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  1. I left the stocker in place, added second battery in provided tray. Bought a cheap kit off eBay, haven't had any problems in nearly 4 years.
  2. Humans are the ONLY problem, take humans off the Earth, and it would heal back to a natural state. Not this chemically polluted thing that we have made.
  3. So pretty much plug and play? I tried to use a different canned company, and plugged it in, and had to upload the proper info from my computer into it, my Mac was unable to put a disk into..... so no go.
  4. If we don't get away from fossil fuels to travel across the face of the planet, we won't make it another 150 years. We need full electric vehicles when we have fusion power plants, electrify the roads, there's your charger. I don't see it happening in any form for decades.
  5. Towed this a while back, needed to redo the drain field, about 12K pounds, trailer had surge brakes, towed it fine, 60 mph max. 50 mile round trip pull, no milage report.
  6. Why is the truck "too much"? Rough ride empty? Crap fuel milage? Don't tow enough? Just curious.....
  7. Gage might read funny, but I'm sure you can get a real good estimate of fuel in the tank, or just multiply the gallons buy MPG and theres your range.
  8. I'm still flabbergasted that the build site calls these an installed option, and we see people tearing their new truck apart to install this stuff, no way. NO WAY would I do this for an ordered factory option. Sorry. You're being taken to the cleaners, just buy an after market switch panel, and install it wherever you want, totally ridiculous. GM should be embarrassed. It's like ordering the tire and wheel package you want, and having to mount them yourself.
  9. Tire pressure threshold can be adjusted by the dealer, just have to find one that's willi to do int.
  10. You're going to have to find it, and see what's up, tell us what you find. Could be just the weatherstripping, or an out of alignment door, I dunno.
  11. This is scary ****** right here. My truck has never done it, '17 2500hd, but just the thought of coming out of a job site or restaurant, and finding the truck all piled up against a car in the parking lot. Try explaining that one to the insurance company.
  12. Would make a nice swap into my truck, just give me a computer with it so the tuning is done already.
  13. I'm fairly certain that you can get the coil over kit for a one ton truck.....
  14. Completely unsure on the new truck, but with 37's at an indicated 70, you going a lot closer to 77 mph. so that's fast for a truck. Gas milage will suck pushing a near 4 ton wall through the air that fast.
  15. Drive below 70 mph, that's like 75, unless you have the speedo flashed.... I
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