seats

    you will need perforated leather or it will not cool
  6. Dual Climate Control Upgrade

    i like the way you added those heated seats what brand did you use?
  7. Did I Shorten It's Lifespan??

    there is nothing to worry about you have warranty incase something does go wrong
  8. Can this be patched?

    yes it can be patch most will not do it because of liability issues a plug will work best on it i done it before never had a problem runing 80 mph
  9. 2015 Sierra Audio Quality?

    I have a DB audio all around the factory sound was not loud enough they do sell adapter plates and cables if you decide to go after market well worth it, you will need a amp
  10. congrats i get 14 on my v8
  11. Power Folding Mirror Upgrade

    just hard wire them in is less stress full
  12. One Regret....

    i have use 4x4 alot it makes it easier when pulling cars i have help pull broken down 18 wheelers before is just a fun option to have it is better to have it an not need it than to need it and not have it
  13. there is no need for programming just need to buy the switch and powerfold will work for turn signals to work either buy both door harness or hardwire them in
  14. you can get the signal wire for turn under the steering column if the connector from 2016 is square i think it should plug in
  15. you could always hard wire them in cheaper then buying a harness

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