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  1. I threw all kinds of crap on my truck, aftermarket keys to keep the tires off the rear of the front fender, because of my +12 offset wheels. Probably could have stayed with stock wheels. Diff drop, shock extenders, BDS steering stabilizer, Cognito steering braces, Bilistein 5160 shocks, Ready Lift UCA’s. The UCA’s allow for more droop, and the 5160’s offer more travel, rides well enough for an 8,300 pound.
  2. How can you not notice, that at ceo’s pay, you could hire 281 people and actually produce more, not just throw it away.
  3. Most workers never make that much. Most workers don’t get such great benefits. To get both, then stike for more is bullshit. Get back to work, I’ll be one to come and take your job from you as you pace the sidewalk. Get real , do you think you really personally deserve that much wage, no, just doing what the idiot union bosses are telling you. Call your BA, how much does he make? Right?
  4. Come on now, with all the new tooling and r&d, these prices are great. What even compares in the auto world? Let’s get some cars to the magazines and hear some performance numbers....
  5. Well, $10,000 will buy a lot of gas..... @SkidooSteve12, you have a new 2500? And you had some experience with the outgoing model? I really like the numbers posted for the new gasser in another thread, how do you like the new truck and gas engine? I have zero problems with the 6 speed transmission, but do you think it’s needed , or would the new 10 speed make any difference. Unless you’re towing real heavy, I can’t see the extra gears making much difference, I dunno.
  6. I bought my diff drop and shock spacers off eBay, Cheap, but well made, STD or something, have lasted 2 years. No corrosion, powder coating still looks fresh, can’t complain. Ready Lift UCA’s, grease-able upper ball joints, some kind of special bushings that don’t squeak, and they don’t squeak at all. Aftermarket torsion keys, because my +12 offset wheels would rub cranked in a parking lot turn. I like to wrench on my stuff, so easily installed the UCA’s in the garage, MUST get alignment afterwards. I’m also running a BDS steering stabilizer, and Cognito steering braces. The braces sucked to install. The UCA’s where the last piece of the puzzle, and they freed up everything, the 5160 Bilsteins offer more travel, and the Ready Lift arms droop more, so I got a great ride going on this thing. With my bumper, winch, sliders, tools, and accessories, my truck weighs in at 8,300 lbs.
  7. Doesn’t work for me, but I just play, no intentions. And yes it is working, long bed double cab diesel sle nicely optioned, 62 grand. No Inventory yet on DC’s.
  8. Damn thing gets the same mileage towing as my 6.0 gets empty, grrrrr.
  9. You and I are running similar set ups. My angles are just a little less, I’m running a diff drop, upper control arm angle looks fine.
  10. Running the same tires, exactly. Like how quite they are, tall enough to look better than stock, narrow like a stock tire for decent tracking in the ruts on the interstate. Good looking truck.
  11. I got my 5160’s off Amazon when they had them at like $125, for a nearly $200 shock. One of their out of nowhere sales , saw them, bought 2 fronts, really like them. Keeps 8,250 pounds of truck nicely controlled and planted. Look for a while if you haven’t already bought, deals pop up from little shops all the time, good luck.
  12. I think the half ton to 3/4 ton market is well defined. If you think mileage, 1/2 ton, if you want soft suspension to soak up bumps, 1/2 ton. If you need a 3/4 ton truck, your 1/2 ton will tell you. Approaching twice the weight of the 1/2 ton, it will have less reduction in performance then it’s little brother, I feel great driving my 3/4 ton daily, 1500 pounds of tools makes 1/2 tons sag, sway, and wallow.
  13. Man I really like the look of that Red Quarts Tincoat AT4HD, and I don’t usually like red trucks or cars.
  14. Living in Florida, I have a rear window defroster, but literally never use it. If it doesn’t get turned on, can’t imagine it would burn up...... Can see why the Canadian crew is getting this letter, long winters.
  15. I’m sorry for whoever thinks that wheel and tire combo looks good.
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