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  1. Fog light option for WT

    I've got a GMC bumper sitting in the back yard, think it has holes for the fogs, willing to sell cheap, no shipping....
  2. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    I'd like to see the company do this with their trucks, nice easy to clean, 6.2 DC 4x4, $39K, people would line up to buy this.
  3. Amsoil for engine and tranny ?

    Run in in all my diffs trans transfer case in my '17 2500hd gasser, picked up........ a mile per gallon. Plus, I like the sticker.
  4. Looks awesome, all that utility of a flat bed, little off road machine...
  5. AT4 HD

    The more I look at the capabilities of this news truck, the more I should stop looking at this new truck..... Mr AT4 HD is a great looking truck that is seemingly tough as hell, what does the DC standard bed tow? 24,000 pounds, holds, what, 4,000 pounds in the bed??? Those are big numbers, I'd be looking at the new gasser... Ack, no, don't look, stop, my trucks cool, perfect.... ACK!
  6. You make these? How on earth did you figure that stuff out..... SWEET, I’ve been looking for exactly this. Truly stupendous, thank you.
  7. That is so cool, thanks Phil! You’ll be hearing from me soon.
  8. My 2017 SLE 2500hd has the amber lights in the tow mirrors, everything works perfect, this adapter will have the running lights in the front part of the mirrors flash with the turn signals? Way cool, this harness is in the open door hinge are? Very interested.
  9. Paint falling off a brand new truck

    Yeah, $500 grill, I'd be PISSED off if they didn't cover that. Good deal they did no problem. Excellent.
  10. Crank your bars some more, you’re rubbing somewhere.
  11. I've got shock spacers on my 5160's, second truck to run like this. No problems, aftermarket keys, diff drop, upper control arms, steering stabilizer, steering arm braces, truck rides very nice.
  12. You're so much further north than me, the gravitational pull is not as strong as being down by the equator.... Right?
  13. I think my +12 offset has the wheel and tire sticking out further than the stock +44 offset by quite a bit. 34 mm is like and inch and a half, so the puts the tire closer to the rear of the wheel well when turned, going straight is was great. Is a little weird, your tires are taller and wider than mine, and still fit. My trucks heavy, at 8,250 lbs with me in it.
  14. Does anyone have any idea when the build and price option on the web sites will be available?
  15. Newb... to this forum anyway.

    Nice truck, welcome to the shenanigans.

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