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  1. Thank you Joe. Exactly the info I was hoping to hear! Mike in PA
  2. Pardon my ignorance (and noob-ness to this forum), but what is this harness for? What will it replace? Why do I think I want/need to have it? (looks to be for the outside mirrors) I did a search in a couple of the online GM parts catalogs and found nothing. What am I missing? Mike in PA, contemplating a mirror swap
  3. Forgot to mention, it's the blue led model..
  4. Thanks for the insight Sean, very helpful. Not really a big fear factor for me with opening up the wiring harness or swapping pins around. More like a challenge of sorts as it relates to my old age and a lack of under-dash contortionism. I’m no longer the ninja I once was. I’ll contact the good doctor @pgamboa after his return on the 17th and see what he has to say about options on this mirror ‘down-grade’. From what I’ve been reading, he’s da man. Regarding the mirrors, I’m pulling the trigger and will send you a pm shortly. And hey, I know what you mean about these forums being addictive and co$tly but hey, I just can’t stay away. I’m still trying to justify the Corsa purchase to the wife...two months later. She questioned the louder bark when I first installed it and I told her it was a cheap Ebay muffler. The bank statement came 2 days later…
  5. I've got one for you, still in original packaging. Used for maybe 6 weeks until getting Black Bear in-person tune. Works perfectly. $100 shipped. I'm in Harrisburg, PA. Mike
  6. New to the forum. I just stumbled on this and I may be interested in your mirrors. I currently have the DQS mirror option (w/NHT Max Trailering) on a new-to-me 2016 Silverado LTZ. I rarely tow and absolutely HATE the towing mirrors that are on this truck (I know, I know...). The DQS option is pwr glass, pwr fold/man ext, heat, turn signal, LED RR guidance lamp, LED amber clearance, and memory (upper) glass. Just wondering about compatibility and if the harness plugs would mate up correctly on this swap? Anyone?? I know they will bolt right in, just questioning the harness and what other modifications may/would be needed? No puddle lamps on mine but I'm sure there is a harness for this. Anyone? Mike in PA '16 LTZ, 6.2, aFe Momentum, BB tune
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