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  1. 285 75r18 on 18x9 with a +12 offset, the offset had me switching the stock keys for aftermarket torsion bar keys, so I could get the tire off the front mud flap at full lock.
  2. 2015 18 inch wheel max tire size

    I'm fairly certain you can get a 295 70r18 on the stock set up by just cranking the torsion bars, maybe get some shock extenders so you don't kill them from over extension.
  3. Leveling Photos

    Hasn't rubbed on the street yet... keep turning down the adjuster bolts for a better ride. Almost no rake, like a 1/2 inch higher in the back, I prefer a little rake, so I have a 1 inch block kit and a diff drop coming in the mail.
  4. Leveling Photos

    Had to trim the mud flaps in front a little bit, on the inside where they mount. Can't even really see it.
  5. Leveling Photos

    285 75r18 on 18x9 wheels with a + 12 offset. Had to put in aftermarket keys, as the stockers didn't raise it enough to clear the inside of the fender at full lock.
  6. Never listened to my wife on vehicles, uhm, ex wife...
  7. Saw a new Chevy on the road the other day, looks much better in the metal then on the computer. Was in fast heavy traffic, couldn't see what model it was. Looked good.
  8. Watching this with interest, thanks.
  9. On my 2500hd, these 285 75 18's needed aftermarket torsion bar keys to clear. 35 inch tire, 18 x 9 wheel, +12 offset, like 5.5 inches of backspacing.
  10. Nitto Ridge Grapplers are awesome!

    Level 8's fell through, Vision Rockers 18 x 9 +12 offset, 285 75r 18 Ridge Grapplers.Tires have like 14 miles on them, quite for now, like others have said, just a little louder then the Michelin tires that came with it stock. Non stock keys, trimmed mud flaps in front, front suspension top out to fit tires.
  11. I'v just put on some 285 75r 18 Ridge Grapplers, they showed up with 45 psi in them, and rode nice. Now that I have everything programed and at the right pressures, 58 rear and 54 front, they are stiff at these pressures. I'm aiming at the rear axle nut recall here in a week, and I'm going to really try to get these guys to lower the tire pressure limits for a better ride with no TPMS light on in the dash. Is there a better way to approach the subject that they may be more willing to adjust the limits? State that the tires are able to hold more weight at a lower pressure? If theses guys are unwilling to do it, is a tunner programer the only way to get that dash light to stay off at a reasonable tire pressure? Any info greatly appreciated.
  12. 285 75r 18 Ridge Grapplers, on 18 x 9 wheels with a +12 offset, like around a 5.5 inch backspacing. Tried to crank the stock keys, but wouldn't clear without cutting and beating, unwilling to do that to this truck. Put in some SDT keys, had them cranked to much, A-arms on drop stop, backed them off, trimmed the mud flaps in front, and bingo, no rubbing on the street. These are about as big in diameter as I could go without doing some drastic clearance.
  13. Just put them on this afternoon, I'll get some better pics when the sun is not going down.

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