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  1. Well, when I started this thread, the truck was still very new to me. I'v got a little commuter car now, so my milage has been way low lately, have put nearly 15 K miles on it in 4 months, the little car, and the truck sits during the week no. I must admit, the capless system has not shown any problems to me, have 53 thousand some mile on the truck, still loving it after all.
  2. It's an AT4, come on, it's lifted from the factory, wow.
  3. I like all the trucks previously posted, taller and skinnier tires for me, please.
  4. Truly not trying to be an ass, but you say that if your truck spent a month in the shop, you'd want it gone. Yet you're ready to buy just exactly that..... Please, do what you feel is right, just trying to point something out....
  5. For me, if someone gave up on a brand new truck because of problems, I don't think I want to find out what those problems are. Just me.
  6. To each their own, totally respect the work, time , and money in the first couple of trucks, me personally, I like my tires inside the wheel wells. Little level kit and 35's, I think if I'm spending the coin on 9" of lift, I'm aiming at 40's minimum, just me.....
  7. Nearly everyone telling the OP don't do it, he's made up his mind, we'll read the horror story after delivery.
  8. Sounds like a 8 thousand pound Molotov cocktail to me.....
  9. The Vette guys where pissed off, because this little truck beat their super car, with a TV and groceries in the back.....
  10. I think I would throw the switches and the keys over to the sales manager desk, keep you $70,000 truck you can't install ordered parts on. Truly unbelievable.
  11. 8 is bad, but I get 12mpg on my 35's, with a '17 2500 HD 6.0. So it's not real bad.....
  12. This, if he isn't towing heavy, get a half ton, with the max tow package, hauls like 2,200 lbs in the bed.
  13. Short little trips can leave me with a 16 or 17 mpg on the gage, but it always averages out to about 12 mpg, so 18 13 12
  14. Right now is the time to buy a 2019, the new models are rolling in. They want the old ones out.
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