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  1. Scream at the idiot operator until denting stops.......
  2. It's the crazy offset on those wheels, the tires stick out to much, the scrub radius is bigger then your wheel well.
  3. I don't think anyone gets the 6.2 for fuel economy. The diesel is a good looking option to me, with the diesel Z-71 package, yeah I like that truck.
  4. Tow with what you want, telling you my experiences. If you think your 1/2 ton can compare to my 3/4 ton towing, well, have a nice day.....If you're new at towing, telling me how to load my trailer....yeah, go tow with your 1/2 ton.
  5. Like I said, it can pull it, but it’s no where near as stable going down the road. It gets pulled around by the load more, instead of you pulling the load.
  6. You obviously don’t tow heavy, the difference between half ton and three quarter ton towing is night and day, max tow included. My truck weighs 8,000 lbs, your half ton, what- 4,500 lbs, can yank that weight, 13,000 lbs, but it’s a white knuckle affair.
  7. Skinny 35's, leveled, gasser, weighed in at 8,000 lbs. 12 mpg's average empty, like 7-8 towing.
  8. I put some crazy Rancho RS9000's, adjustable rear shocks on my mine. They actually do adjust, you can feel the difference from 1 to 6 on the adjustments, when I load to max in the bed, I"ll jack the damping up on them, it's kind of a pain in the butt drawing under the truck, so I just leave them in the middle....
  9. Ha, I feel compelled to reply, that's my truck's suspension pictured in that link to the other thread. Everyone is saying the right things here. If your shock has longer travel then a stock shock, it may not need a spacer at all. A stock shock, you may want to start adding length in the 1.5 to 1.75 inch territory. A diff drop is dependent on the rubber fins touching each other as mentioned above, they'll wear out where they touch.
  10. Has anyone driven the 1/2 ton DMax with the DMax off road package? Seems like a good option.... low rev high torque, great for putting around in the dirt.
  11. Lets not forget that nearly everything you do t the diesel will be more expensive, fuel, fuel filters, def not even required on the 6.2, most filters are more for a diesel application. But I have a little commuter car that is diesel, great torque and milage, just like the little Dmax in the Sierra.
  12. Drive it, does it shake going down the road? Some trucks shake no matter what. How's the steering feel, nice and smooth, doesn't feel like the truck is doing the steering for you, DSA can suck sometimes. Look for water leak evidence on the headliner, some trucks leaked from the factory. All stock, no lift or torsion bar raised up?
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