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  1. AT4 HD

    Just saw this on the GM web site and on here. This is soooo much better then the Chevy version, nice.
  2. 2020 Sierra HD AT4

    Yes, just plain yes. Want to hear about the new gas engine.
  3. 2020 Sierra HD reveal

    AT4 HD for the win! Really want to hear about real world news on the 6.6 gasser....
  4. 285 75 18 Ridge Grappler, have about 7 K miles on them, they look great, are still as quite as the Michelins I took off at 23,000 miles. They balanced well, and ride as smooth as an 8,300 lb truck can ride. I like them, we'll see if and how loud they get towards the end of their life...
  5. In for what Mike P has in store for us.....
  6. Stuff

    Excellent, I’ve got Readylift big tie rods, way bigger then the stock assembly’s. I have been watching your build, big good looking truck, I’m in and out of my bed like 50 times a day, so I have to stay low for my old ass to climb up into. Got the air bags installed yesterday, they’re great, but even that extra inch makes a difference. I asked the girlfriend, and she agreed big time.
  7. If you're buying it to tow, go 2500, if you're buying it to haul ass, buy the 1500.
  8. Hercules Tires

    I really like my Ridge Grapps, they are surprisingly quite, mine have balanced well, and they look cool. Mine have started to turn brown around the edges, I don't think it's a problem, just something to whine about, I guess.
  9. Stuff

    What the heck, nice picture placement. Don't ask....
  10. Stuff

    Have some parts to go on the 2017, already have aftermarket torsion bar keys installed. Going to have to drive straight to the alignment rack after instilling all the front end gear. Will post results, looking to eliminate the stock a arms limiting downward travel, maybe make the front and rear feel more even, in terms of spring rate, feel, front to rear. My trucks heavy, 8,300 lbs. Bags may help the rear seem less saggy. Coginto steering brace brakets, because it looks like it really does strengthen and brace the front steering arms, at the pitman arm, and the idler arm. We'll see....
  11. 6.2L Yes or No

    I think he did above. If I where in the half ton market, I’d definitely get the 6.2, I get half the milage but can haul twice as much, sucks, but it is what it is.
  12. 6.2L Yes or No

    Don't be grumpy, Grumpy. If one truck runs a 14 flat in the quarter mile, and another round it in 13 seconds flat. Which one is creating a higher g load on acceleration?? You're trying to tell us you can't feel that in the seat of your pants? We'll use your falling off a cliff idea, one one person weighs 150lbs, the other, 250. They jump off your cliff, they hit the ground at the same time, who hits harder. Quit being so downgrading, you might know physics, but your comment sense is screwy.
  13. BDS makes a kit to put on a steering stabilizer for later models. I have put it on 2 different trucks, easy to do, works as intended.
  14. As stated above, don't often use a jack, but when I'm off road, in a situation, it's nice to have some thing that will get you unstuck. And, or, change a flat anywhere. 60" high lift.
  15. Under seat organizers

    When I was looking, those are the only 3 I saw. Went with the Du ha, works well, have it stuffed full of stuff.

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