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  1. Hey everyone, new to the forum and wanted some opinions on what you think is a "must have" for a new Silverado work truck if you were to build one off the website. I've been in the market for a Silverado 2500HD Duramax crew cab for a short bit and the used market pricing is absolutely terrible with this chip shortage going on. I'm not cool with paying 5-15k+ over MSRP considering my father works for GM and with a decent employee discount I can get a brand new one in a few months. I haul a relatively loaded 7x16 enclosed work trailer, as well as lumber and building materials most of the week and have opportunity to use my uncles 14k dump trailer if I ever get a truck that can pull it. As of now, no large machinery on goosenecks or 5th wheels but hopefully down the road. When I'm not working I have a wife and two very young children and my current 1500 Silverado double cab is not cutting it with spacing for their car seats. I drive all over the lower peninsula of Michigan for our work and haven't been thrilled with how my 2016 5.3 Silverado 1500 handles a medium sized trailer that's not over loaded. Truck options: I've pretty much selected all the convenience packages that have the remote starter, heated cloth seats and other "basic luxuries" but I've never dealt with paying for an aftermarket install for anything such as 5th wheel packages, snow plow kits, power take off, high idle switch, dual alternators, heavy duty front springs/camper package, 10650 vs 11350 GVWR with the 3.42 vs 3.73 gearing change, the multi-flex tailgate vs power up/down tailgate, upfitter switches, etc. Some of these options are only $150 to $350 to be factory installed and warrantied which makes me want to select as many as I reasonably can if it only bumps my pricing up a thousand and future proofs my truck. TL;DR guys, without building a $85,000+ loaded Silverado High Country or Denali Sierra but maintaining some luxuries while also futureproofing and bulletproofing a new truck, what options would you include if you could build a "reasonably priced" new truck that you mainly work in but need space to take your two kids around in. Have any guys been in a similar boat here? Thanks in advanced! Steve
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