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  1. I like it, nicely armored up.
  2. 2019 2500HD gas mileage...

    Just a level, skinny 35’s, thanks for the compliment.
  3. 2019 2500HD gas mileage...

    See silver truck above.
  4. 2019 2500HD gas mileage...

    I carry like 1200 pounds of tools, so my truck is always running with a load. This same load is what got me into the 3/4 ton market, put a couple of friends in the truck, and bingo, it's over loaded. I drive 110 miles a day minimum, so I burn through a lot of gas. But being able to throw the 1000 pound 4 wheeler in the bed and drive like normal, with approaching 3 thousand pounds in the bed, I'll live with the crappy fuel milage.
  5. Transformation

    Well, if it was me, I would start loading the truck, when it starts to squat, take a look at the space between the rear springs and the bump stop. When you're about 2 inches away from the bump stop with the spring, stop loading.
  6. 2019 2500HD gas mileage...

    11 to 12 all the time, 285 75 18’s for tires. I idle a lot in the summer, central Florida is a unbearable without the ac blasting, construction guy, eat in my truck usually. I get better mileage in the winter, way better....... 12 to 13....... way better.
  7. Talk me out of a Ram.

    In reality, all the truck brands are very similar. It all boils down to with one you like best. This brand has this problem, that brand has that problem, it all seems to equal out. To me, the interiors are the thing to pay attention to, that's where you and your truck meet, touch each other. That is what you'll remember on a day to day basis.
  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think it looks good.
  9. Top speed

    I thought that they where all limited to 98 mph, I know my '17 2500hd won't go any faster....
  10. .... I hope that means you like the truck, and or the sliders ? .....
  11. I didn't like any of the step bars I looked at, so I bought some sliders from Chassis Unlimited, they are almost 8 feet long, welded on though.
  12. Nitto Ridge Grapplers are awesome!

    My Ridge Grapps have like 23 K miles on them, had to replace one, as I ran something over on the road, took a big gouge out of the tread. My tire guy said is was mostly cosmetic, but one thing in the wrong place.... replaced it, using as a full sized spare. The tires look great for the stuff I put them through, job sites and all.... My truck is heavy at 8,250 lbs, but I think I'll get 50-60 thousand miles out of them. Rotate every oil change, like 7,500 miles, usually, sometimes skip an oil change rotate.
  13. BLACK RHINO WHEELS New Release! - PRIMM Beadlock

    Why no 8 x 180 bolt pattern?
  14. I'm old enough to realize I don't use all the tech stuff anyway, my 2500hd interior is fine. No tv sized I pad for a information center for me, thanks.

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