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  1. Age old question Tire Size 22's or 24's

    If you put bigger diameter wheels on, the tires will be super short on the sidewalls to make it the same size diameter. Unsure what you are asking. The bigger wheel won't hit anything if it's the same width.
  2. I've had trucks with exhaust modifications, and in the end hated the sound. Every little hill, roar, every little hit on the gas, roar, every little acton on the gas pedal, roar, the load pedal after exhaust. No thank you any more.
  3. Did I see a commercial in TV that had three versions of black trucks, that showed the new 2500hd? It looked to me as the mirrors where mounted on the door, not on the window, unsure .
  4. I'd leave it off also, forever.
  5. Is it running? Hows does it go? What did you do with the computer to make it run right?
  6. Ack, your'e exactly right, still just looking.
  7. Self driving cars can only be used if all other cars on the road are the same self driving BS. A car can't react to something that's not programed into the computer, and how many times a day do you see things that make you say WTF. While you slow down and shake your head, the self driving car doesn't even know something wrong is going on. There is millions of things that need to be observed and entered into the driving equation every minute, do you really think we can put that into a cars computer?? Unless all vehicles are autonomous, they will never work. That includes bicycles, motorcycles, everything that is actually on the road way.
  8. Aloma and Cimmeron, never been in, looked a hundred times driving by....
  9. Brush guard, good or bad???

    If a bumper is attached to the bush guard, then the impact is spread just like the stock bumper, into the brackets and frame. This bumper is designed to ward of a large deer strike, something we don't haver in central FL, large deer. It holds my cheap winch, scares the locals, I'm good. Haven't the faintest idea if this thing would help in an accident or not, but without the winch it weighs in at 220 lbs, is super well built, and even though it's just a bit to big, I like it. Haven't seen another on a truck yet. I think the OP's guard helped, in not getting the tire and fender smashed to undrivabilty. Look at the back of that Camry
  10. This, my trucks already big, just a level, and 35 inch tires. I'm 6 foot, and it's big to get in the bed, in the truck itself, small cars disappear when next to you, you have to look for them, can't see any part of the roof or anything. I'm as big as I want to go lift and tire wise, but at 57, I'm no spring chicken any more, and it's not about looks or off road, it's me I'm old.
  11. Those attach to the frame, or the body?

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