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  1. A 12.7 truck is impressive. Good job.
  2. I picked her out

    Drag, sucks.
  3. 2015 6.0 Drivetrain Clunking?

    There’s going to be some thumping or clunking going from a no load situation to a loaded drive train. You’re going from literally one side of the gears to the other in the differentials. It’s drive line lash. Common in all vehicles.
  4. Fuel MPG in the 6.0 engine?

    This. I carry about a thousand pounds of tools every day, at work or not. I can hook up the trailer, but putting the 4 wheeler in th bed makes it so much easier when you get to wherever. Thousand pound 4 wheeler plus all the crap for the trip, plus always present tools, I’m at 2,500 to 3,000 in the bed, not happening in a 1/2 ton. Pretty much driven by the amount of tools I carry, so a 3/4 ton for me. Most 400 mile averages in the DIC are high 13’s to low 14’s, not bad considering.
  5. That looks great, nice. Going to throw a few people off with that combo.
  6. Exterior Lighting

    Careful with the blues and reds, the cops don't like that one bit. Looks great though, nice job.
  7. Dealer says to the guy who ordered it, " new style hood scoop"
  8. Hideous front hood vent

    i dig the Jeeps in the background....
  9. I got one, yikes. Better make an appointment.
  10. Shocks?

    Big wheels are wrong in so many ways. Weight, lack of sidewall for tire, adds rolling resistance, and weight. What weighs more air and rubber, or metal of the wheel? The absolute worst place you want to add weight is on anything unsung and rolling. The fad of big wheels for looks is killing the ride, period. Then add in stiff suspension for a heavy half ton, and it's going to ride worse then a heavier truck will, that can compress the suspension on the bumps. First part of the suspension is the tires, a taller tire can absorb the irregularities in the road way better than a little sidewall tire can.
  11. SarahGMC's 06 GMC Build

    I had a set of flares I was putting on another truck, and it had a gap on all of the flares around the tops gaping from the body. I caulked them with some silicone caulk. DID NOT turn out well after several months, started peeling off, no good.
  12. On my '16 WT, I had the screen go dark a coulee of times. Called an Onstar rep, they told me to turn it off for like 5 min, supposedly they sent something to it. It came back to life, but occasionally would be nothing on it. It would come back on it's own in the next start up.
  13. Do wheels and tires ever go on sale?

    They'll only go on sale directly after you have bought.
  14. Best level

    I had the BDS steering stabilizer on my '16 single cab, worked great with the big, wide tires. Have one sitting in the spare room along with some big outer tie rod ends, waiting for the stock tires to ware out and replace with larger diameter tires to install the steering parts. Planning on installing a diff drop also, and the pitman arm holding brackets, made by Cognito. Should end up being a stronger, tighter, lifted front suspension. Without installing a bracket lift, anything over 2.5 to 3 inches of lift on the front is likely to ware out parts faster, upper control arms or not. There are tons of parts, and kits out there, pick what you feel you need.
  15. M/T Decision

    If running a mud tire on a daily driver, then a nice radial MT is a great tire, but if REALLY running in the mud all day, bias ply Super Swampers or some sort there of. Stronger, bigger tread, no deflection in the side wall. Suck on the street, but great off road.

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