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  1. Uh oh, never should have poked my head in here.... Started to get into building my own, with the help from the computer, always wanted to build from past decades ago, but it was massively difficult to find everything and get it shipped. Now a days, piece of cake, have built several. Her's a couple, all Aero Precision uppers and lowers, long range .308, 24" barrel, little .223 build, the G I Joe gun....
  2. Wait a year, I've been to the range way less now, can't get replacements at any kind of good price. Crazy people that have never shot a gun in their lives, go out and buy guns and ammo, to do nothing with, WTF.
  3. So, I just went onto the Chevy build and price page, and there are some new nice stuff. Some different wheels, a couple of packages, but nothing int the way of new trim upgrades.
  4. Never another tire that has "M" in the title. Sick and tired of listening to tires, crabby old fart that i am.
  5. The '16 before the '17. Same bumper. Could have gotten used to it, but missed the creature comforts that the Sierra didn't have. Steering wheel radio adjustments, satellite radio, but I loved the 8 foot bed.
  6. Im still amazed this is the way we buy new trucks now, have to install our own ordered parts. What's next, we have to install our own oil to get it off the lot?
  7. Seems to me, that the 3:78's are in there, to go with the 10 speed. The 4:10's are great in my truck, can't see any other reason why they would put higher gear ratio in a truck intended to tow...... I dunno.
  8. Bummer. They'll get it, sooner or later someone in the dealership that has worked on trucks for more the a year, i.e., someone with experience, will look at it and fix it right away.
  9. Just wanted to bump this to the top. Lets see some pictures of your rigs....
  10. Adding air bags will help here. If you prefer to install a compressor that can inflate the bags from the cab, drive into this position and air up the bags, lower the trailer, and go.
  11. There can't be that much difference between the suspensions on the new 2020 trucks and the previous models. I've got cranked keys, diff drop, shock extenders, Ready Lift UCA's, Bilstein 5600's, and a BDS steering stabilizer kit, skinny 35's. Rides well with 48 psi in the tires, just like a 3/4 ton truck with low air pressure, still stiff and a little bouncy, but still as good or better then stock. Many be 2.5 inches of lift, maybe a little more.... any more and I think I would look into a 4 inch bracket lift, to keep all the angles in line, steering, CV's, alignment like stock.
  12. You're pushing the wheel and tire further out of the wheel well, the tire will swing a wider arc when turning with that offset, hitting the cab and bumper.
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