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  1. I thought they did some EGR cooling updates, and made the radiator bigger, I thought, from the Gale Banks vid posted on here somewhere.
  2. The once mighty diesel reduced to this. I thought the whole 2020 diesel re do was to remedy this, swing and a miss, bummer deal.
  3. Yeah, sure. I installed window film for like 5 years in Colorado. Almost all my cars and trucks have had window tint. Just putting 20% on all the windows makes it hard to see at night, then you tint the only glass that's uninhibited with the view. Can't even see how this is good.
  4. After reading through this circle jerk, the one thing that is true; your engine needs oil, that oil needs changing. That's it. That's all you need to know. Everything else is personal preference. Todays oils are so good it doesn't mater, just add oil. Change filters, grease chassis, relax. Is it worth it to think you're right? Relax, it's oil, it's your truck. No big deal.
  5. I thought that in most states it was illegal to tint the windshield....
  6. Starting to see a lot more of the 20's on the road here in central florida, like just this week, seeing them here and there. Must be rolling off the assembly line in numbers now....
  7. There's nothing we can do to the earth to hurt it, it will always go around the sun, having weather. We're just making it uninhabital for humans.....
  8. It’s an electric vehicle, how does one charge an electric car? Ah, with a coal fired power plant, makes perfect sense, dig up the Earth more to get the heavy metas to produce the car, the dig up more to run it. Sounds perfectly sustainable to me, WTF, this is foreword progress? Let’s all jump on the electric car bandwagon and kill the earth quicker.
  9. So, about a month in, no problems whatsoever, have put on around 3k miles, at 38 mpg after the roof rack. The truck loves this thing, it still has 52k miles on it, how cool. Drive the truck on the weekend, and I’ve got a cool truck, seemed to take that for granted when I was driving it everyday, and everywhere. One thing I don’t like is, how computer controlled this thing is, sensors for all kinds of crazy stuff, just have to get used to it, all kinds of things pop up in the info screen, load out of balance, close windows for fuel economy, but I’ll take that for it paying for itself in fuel cost savings alone.
  10. Suspension Maxx make quality parts. If that’s the route you want to go, by all means.
  11. Nice, pics? Can I ask how much the parts cost you?
  12. gearheadesw

    Bye all

    It's the new deal, be as shit headed as you can. Interdweebs, all of them. Take away all the keyboards in their life, and they would shit their pants, puke and cry at the same time.
  13. I'm running a +12 offset on my wheels, like 5.4 inches of backspacing, with 285 75 18's. Try the Ebay thing, enter the wheel size you're looking for, 18 x 9 180x8 bolt pattern, for example, and about 2 thousand choices should pop up. I also didn't want the tires sticking way out past the bodywork. Those 275 70's should fit with everything stock.
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