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  1. Agree. Leaving it alone for now. I have found that the front right to left measurements change from trip to trip and day to day. I think where the suspension "settles" after you park definitely affects the ground to fender numbers. It might not settle the same side to side and might settle a little in the upward or downward stroke. Also need to make sure you are measuring on flat ground with both tires on the same plane. Also the position of the rear side to side (from gas tank volume and cargo in bed offset one side or another) can affect how the front comes out to an extent. I can't believe I spend so much time thinking about things like this! LOL!!!!
  2. That's great, I was hoping you would say that! What direction did you go on the color / style of the forward facing lights / blinkers? I think I am leaning towards the smoked strips that are always orange (non switchback) and do the full blink (2.0). Right now I have the stock orange dots that don't blink. Glad you are happy with the investment. I bet the fold function is a nice addition.
  3. Don't you love those problems that you can't reproduce on demand?! Let's hope it was a fluke and that it's gone for good. High five on the camera information and the links to Amazon!! You got me really thinking about one. Will have to read up on it but might just be a Father's Day prez for myself this year!!
  4. Brummie, interesting story and I'm subscribing because I have a 2015 6.0. Good luck to you with your tranny, hope it comes out ok in the end. No problems yet for me but I am just starting to tow with it so I'll keep an eye on things. Second question, can you spill the beans on the dash cam set up you have? What a great tool for checking on things like dealerships and other situations when your truck is not right under your thumb. I am a newbie to dash cams so please speak slowly and write with crayons :)!! Thanks.
  5. That's sharp! Lifted regular cab trucks have a special stance and look that no other configuration has. Nice!
  6. Tom, definitely interested to see what you think of the product, instructions, and overall thoughts after you have them installed. I have the same mirrors you have now and it is a pain to get out to fold the mirrors in. A lot of times I'm by myself and I need to get out to pull the passenger side in, then to get out later to put it back. Every time I growl and think...."one day"....!!!
  7. Thanks, Whiskey. I am taming my OCD with the plan of "fixing" it in the fall when I get new rubber. Then I'll do my plan to adjust, level, align, etc. Then I'll be happy for a few months until I give in and measure it in January or February only to find out I am 3/16" off again. Then I'll be posting here because I won't remember this post I am writing in right now.
  8. @ redwngr, good question on the fuel level. I didn't check that before measuring and there was no-one in the driver's seat. I'll measure again and take note of the fuel level then I'll get in the truck and have someone re-measure to see if it changes. After all that I'll report back because I'm sure everyone is interested to see how this story ends ! @ Tom Hole, I can see that the measurement will change a little from day to day so in the end you have to get it close and walk away. I plan to get different tires before winter so I may try to hold out until then. That might be a good time to put on new tires, adjust the torsion bolts, get the truck level side to side, get an alignment, drive to make sure it tracks true, then be done with it.
  9. Thanks for the input, Guys! Actually it is the driver's side that is higher. I re-measured and it's closer to 1/4" higher. It's the driver's side bolt that is turned in about 1/4" more as well. Overall it's probably best to leave it alone but it's very difficult for me to do that ! My personality (flaw) would have me mess with it until I get it perfect side to side even if it took hours to do that. Then I would want to get an alignment and make sure my steering wheel is straight. Then I would stress if it started pulling to one side or another (now it is not pulling at all). In the end I shouldn't have even measured but it was when I noticed the offset in the bolts that made me look into it.
  10. I am looking for input from anyone that has messed with their torsion bars. I recently noticed my 2015 2500HD had the torsion bars adjusted by the original owner. The bolts that adjust the torsion keys are not turned in the same amount and one side of the truck is 3/16" higher than the other. Should the bolts be turned in the same amount to get the front end level? Should I mess with it or leave it alone? It goes straight down the road and the tire wear is perfect.
  11. It took me longer than it should have to find it but this should interest you. I am not really sure how to copy the link but one of these should get you there. It's posted in the "tech" thread. Your post is in the "mods" thread. Good luck. FYI, it sounds great and if I upgrade I will be going this route most likely. There is good content on YouTube if you haven't found it yet. I would probably go for the single outlet but either look good. 2016 Silverado 2500 6.0 with Corsa By SOTO3389, April 13, 2018 in 6.6L (LML/L5P) & 6.0L (L96/LC8) Tech
  12. Webshopper, thanks for the input! You and I have similar trucks and we both agree that the front end looks better raised a little. I will take a closer look at my A arms but I don't believe I am close to bottoming out. If you get a chance can you peek under your truck to see if your torsion key bolt heads are turned in the same amount? I saw in a few videos online that the bolts can end up in different positions to get a level front end just based on the side to side geometry of the truck.
  13. Hi Guys. Just looking to do a little bench-marking and need your input! I recently bought a barely used (11k miles) 2015 2500HD 4x4 6.0 crew cab standard bed with the snow plow prep pkg. While climbing underneath it I noticed the bolts that adjust the torsion bars are set differently (one turned in more than the other). The previous owner obviously adjusted them to get additional height in the front and even before noticing the offset in the bolts I noticed right away the front end is higher than stock. I actually think the stance is perfect....still quite a bit of rake but nice height in the front. Anyway, this made me wonder about the front end lift side to side so I measured it. Looks like I am off about 3/16" from being level (measured from floor to top of fender above front tires). That brings me to this: If you have a similar truck and it is STOCK can you please tell me how your bolts sit relative to the frame cross member that supports the keys/bolts? This will tell me how far my bolts are off from stock. How do your trucks measure side to side? Mine is off about 3/16" but I bet brand new trucks are not all even. What is normal or expected? With the condition I am describing should I even worry about it? With my OCD it will be tough for me to leave it alone but even more than that I don't want to start adjusting things and end up with a bigger project. FYI my truck goes straight down the road, my steering wheel is centered, and the tire wear is perfect. Thanks a ton in advance. Mike in Michigan
  14. @ redwngr and dozerboy, thanks for the input! Good input / suggestions. I bet there are probably many different ways to get there and in the end all you are looking for is a set up that will stop safely, especially in an emergency situation, without putting undue wear and tear on the truck or trailer components. I'll experiment the next time I have the trailer on the truck. Which might be a while if the camping reservations continue to get cancelled. Not a great year to have a brand new camper!
  15. @ ewbldavis, thanks for the hint. I'll try 6.5 next time to see what I think. I tried the procedure where you start at high gain and back it down until you can't feel the trailer jerking you back anymore (that means you found the middle ground) but I couldn't tell much of a difference from high to low gain. But at the same time the truck/trailer combo stopped perfectly so I believe everything was working right. I think I also need to play with it while in a driveway or parking lot when you can do many back to back adjustments. I mostly was trying to do this while driving (stopping) so I didn't have a lot of frequent chances to play with it. @ gearheadesw, 10-4 on your set up and I feel ya on the mileage. I knew the truck wasn't going to get great mileage so I don't even complain about it . I love the truck for what it is and don't get too riled up about what it's not. Of course that's easy to say while gas is $1.25 and I am not driving it anywhere because I am in a stay in your house state (Michigan).
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