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  1. You're going to have to find a bunch of harnesses that will allow the seats to work, unsure if the harness in your truck will have the ports for installing said harnesses.
  2. There's a surging thread in here somewhere, lots of replies in there. My '15 did it, my '17 doesn't, kind of surges at part throttle, slight acceleration.
  3. Well, was thinking about a long bed diesel, WAS. Obviously the new diesels are still junk with the def system. What a total bummer for those who where told " all is good now with the def system"
  4. Good deal they are trying to take care of you, I wouldn't want preexisting scratches on my new truck, that's my job.....
  5. I would be surprised if it came out bad, most people take pride in their work, MOST people.....
  6. I think buying at the right time might be a better bet then waiting on factory incentives. I bought my truck the last day of November, their last day to get factory money for sales off the floor, my truck had sat for 8 months, got 13 grand off, less then they paid. They where willing to take a slight loss on my truck to get the factory money. Now with inventory low, that may not happen this year at a all. I dunno.
  7. Inspect for adhesive after install. Had mine done in my driveway, Satellite, came out perfect as far as i can tell.
  8. Isn't he asking for the low range gear ratio? I thought low range was 2.42:1, I dunno.
  9. So, bummer, sorry to hear this. Both the new 1500 and now the 2500's have leaks, truly WTF, why can't GM build a water tight vehicle?
  10. See a lot of nice wheels in here, a lot of high dollar rims, for sure. Here are some cheap Visions, they look good, ride really well, all balanced and smooth.
  11. You're going to hate your RPM's in the mountains, but it will do it. It's designed to do just that.
  12. If you're not feeling it in your hands, the vibration, and are feeling it from below, I would check that driveshaft for balance and trueness.
  13. Backspacing is key here. Offset measures from the mounting hub to the center of the wheel, backspacing, it measures from the back of the wheel to the mount hub, so it never really changes, find that measurement, usually close to stock, add an in or so, and buy wheels.
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