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  1. Thanks to all that responded! I was able to get the build sheet from the GMC online chat which was cool. It came in a mile long string of text with no spaces between line items. That confirms what actually made it on the truck. I am interested to see the window sticker to see where the final MSRP ended up and to confirm it's what I expected. I'll contact the dealer in the next few days to see if they can pull it. It was at order code 3800 a few days ago so it's at least a few weeks before delivery probably.
  2. Thanks. It's not on their website yet as the vehicle was just built. I think there is a delay after the vehicle is built until the window sticker is available anyway but I don't remember how long it was. I thought just a few days.
  3. I can ask the dealer but I would like to check before I contact them. Is there a link or a way anyone has figured out?
  4. I just talked with my guy at the dealership to get his permission to post this for anyone that is interested. I put my order in June 16 for a 22 GMC 3500HD and it wasn't until Sept 2nd that they had an allocation I could use (I was 7th in line for the 2022 GMC HDs). By Sept 7 I was at code 2000 which means it was picked up and right now I am at 3400 with a TPW of this week 10/4. That timing by itself is impressive but I could still get hung up and end up waiting for delivery because of a constraint or other unknown issue. Anyway, the reason for this post is my dealership is honoring the special pricing for GM employees, friends and family (which is I am using), and suppliers with no dealer markups or BS. In his words they are honoring the discounts because they are not looking for a one time payday (from a big markup) that ends up pissing off your customer (who doesn't come back) and generates bad press. Instead they are in it for the long term relationship and word of mouth advertising that comes from treating people right. It's a Buick/GMC dealership in lower Michigan. If you are interested in the contact information send me a PM. ** Remember even a solid dealership cannot control allocations, constraints, unplanned GM plant downtime, orders put in before yours, etc. But if you get in line I feel they will treat you right and let you have the discount you are entitled to.
  5. Understand. Just thought those might be options that would prevent the pad to overload clunk.
  6. I think you either need to see it in person or get a photo of it. I have a 22 GMC on order and the dealer recently said I can have the Driver Alert 1 package (I think that's the GMC equivalent to your Safety 1 package) EXCEPT it will not come with the front and rear parking sensors that are in the bumpers...which I did really want along with the other items. In this case you can simply look at the bumpers to see if the sensors are there or not. Supposedly everything else in the package will be included. I don't know what will show on the window sticker and if everything else in the package will really be included but we will see. The GMC package I am talking about is pasted below for reference.
  7. Replying to my own post. Who does that?! JR, you might want to consider these as well. I found these when looking through the comments of the Torklift pads. They might solve your issue without messing with the overload system at all. One benefit of these I can see is you won't be on your overloads as much which might help with the ride. https://www.etrailer.com/p-TGMRTT35D.html#exp-productdetails=.reviews
  8. Nice looking rig! I guess if your payload is 4054 then it makes sense that half of that wouldn't have you touching the overloads. Would something like this help? https://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/TorkLift/TLA7202.html. If you watch the video that shows the 2017 Chevy 3500 long bed it shows how they are installed and how they work.
  9. JR, it's good that you are enjoying your new truck and getting in some camping! Question about your statement on the overload springs. Do I understand correctly that even with your one ton camper in the bed the frame mounted pads are still not touching the top overload leafs that come on the 3500s? Wow! I would have thought you would have at least been putting at least a little pressure on the overloads. The strength of the main leaf springs is no joke!
  10. I believe you get the flip down rear arm rest if you get the "cloth rear seat with storage package" which gets added on automatically if you get the "preferred package (even though it's not listed as a preferred package item). On the 3500HD SLEs the only way to get the rear seat package is via the preferred package. At least build and price won't let you get it as a stand alone option.
  11. Look here....https://vertexoffroad.com/collections/chevy-gmc-heavy-duty
  12. Looking at the Vertex website and the seat covers look nice. Which model/style did you get? Happen to have any pics? Thanks!
  13. I know you asked about an SLE but here is a video of an SLT with the bench seat. Colors are the same with the only difference being that the SLT is leather and the SLE is cloth. Hope this helps...I noticed nobody responded.
  14. Interesting the 5th wheel pkg was a constraint. That is on my build sheet as well. I thought that was just the tray bolted to the frame with the pucks in the bed. Is there anything electronic at all on that one? Or was it an issue with a supply issue with some of the components?
  15. For all the guys getting held up by constraints...make sure you know what the specific constraint is so you can make a decision if you want to wait or let it move forward. I have had an order ready at my dealership since mid June for a mildly loaded 3500 SLE and I was waiting for an allocation I could claim. This past week my guy let me know I could go in but the Drivers Alert 1 package (see screen shot below) I wanted would be incomplete. It would be missing the front and rear park assist sensors in the bumpers but everything else would be there and the other packages I selected would be included as well. He asked if I was ok to send it or not and I said heck yes (I did want the front/rear sensors but not enough to delay it indefinitely). This is just one example. My point is this....my dealer could have called and said there was a constraint that was holding up my order and he would have been correct. Instead he let me know the specific issue so I could make a decision. Guys I know it's tough waiting. Hang in there and stay close to your dealers, ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of research.
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